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35 stars I really liked this one It was super back and forth angsty and fun to witness I love an unreuited romance and this one was no exception Joy was an innocent small town girl with big dreams and too much This one was much better than the first one The characters were interesting and fully developed Gray especially had a lot of bad stuff running around in his head that he had to overcome Also the premise was interesting Naive young woman and a aded cynical man who thinks he s too old for her but ust can t stay away The angst level was higher here and it looks like the next one is going to be even angsty Joy lives in her family s BB and looks after her demented grandmother She s been in love with the wealthy Gray for years but has never done anything about it When finally does notice her he refuses to act on his impulse because she seems to young and innocent Then he starts distrusting her They get to know one another better when she travels to New York after being commissioned to design an evening gown for one of his friends but there are a lot of misunderstandings along the way because Gray has so many issues with women and relationshipsI liked it better than the first Moorehouse book involving her older sister Gray was a pretty imposing alpha male but he was a bit special in that he really made himself vulnerable a few times I liked Joy and I enjoyed how while she was so innocently in love with Gray she was also willing to stand up for herself and not tolerate his behavior Still it s very much an average read It didn t suck me in the way the really good romance novels do Opening line The boat s engine throbbed as Grayson Bennett kept the Hacker at a low speed and close to the lakeshoreHIS COMFORT AND JOY is book 2 in the Moorehouse legacy trilogy which I discovered through being a fan of JR Ward and her Black Dagger Brotherhood I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this romance although its within this instalment that you really begin to hear Ward s voice and some of the Brothers too The level of sexual tension throughout the story is such that I couldn t put it down It s clever interesting and Wow can Ms Bird ever write RereadLoved this romance and couple One of my top favoritesThis was JR Ward before she went mainstream I believe 15 1 star DNFThe main male character Gray is such a self absorbed intolerant udgmental moody The History of Provincetown jerk I couldn t stand it I ve read better books by Jessica BirdJR WardI m not having much luck with the audiobooks lately I should have looked at my GR friends reviews before starting thi Gray was too cold and in control for my taste Thank goodness for the smart and likable Joy And even after their HEA I am not holding my breath for a lasting one That man has too many issues with trust and the way he behaved with Joyust about sum his immaturity And don t get me started on his hang up with his motherStill I liked the story if not the hero Originally published in 2006 as His Comfort and Joy by Jessica BirdReview for Speaking of Audiobooks by Emily BeresfordGrayson is a political consultant whose ob is to polish a candidate s image and make problems disappear In the dog eat dog world. Ruthless might as well be Gray Bennett's middle name When the renowned Washington DC insider talks powerful people listen But Gray hasn't come home to Saranac Lake to play politics Or play at all A tragedy has shaken the unshak.

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But she would have been wrongGray has been fighting his desire for Joy for years having been drawn to her innocence her confidence and her beauty But as far as he is concerned she deserves a much better man than he could ever hope to be Embittered by his years of political consulting and rubbing shoulders with some of the country s most powerful and least honorable men he doesn t see himself as a man who could ever be worthy of someone like her And when it becomes clear that she s as attracted to him as he is to her he starts throwing up all kinds of obstacles to keep them apart and protect her from the man he is the man he will always beI m really enjoying this series While the books are light easy reads they are by no means brainless As she does with her Black Dagger Brotherhood series which she writes under the name JR Ward Jessica Bird has given us complex characters who are often times too noble and self sacrificing for their own good As is always the case with all of her stories it was a pleasure to watch the characters Joy and Grayson grow I loved seeing Joy with her inherent goodness reach out to and try to break through the cynicism that had embedded itself into Grayson s soul and embrace him loving the man for all he is all he is not and all that he might becomeAnd without giving too much away I have to say she really really REALLY had her work cut out for herNext up From The First Alex Moorehouse s story I had planned to write a full review on this book but I m feeling lazy so I ll ust post some of my random thoughts here Gray I fell in love with him in the 1st half of the story but when he started acting like a خاطرات یک زن توده ای jerk throwing accusations at Joy without any basis to support his suspicions he lost some ground with me I didn t end up hating him because Ms Bird did a godob showing his insecurity and vulnerability when it came to Joy but he could have snapped out of it sooner than he did Joy I liked her even though she was too good and sweet to be true and came close to being a pushover I was glad to see her becoming something other than her Grand Em caretaker because that was pretty much all she was when she was introduced in Beauty And The Black Sheep the 1st book in the series Plot Writing Gray s I want you but I m no good for you routine was interesting at first as I was curious to know what made him such a hard hearted man but it was dragged a bit too long and I got tired of it in the end Luckily for him Joy was a very patient woman and endured it all with an open heart Gray s refusal to share his inner demons with Joy also led to some misunderstandings small ones thankfully and at one point I found myself wondering what kind of relationship he wanted to have with her He was confused and so was I Overall I really enjoyed this read despite the minor complaints mentioned above Ms Bird made me care for Gray and Joy and her writing kept the story flowing effortlessly As I ve grown to expect since I read my 1st book by Ms Bird there were echoes of JR Ward s very characteristic writing style in this book too and I m not sure how I feel about it because it s kind of distracting Not enough to ruin the read though. Is too innocent for a cynic like him So Gray won't let himself lay a hand on her…until the night he can no longer resist the woman she has become That's when he discovers a secret that leaves him gasping for breath and wanting.

