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Ncepts and natural language and being TimelyThat s the book in a nutshell Now you don t have to read it Being likable is just as if not important than being good at what you do Also being likable doesn t necessarily mean you re niceAlso and this is the second book that s made this mistake Chris Anderson of WIRED and writer of Free The Future of a Radical Price and TED s Chris Anderson ARE NOT THE SAME PERSONBook was good but if you ve been paying attention the past ew years all the stories are old Well written Rohit I truly enjoyed your style and most importantly content regarding such an important topi. Y landing the #1 drafted player in the NFL draft as a client through the power of relationships Author Rohit Bhargava is a Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, founding member of the world's largest group of social media strategists at Ogilvy where he has led marketing strategyor clients including Intel Pepsi Lenovo Seiko Unilever and dozens of other large companiesWith Likeonomics as a guide readers will get unconventional advice on how to stand out in a good way avoid the hype and strategic traps of social media and appeal to customers in a way that secures your company as a trusted and believable resour.

Es he s identified And he does it in a breezy easy to read voiceIf I have a nit it would be toward the practical application of the principals that he suggests How does a company embrace internalize and operationalize likability Mayb Likeonomics content of this book is great but it could be cut in half First half talks about why likeability is important as if it wasn t already obviousSecond half outlines the 5 principles to being likeable TRUST Telling the Truth being Relevant and meaningful within the right context being Unselfishness by communicating empathy Simplicity though communicating clear core co. Des real world case studies of brands and individuals that have used these principles to become wildly successful including An iconic technology brand that awakened a revolution among their employees by standing Talking to Dragons for something bigger than their products A Portuguese singer who used YouTube to rack up than 30 million views and launch her professional career A regional team ofinancial advisors that went Three Times the Love from being last in the nation among 176 branches toirst and stayed there or 13 of the next 15 years A tiny professional sports talent agent who achieved the impossible

Some good short case studies here but the premise of the book basically Duh Full disclosure I work with Rohit While I was given an autographed copy of his book it wasn t the reason that I read itTo be clear this book is not about how brands earn likes on Facebook What Rohit is trying to get to are some overarching values that companies should embrace to be successful Values that have a bit relevance in today s environment where consumers have control and voice around a brand s reputation and identityThroughout Rohit offers some excellent examples of companies that have embraced one or another of the valu. People decide who to trust what advice to heed and which individuals to orge personal or transactional relationships with based on a simple metric of believability Success in turn comes The Bride of Willow Creek from understanding one basic principle how to be trusted Likeonomics offers a new vision of a world beyond Facebook where personal relationships likeability brutal honesty extreme simplicity and basic humanity are behind everythingrom multi million dollar mergers to record breaking product sales There is a real ROI to likeability and exactly how big it is will amaze youLikeonomics provi.

Likeonomics The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust Influencing Behavior and Inspiring Action (E–pub)

Rohit Bhargava is on a mission to help the world be open minded by teaching others how to be non obvious thinkers He is the founder of the Non Obvious Company and an entertaining original and “non boring” keynote speaker on innovation and trust He previously spent 15 years in leadership roles at two renowned ad agencies Leo Burnett and Ogilvy Rohit is the Wall Street Journal bestselling

Rohit Bhargava on Likeonomics The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust Influencing Behavior and Inspiring Action