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In a speech from which Nation of Cowards derives its title Attorney General Eric Holder argued forcefully that Americans today need to talk not less about racism This appeal for candid talk about race xposes the paradox of Barack Obama's historic rise to the US presidency and the French Daguerreotypes ever increasing social andconomic instability.

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S caution blacks not to slip into an accommodating and self defeating post racial political posture settling for the symbolic capital of a black president instead of demanding structural change They urge the black community to challenge the social terms on which it copes with oppression including acts of self imposed victimizati.

PDF or EBOOK (Nation of Cowards) ✓ David H. Ikard

Of African American communities David H Ikard and Martell Lee Teasley maintain that such a conversation can take place only with passionate and organized pressure from black Americans and that neither Obama nor any political figure is likely to be in the forefront of addressing issues of racial ineuality and injustice The author.

David H. Ikard on Nation of Cowards