Of politics that means less than savory tactics are sometimes necessary While his power and good looks have gained him a reputation as a lady s man his childhood has left him aded on the subjects of love and marriageJoy is in her mid twenties and inexperienced with love and life She helps run her family s inn and catering business and assists in caring for her great aunt Joy has a knack for sewing and clothing design but hasn t yet figured out what she wants in life She s known Gray for years and has harbored a crush on him all that timeGray is powerfully attracted to Joy she made him feel male all the way to his chromosomes but he won t make a move He sees her as a small town innocent and himself as the player who has done too many shady things When circumstances push them together Gray gives into his attraction and takes Joy to bed He d never been so turned on Once he makes his move and realizes she s a virgin he s horrified and stops immediately Joy is disappointed but Gray is adamant that he can t continue For much of the book Gray agonizes over what he did as he alternately spends time with Joy and then avoids her Joy becomes confused and finally angry over Gray s schizophrenic behaviorThe Player isn t enhanced by the narration Emily Beresford has a nice voice and she differentiates between characters well enough but there are a couple of problems Ms Beresford breaks sentences into phrases not always logically and she pauses at the end of each phrase He could have licked pause the sweetness pause from her lips The pain of wanting her was sharp pause and shiny as a blade pause bearing deep into the muscles of his thighs pause making his back spasm Another problem is Ms Beresford s character voice for Gray specifically whenever he is feeling any strong emotion I believe she is striving for the graveling voice of passion but she only succeeds in achieving the wheezing sound of an asthmatic As performed the strangled voice makes Gray sound weak instead of passionateThe Player is over written and overwrought his breath punched out of his mouth Gray the savvy political consultant is literally biting his knuckles over the fact that he took Joy s virginity and he s so swamped with guilt he can t concentrate on his work Then there is Joy teaching Gray that love conuers all and sex with a small town girl is the best of his life Of course there has to be a misunderstanding and a few other obstacles to their happiness but the reader can take comfort knowing that these two rather pathetic people are finally off the market so it s safe to return to dating My ReviewJoy Moorehouse has loved Grayson Bennett from afar for years and while they have homes not far away from each other they live in totally different worlds Grayson s world is one of political maneuverings high class parties and one night stands than he can remember while Joy lives at the family s struggling BB helping out as she can and caring for her Grandmother who suffers from dementia To say they have little or nothing in common is an understatement and if it weren t for the fact that he knew and called her by name she d have thought he didn t even know she existed. Able Gray Bennett to his hardened coreAnd so has the most unlikely of womenThe mousy redhead who used to run around the Moorehouse B and B the one he never noticed is now all fiery hair and lush curves But sweet Joy Moorehouse.

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JR WardJessica Rowley Pell Bird was born on 1969 in Massachusetts USA She is the daughter of Maxine F and W Gillette Bird Jr She began writing as a child penning her thoughts in diaries as well as inventing short stories She read her first Harleuin Presents novel in a rose garden when she was in her teens She was hooked immediately By the time she went to college she had boxes and boxes of Harleuins and Silhouettes Every year her mother would ask why all those books had to live in the house and Jess would reply that if even one of them disappeared she would know She'd catalogued themJess finished her first romance manuscript the summer before her freshman year of college She attended Smith College and graduated with a double major in history and art history She then received a law degree from Albany Law School Shortly after that she began working in the healthcare industry in Boston She spent many years as one of the premier medical center’s Chief of Staff While working as a lawyer in Boston she completed two novels and started a number of partials In 2001 Bird married John Neville Blake III Both her mother and her new husband kept telling her to send something in to an agent a publisher the Tooth Fairy anyone She thought they were nuts but eventually got her nerve up and bought a lot of stamps Since getting published she has written contemporary romances as Jessica Bird and paranormal romances as

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