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L country town and ts denizens This Mistaken Mistress is one of the most sophisticated critiues of the effects of war I ve read so subtle you won t noticet while you re enjoying the mystery but Bunny: A Novel its resonances will stay with you long after you finish reading Thiss the third of the Bess Crawford mysteries preceded by A Duty to the Dead and An Impartial Witness A fourth book n the series An Unmarked Grave s now available This book does little to answer The uestion of Simon When The Great Smog of India introducedn the first book I assumed he must be gay Why else would a nice guy still young enough to fight I d guess n his 40s still be single and opt to live n a small cottage by himself I mean The Sex of the Angels, the Saints in their Heaven: A Breviary it s war time an eligible man who doesn t have to go fight would have women following him around Then as I read the books I thought possibly he wasn love with Bess he goes wherever she goes Tryst with Prosperity in England Or maybet s her mother since Popular Hits it s her mother that always sends him out to protectchauffeur Bess Or maybet s her father Someone n the family This book does nothing to answer this And her family s odd she gets sent back to England to deal with a police nuiry and they don t bother to go visit her They just send Simon Doesn t that seem odd Maybe her father s busy with war office stuff but surely her mother would want to see her since she works The Creative Habit in a war zone Ah well One thing that I thought would help The uestion small spoiler view spoiler was that when Simon heard about the child he d ask her about the soldier who did all this for Bess get the orphanage list the rescue the trip to England Evenf he wasn t jealous surely he d wonder about a romantic attachment particularly since Bess doesn t seem to date much Even The Rest of the Story if he didn t thinkt was any of his business surely he d make a sly remark or wink or something Oh well at least Bess had a handsome man do some crazy stuff for her hide spoiler First Sentence A cold rain had followed me from France to England and an even colder wind greeted me as we pulled nto the railway station n London Returning from the battlefields of France to England for Christmas leave WWI nurse Bess Crawford encounters a desperate woman rain drenched and bruised n her building s entry Offering her shelter Bess slowly learns the woman Lydia Ellis had been struck by her husband during an argument Lydia begs Bess to return to the family s house n Sussex with her and fearing Lydia may have a concussion Bess agrees ente So Lords of Life: A History of the Kings of Thailand installment 3 Pretty good A solid 4 A few things I didn t like 1 Lydia Spoiled and making demands of Bess to stay or do things Jesus woman just say no 2 Simon finds a connection between the dead that no one knew of creating motive for another character how about a wee bitf foreshadowing Otherwise t looks contrived for a different ending than the llogical mess that came before 3 Give Bess a love life a wee bit of romance n her life Don t make her so flat and only driven by duty 4 Either give Simon a prominent role and take that some place or have her family show up other than the occasional phone call 5 Someone should hit roger n the face for being a rude asshole Yeah he hit his wife once and yes their reactions were appropriate for the era but still make him at least a bit apologetic nstead of a total angry asshat so we can believe at least a little bit that he sn t a total wife beating monster Like I said A solid 4 Good but formulaic Bess needs growth as a person and Simon Spatz: From Holocaust to Halifax, A Story of Survival and Success in her personal lifenstead of randomly getting accidentally entwined A Life in Two Worlds insertedn someone else s mess I mean for the most part Bess was The Hitler Kiss: A Memoir of the Czech Resistance irrelevant to the stor. Ar wounds Her husband home on compassionate leaves tense tormented by jealousy and his own guilty conscience Then when a troubled house guest The Doré Illustrated Balzac Droll Stories is found dead Bess herself becomes a prime suspectn the case This murder will lead her to a dangerous uest n war torn France an unexpected ally and a startling revelation that puts her n jeopardy before a vicious killer can be exposed.

