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Georgia Dunn s Breaking Cat News is a wonderful cat comic Puck Lupin and Elvis will keep you laughing Add in their assorted friends and you get a book you will read over and over again Georgia gets the cat antics musings and escapades perfect This was bought for my 7 year old niece She says I liked it because it was very funny Contrary to the title Georgia Dunn s second book Lupin Leaps In A Breaking Cat News Adventure is not a single story following BCN Anchor and Cat of Adventure Lupin but rather it s another collection of. Lupin Leaps Inis a brand new comic collection for middle grade readers This ust in Three adorable house cats are reporting the most hilarious breaking news Based on authorillustrator Georgia Dunns real life pets Elvis Lupin and Puck strap on neckties and pick up microphones to provide the most up to date relevant news stories

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(Lupin Leaps In: A Breaking Cat News Adventure) Download ✓ Georgia Dunn

Tha who speak Spanish and are also reporters with GN the G stands for gato Spanish for cat Best of all at the back of the book is More to Explore a series of activity pages including Ms Dunn s very generous tips for drawing cartoons including her own BCN paper doll clothing sets and I adore this strip and therefore will not pretend to present an unbiased view of this book instead I will urge anybody who loves cats to check this comic strip out because you ll fall in love with it too guaranteed Georgia Dunn always delivers ualit. To break headlines on mysterious man tailsall things holiday related new cat friends and all the daily happenings in and outside their homeThe super fun More to Explore section includes how to draw the BCN news crew how to draw expressions how to draw your pet as a reporter and paper dolls of the crew along with props and extra.

Comic strips created by Ms Dunn for her online comic strip I m happy to say that her strip is now in something over 100 newspapers throughout the US alas not yet here in Canada as far as I know and it is attracting lots of praise and love This collection includes some of my very favourite strips including Puck s right over the rainbow ecstasy the July bug Lupin becoming Fluffapurrus Rex and many many We are also introduced to new characters including Tommy the Outdoor Reporter and the two Upstairs Cats Sir Figaro Newton and Tabi. T least according to themPicking up where they last left off in Breaking Cat News are Elvis Puck and Lupin reporting on the breaking news that matters to cats Cynical no nonsense Elvis and shy sweet sensitive Puck are the reporter kitties in the field while the adventurous okester Lupin serves as anchor cat Together theyre back.

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