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Art Journal Freedom Read Å Dina Wakley

This is a great mixed media art book for the artist who doesn t necessarily have formal art training or background as it covers ideas and concepts that will improve our work and help Five fags a day you grow Dina s colorful and whimsical pieces are very inspiring and she offers prompts and challenges to furtherour art journal I ll be adding this to my art library I was expecting from this book I was expecting fresh and creative ideas not an art appreciation or art 101 book The book has great ideas for beginners or individuals who want a refreshers on the basics I wish I had checked the book out from the library instead of buying it When not reading I m most likely to be found covered in paint and ink and other such messy stuffWhile Dina s style of journalling doesn t really appeal to me the book itself is full of great and inspiring tips and ideas that can easily be incorporated into our own styleLearnt loads from this 35 stars Good overview of basic artistic principles such as color theory contrast and composition in the context of art journaling Although. Art Journal Color Art Journal Composition Art Journal FreedomColor is all around us and we often find ourselves drawn to particular combinations or arrangements But how can ou effectively and artistically capture those eye catching compositions in our art journalIt's true art journaling has no ules and.

read Art Journal Freedom

I m not a fan of aspects of the author s style I do like how she puts together backgrounds So completely not my style of pages But it is very well written I plan to complete one of the pages using my own style to see how it turns out I do love the page that expl Whether ou give this book to a child a friend or keep it for The Piper in the Wind yourself Art Journal Freedom by Dina Wakley is an excellent primer on how to art journal It contains the fundamentals of creating a successful art page explained in clear concise language with a sample of a colourful art journal page by the author to illustrate I borrowed this book from the library but now that I ve read through it I m sure that it is one for my keeper shelf so I will be off to the bookstore shortly to pick up my own reference copy I wonder what gems of art journal wisdom Dina has added in her second book Art Journal Courage 45 stars Ifou re new to art journaling or if The Proposal you just want to makeour pages stronger this is a terrific resource You ll learn about composition color layout and Prey you ll get lots of great. Is a safe place for free expression ofour one of a kind life But knowledge is power and knowing the ules of color and composition gives Addicted to Womanhood Book One you the freedom to use and break them willfully to create the effectsou want Dina shares these principles in a fun and approachable way with dozens upon dozens of

Ideas for putting together beautiful and therapeutic pages Tons of inspiration on every page I can highly recommend this book Dina Wakley s style may not be for everyone but her book certainly is She explains design principles challenges the reader to explore each one and shows a step by step techniue to explain them It is a very fun accessible art journaling book for both beginners and the seasoned one I love it and keep it out so I can refer to it often This is a great book for anyone who is new to art journaling True to its title I appreciate the time the author spent on color and composition Personally the examples are not my style but the exercises demonstrate the limitless mixed media possibilities I do wish the author commented a bit on cost of supplies and alternatives For example one exercise uses pan pastels for creating a colorful background Pan pastels are uite expensive It would have been good to have some less expensive alte Winderful and inspiring book Lots of information on supplies and techniues A must read for mixed media artis. Niue journal pages to show ou just some of the many possibilitiesInside You Will Find Lessons and tips about composition and color including dominance and repetition symmetry contrast and the power of black and white10 step by step techniue demonstrationsDozens of color and design tips and page challeng.

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