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Acteristics in very action and I really didn t I disliked being pulled out of the story thinking oh Laws is describing the 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set effect but I know that s just how the fireball spell is described in the manual he s not being creative someonelse was creative on his behalf years ago And the main character and her family it was such an interesting idea having an adventuring party that s all siblings but that didn t stop me mentally ticking off fighter rogue mage cleric monk druid as they were ach introduced I think most of the people who read this book will be players of Pathfinder but I actually think it might be interesting to readers of straight up action fantasy who don t know anything about the system It s a well plotted novel with good description and interesting charactersLaws description and development of the main character Luma who is a cobblestone druid a druid who is connected to the life of a city rather than that of the natural world is really well done and although I worked out most of the plot twists in advance that is because I m super suspicious than that Laws let anything slip All in all an njoyable Sunday afternoon read I worried about picking this one up On the one hand I really like Robin D Laws though that s mostly from his podcast On the other I have a deep suspicion of game tie ins And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake even if I really like the game in this case Pathfinder Fortunately for me it turns out that Laws really is a good writer and not merely fun to listen to talking about stuff I picked this one up because it takes place in the city of Magnimar which is the current location in our family game I m running Rise of the Runelords for Melissa and the kids and I wanted to get a better handle on the feel of that city at least as interpreted through theyes of a talented writer I have to say this was a win and a half because the main character Luma is a street druid and is thus Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America explicitly and deeply tied into the character of the cityIn addition to being great background for our family game it was anxcellent story on its own while you can t get away from the The Pocket Wife essential Pathfinder feel of it nor should youxpect to Laws turned that into an integral part of the story and it was made stronger for it It helped that Luma is an The Color of Our Sky engaging character as an outcast in her own familyven as she tries to fit in as part of her family s top mercenary suad Her personal story was moving and I liked seeing her come into her own as she began asserting herself both with her family as well as with others she has to deal with as part of her duties Oh and the nding was deeply satisfyingSo here is a novel that works both as part of the Pathfinder universe and as an outstanding story on its own I ll definitely be looking up of Robin s work in or out of other roleplaying tie ins. S growing in Magnimar and it may be that those Luma trusts most have become her deadliest nemiesFrom visionary game designer and author Robin D Laws comes a new urban fantasy adventure of murder betrayal and political intrigue set in the award winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Pdf (Blood of the City) BY Robin D. Laws

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I adored The Worldwound Gambit by Laws so I was very Obsession excited to read Blood in the City Unfortunately this book didn t interest me as much as TWG did but it s still a solid book I found it to be slower paced than TWG and the abundance of characters made it somewhat lessngaging to me Still I thought the characters were well drawn Cabaret: A Roman Riddle especially if you re familiar with Golarion and the Pathfinder universe The plotspecially the dramatic tragedy that befalls Luma halfway through the book was intricate and compelling The book simply wasn t up my alley the way TWG was A fun story of betrayal and revenge set in the city of Magnimar Robin D Laws does interessting things here with the pathfinder archetypes As all these pathfinder tales this also takes place in the world of Golorian More specific in the city of Magnimar in Varisia The fun thing is that I have had several pc s hang around Magnimar in the last years of gaming So it is very strange to read about places and people in a book when you already interacted with them in a roleplay gameThis is a fun book with good characters and a contained story Altough i think i have read about this fire mage before I like gaming fantasy books BUT they have to be good Sounds like a fairly reasonable criteria right Yes but so many of them aren t Good that is This is definitely one of the good ones in fact I would say it is one of the best It only didn t get 5 stars not because of Robin Laws writing it is great Just the right depth and description reuired and wonderful characters and that plot Just when I m liking the book and think it s going one way WTF There is a twist and it turns into a completely different plot No the 4 stars comes from the production from Paizo a few misspelled words that should have been caught by the most rudimentary of ditorial assisting and some words that weren t misspelled but were missing letters altogether I xpect better of Paizo over that Another solid ntry in the Pathfinder Tales series This time around Robin Laws tells the story of Luma a bastard child of the Derexhi family of Magnimar They make their fortune by providing mercenaries and guards to others with the top crew made up of the capable scions of the house Things take a turn for the worse for Luma when politics nter her life and she finds her old friends and haunts at risk She must find new allies to restore her good nameand save her life It s a fun read with the protaganist in an interesting role an urban druid which I haven t seen done before in fiction and it breathed life into the concept Also a great tour of the city of Magnimar from the Pathfinder game much lively than a sourcebook listing things as interesting as the sourcebooks are This is the most recent of the Pathfinder Tales books Set in the city of Mag. Heroes for HireLuma is a cobblestone druid a canny fighter and spellcaster who can read the chaos of Magnimar's city streets like a scholar reads books Together she and her siblings in the powerful Derexhi family form one of the most infamous and ffective mercenary companies in the city solv.

Nimar it chronicles the adventures of the half lf Luma Derexhi in the city of Magnimar Luma is the bastard child of Randred Derexhi and his first obviously lven wife Luma works as a mercenary with a group of her brothers and sisters to fight crime and collect rewards And to complete jobs and collect rewards Well she works with them until one day they turn on her and try to kill her Then she is forced to gather together her own band of misfits and try to right the wrongs herselfI found this to be an ngaging story written in a style that drew me in and kept me interested If this is going to be a continuing series of stories and nowadays which stories are truly stand alone stories the group could have been much worse Te Pathfinder line is top notch I njoyed this book and it s surprising nding that leaves me wanting A solid if not spectacular book set in the Pathfinder world of Golarion Laws does a great job of bringing a game Class the cobblestone Druid to life in the half The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis elf Luma Derexhi You are drawn into her world of treachery and revenge however I do feel that I was notngaged as much as I should have been I was surprised at the change in direction halfway through though I never felt the hatred burning in Luma chest for the wrongs done against her I guess I was looking a deeper motional involvement but instead got a fantasy romp through a familiar fantasy world and left feeling that I had learnt little than I could have reading the rules for a cobblestone Druid Laws has come up with another winner with this new Pathfinder Tales novel Without giving too much away the main character goes through such a drastic volution that it hits the reader like a thunderbolt Character is king in this awesome story of a different kind of Druid RPG Druid mind you one that is attuned not to nature but to the living breathing heartbeat and song of a city His descriptions of the link between this young woman and the city how she draws power from it is nthralling He really brings both the city and the character to lifeThis is one Pathfinder Tales novel that though not really necessary would benefit the reader to have some knowledge of Paizo s RPG world of Golarion Not geographic knowledge but political knowledge There is a LOT going on here that might fly over your head if you have no idea what powers are in play but having said that I still think Blood of the City would be an njoyable read for non gamers And who knows it might turn you on to a whole new and very fun world of adventureLooking forward to from Robin D Laws I read this mainly because my husband really liked it and because the book is set in the same area our family Pathfinder game is set in It turns out that the same uality determined our ratings he liked that you could see the RPG char. Ing problems for the city's wealthy Just Cause elite Yet despite being the oldest child Luma gets little respect perhaps due to her halflven heritage When a job gone wrong lands Luma in the fearsome prison called the Hells it's only the start of Luma's problems For a new web of bloody power politics

Writer and game designer Robin D Laws brought you such roleplaying games as Ashen Stars The Esoterrorists The Dying Earth Herouest and Feng Shui He is the author of seven novels most recently The Worldwound Gambit from Paizo For Robin's much praised works of gaming history and analysis see Hamlet's Hit Points Robin's Laws of Game Mastering and 40 Years of Gen Con

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