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I think its real This book isn t particularly useful to be honest You can find all the information plus much in many other sources Not one of her best books I think Kate West is one of the best pagan writers in terms of traditional rituals out there I love her English sensibility that is so restrained and unfanciful I find this book very basic and far too organised Any good book on Witchcraft will advise on how to make your own spiritual path but I almost feel that this book is trying to set you on the path to buy Kate West booksAs a beginner to the craft you may find some useful information in here but it s nothing you can t get from a bit of internet research and creating your own Book of Shadows as you do so which would ultimately end up far informative and personal to you which is the whole point of the craft If you want to become Wiccan however you might enjoy this book because it is of an organise. This title contains spells and rituals for celebrations marking the seasons and festivals of the year as well as a wealth of other information about magic for the initiate.

(Pdf Kindle) The Real Witches' Book of Spells and Rituals (Real Witches)

In the back that doesn t pertain to solitary witches I find it amusing when people give Pagan authors bad reviews Take what you can from their work and leave the rest Make it your own Kate West presents information that perhaps can be gathered from other sourcesbut come to think of itthat can be said of almost any other author about any other topic I thought her writing style was good I thought the information was presented well I ve never regretted adding her work to my magickal collection When you are a student of witchcraft regardless which particular path you choose to followthe onus is on you to read and research from a variety of sources Not all things will appeal to you nor should they Not all practices will resonate with you not all writers will speak to you etc That being said I d caution against writing off Kate West I think she s done a fair job at presenting the public with valuable informatio. A full year's working in the Craft The book should appeal not only to those who have purchased other titles in the series but to anyone from Sabrina fans to serious witche.

D religion with set paths and ways of doing things I m not criticising this at all I just prefer to choose my own path and write my own ritualsI also thought it was aimed at a teenage market fantastic for teens going through that phase of trying everything and settling for witchcraft because they enjoy being different and controversial then try something different two weeks later but not so good for adults who are fully decided on taking this pathOverall I read the book because I just want to suck up as much nowledge on the subject as I can and I d recommend it to a young person considering this path but if you re older wiser and now for sure that this is the path you want to take then there are much mature books out there with information that would be better to read Some great information in here and is a good companion to The Real Witches Handbook My one complaint is that there will be a large section. D or the beginner alike It should be a useful guide for anyone who wants to perform seasonal spells and is a follow up and next step in the'Real Witches' series providing.

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The author of over a dozen books Kate West United Kingdom has become the UK's most successful author on Witchcraft She is the recipient of a Lifetime Contribution to Witchcraft award and has been recognized as the most popular factual writer on Witchcraft by Children of Artemis the fastest growing Witchcraft organization in the UK and Europe Formerly the Vice President of the Pagan Fede

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