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35 stars Good but wasn t a compelling read for me seemed a bit draggy Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates: A Guide to North American Species in spots Protagonists morally refreshing enjoyed the author s characterization of this resolute nurse Feminisms at a Millennium in annteresting WW 1 timeframe I believe I did enjoy the 1st one of this series a bit Duty to the Dead which I recently read While I like the character nurse Bess Crawford and the time and place England WW I this story was very disappointing The premise was very weak and the events that followed felt very forced It lacked an emotional center This book bore little comparison to the Ian Rutledge mysteries by the same motherson writing team Those books are emotional Gwydion's Dawn intelligent and much engaging A fulfilling series thatnvolves a WW I nurse s the William MonkHester Latterly books by Anne Perry Another excellent Bess Crawford mystery I got behind n this series Mj 12. Die Geheime Regierung in all my series really and finally got around to finishing this one I love this time periof and this ones a little claustrophobic It Strahlend In Purpur Und Goldd. Heilige Reich Von Konstantinopel is an English Country House mystery with extended circumstances Bess was very patient with Lydia Much patient than I would have been She didn t even get to spend time with her family while she was on leave from FranceGood mystery with good characters Bess Crawfords on leave from the front when she stumbles over a woman outside her house She takes pity on her and learns that the women has been struck by her husband and has fled to London She slowly gains the woman s trust and learns that her name Sierra Wildflowers: Mt. Lassen to Kern Canyon is Lydia and that her husband s names Roger Bess agrees to travel with her home to her house El Guero Tellez/ Tellez the Blond: Reportero de policia!/ Police Reporter! in the country But this act of kindness will resultn uite a lot of trouble as everyone Haunted Louisiana: The Most Haunted Houses in Louisiana in the householdnclusive Bess will be suspected n a murder case Once again has Charles Todd written an engrossing historical novel with where Bess en up having to find out the truth She must try to figure out why anyone would kill a houseguest but this time even she s a suspect Prior to the man s death has he asked Roger at dinner about a child that looked like Julianna Rogers little sister that died when she was just 6 years old But who A Mistaken Match is the childn uestion and could that simple uestion really be the reason for his deathAs much as I enjoyed the book and the mystery was I also a bit puzzled why Lodz it all had to be such a hush hush thing When the truth finally was revealed about the child was not that overly surprised I would have liked anteresting and perhaps surprising mystery than that I felt that the family mourning of Julianna was frankly a bit over the top sometimes that t could affect the present time that much Yeah t was tragical and yeah she was a beautiful child But sometimes the truth could perhaps save some heartache and time Still I enjoyed finding out the truth even though The Diminished it was a little let down thatt wasn t that complexBut the murders s all whole other story I failed to realize who the murder was It wasn t until Bess and Simon Brandon realized who t was and then everything made senseOne thing that really pleased me and confused me was that Sergeant Lassiter Lari has finally made his first entrance n this book series I am a bit confused about the name of him since I read about him A Pattern of Lies where he was Sergeant Lassiter but here s he called Sergeant Lari Could there really be two different Aussie Sergeants with the same trademark Kookaburra laughterI just have to read on to figure Claimed by a Cowboy it out45 stars So so Besss an Discipline inconsistent character the family that shes drawn Claim the Night (The Claiming in to helps full of stereotypes and their obsession with a dead perfect child Claimed by Desire is a bit ove. When battlefield nurse Bess Crawford returns from France for a well earned Christmas leave she finds a bruised and shivering woman huddledn the doorway of her London residence The woman has nowhere to turn and propelled by a firm sense of duty Bess takes her Say Youll Remember Me in Oncenside Bess’s flat the woman reveals that a uarrel with her husband erupted nto violence yet she wants to go

R the top The plot s full of red herrings and bogs down as a result The war time scenes are good and the character of the Aussie sergeant Lari s a welcome bright spot n the midst of all the starchy and angst ridden types At the outset t s necessary to say that I have not read the first two Bess Crawford Mysteries so Bess background and her relationship to Simon who seems to appear anytime Bess s n dire straits Abby and the Bachelor Cop is not familiar to me As a result I found the relationship confusing But event I understood that aspect of the story I would be hard pressed to believe the whole basis of the book That a war time nursing sister would take Eye to Eye in an abused womann the middle of the night Accidentally Expecting in London was a stretch for me when the woman was a total stranger But I put that aside and said to myselft s Christmas time so therefore cold and dark and deserted and Bess s after all Herzrivalen in the humanitarian business so maybe BUT she then forgoes her visit to her worried parents on a holiday leave to travel with this stranger to the home of the woman s abusive spouse And the spouse and his mother and grandmother and sister and brothern law to say nothing of the town s rector and doctor greet this stranger with open arms and reveal all kinds of family secrets seemingly easily was really stretching my ability to acceptWe are speaking upper society here with a son who has supposedly swatted his wife n the face A scandal f ever there was one Nevermind that Bess seems to have some pedigree of her own she Alaskan Nights is a total stranger This would never happen Needless to say having found this all very difficult to accept the multiple murders and the mystery of who dunnit was really secondary About the only part that rang true for me was Bess experiencesn France her meeting the Australian and maybe the nuns and the orphans for whom they were caring Since Charles Todd was lauded prominently on the dust cover as a New York Times Bestselling Author I stuck t out but won t run out to buy another of this authors works any time soon It wasn t horrible but t wasn t gripping either and I found I don t much care what happens to the characters Charles Todd s A Bitter Truth nterweaves the vices of war with the failings of families nto a psychologically and historically compelling mystery set n England n 1917 Bess Crawford an Always Look Twice intelligent and fearless nurse working on the front linesn France comes home on leave to discover a frightened young woman with a bruised face hiding on the doorstep of her London flat Unable by nature to leave the mysterious stranger out All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night in the cold winter night Bess convinces her to take shelternside Little does Bess know what a great deal of trouble she has brought Any Man Of Mine into her life Charles Todd whos actually a mother son partnership made up of Caroline and Charles Todd excels at keeping the war and Annalee And The Lawman its manifold repercussions and tragedies front and center even while much of the action takes placen England Todd also portrays an extended family already traumatized before the war and now disintegrating under the war s pressures Bess finds herself unwillingly bound to this family through her The Apollonides Mistress Scandal initial concern for Lydia the young woman on her doorstep and the possibility she needs to be protected from a violent marriage That turns out to be only the first level of secrets and crimes that will be unveiled throughoutYou re never sure whether those crimes and secrets arise from the war or whether they are connected to the private history of this one family Thenterplay shows how even far from the actual fighting the war has torn apart even a smal. Ome f Bess will come with her to Sussex Realizing that the woman s suffering from a concussion Bess gives up a few precious days of leave to travel with her But she soon discovers that this Anything For His Son is a good deed with unforeseeable conseuencesWhat Bess finds at Vixen Hills a house of mourning The woman’s family has gathered for a memorial service for the elder son who has died of

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Charles Todd is the pen name used by the mother and son writing team Caroline Todd and Charles Todd Together they write the Ian Rutledge and Bess Crawford Series They have published two standalone mystery novels and many short stories

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