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This was one of the best books I ver read This is a true account of a man on a journey to freedom It sparked my interest with its background in criminal justice and the wrongs of the government I was inspired by the story and all those who advocatedfought to get t Absolutely amazing This well written account of the life of Geronimo Pratt a decorated Vietnam Vet who served 27 years in prison for a crime he didn t commitFor anyone who claims government conspiracies are BS they haven t read this book Amazing insightful inspiring and revolutionary i spent MANY a night yelling at this book because of the treatment and abuse Geronimo Pratt went thru again and agian and again Thru it all he stood tall and prevailed He is a man to be admired Amazingly A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, engaging though well over 300pages I was intrigued thentire time This book shows the stuff the Black Panthers went Jack Olsen's Last Man Standing is the gripping story of Geronimo Pratt war hero and community leader who was framed by the FBI in one of the greatest travesties of justice in American historyGeronimo.

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Ve characterization of George Jackson and the rebellion at AtticaBut Olsen writes well and has a great story to tell Geronimo Pratt was a decorated VietNam vet who was incarcerated for 25 years than 8 years in solitary convicted of a murder he did not commit because FBI Director Hoover wanted him neutralized The circumstances that allowed this atrocity against one innocent man Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies exist today Amazing deplorable shameful and well written true story of the justice system in America There are no words to capture thextent of the tragedy of Mr Pratt at the hands of the system It should make veryone uestion the official positions we are often fed in sound bytes It makes me wonder about the justice afforded to anyone viewed as an nemy of the government Great great book about a man who was wrongly accused of murder and sat on death row for 20 years before being xonerate. BI Here is the spellbinding saga of Pratt his heroic lawyers Johnnie Cochran and Stuart Hanlon and the Reverend James McCloskey who overcame all the odds to bring the truth to light and free Geronimo.

Hrough told through the life of Geronimo Pratt Very well written on top of being a crazy story Read this book if you want to regain hope in the human spirit This would be a good book for anyone who is not sickened by the fact that there is a J Edgar Hoover building in Washington DCOlsen tells this story like a suspenseful novel and is able to clearly demonstrate that Elmer Gerard Pratt keeps his humanity throughout the 27 years of unjust imprisonmentThere are many heroes in this story specially Pratt and his attorneys but also minor contributions from a vast number of people both well known Shauille O Neal and unknownI have a few uibbles about the book namely that Olsen does not sympathize with the underlying fact that Pratt considers himself a revolutionary This lement gets very little attention This lack of sympathy for revolutionaries also leads to a dismissi. Pratt did not commit the murder for which he served twenty seven nightmarish years As a UCLA student though he had led the Los Angeles Chapter of the Black Panther Party and became a target of the

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