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However didn t follow it to the tee but was still very ffective The book is chalked full of nergy tips for you home yourself and others so you can have a healthy aura home and life The author is genuine and knows how wishy washy it all sounds and she continues through out the book ncouraging the reader to keep going and bare with her yes it really works and you will glad you Vailable outside of Russia It s xtremely practical and is full of great ideas for cleansing and rejuvenating the mental motional and physical body This powerful book includes inform.

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This book was recommended to me through a youtuber I follow This book is amazing The author is a world renowned Russian Energy healer and let me tell you she knows her stuff She goes through a session with you that she would normally have with a patient She talks about the importance of Black Heart, Red Ruby energy and that we arenergy beings The book has a heavy detox regime that you can follow Energy Secrets by internationally renowned healer Alla Svirinskaya is the first book ver to xplore traditional Russian healing methods and contains information that has never been

Icked this one up I bought this book originally for its chapters on body de tox I was surprised by the other chapters which include general auraenergy detox and protection as well as house cleaning While all is presented from a new agemodern shaman path it actually is uite a good starter book for someone interested in general clearings xorcism or protection from psychic attack. Ation on Russian water cleansing and space clearing techniues Effective detox diets organ cleansing methods and food supplements The benefits of meditation Radical rejuvenation method.

(Energy Secrets: The Ultimate Well–being Plan) PDF ☆ Alla Svirinskaya

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