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Ist after many years of abscence The descriptions of the music are great makes me wish the band actually existed and recorded these songs Koch starts his story out in Hobart Tasmania a part of the world I know nothing about but hope to visit someday Three young Tasmanians come of age in this story with lives woven together like leaves on Palm Sunday starting out rom St Augustine s boy s school Women of all ages igure big in the plot En Espa a se public con el t tulo de El doble Me dio a conocer la lejana Tasmania su capital Hobart y despu s Australia El tema de la m sica olk me entusias. As the group stood on the threshold of international stardom the darker side of enchantment started to assert its presence In a miasma of sexual jealousy magic mushrooms and apocalyptic mysticism the A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 fragile collaboration that had shaped their music began toall apa.

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Ed in piercing the veil of the sensory world like his master Clive Broderick Or is he merely desperate I Love My Dad for the shallow pleasures of celebrity to the point where he will water his music down to please record company execsAsiderom that ambiguity a great read highly recommended Reminds me of The Hungry Wolves of Van Diemen s Land in some ways with its atmospheric depictions of old Tasmania and dreamlike All about Us faerieland scenes I m not veryamiliar with Sydney but the later chapters set there are also ull of atmosphere with the eerie prescence of the doubleman inding his way back to the protagon. To embody the uesting religious spirit of a decade They had the enigmatic voice of an East European refugee the instrumental skills of a vagrant country singer the inspired arrangements of a self educated Tasmanian mystic The universe was double They couldn't ail But.

This is a well written and well structured novel dealing with Tasmania occultism and the electric olk scene of the 60s Its Handbags and Gladrags fictional band The Rhymers are like a cross between Fairport Convention The Seekers and the Manson Family The characters are very vivid and you get a strong sense of what they look and talk likeThe weak point of the book is the rather sinister Darcy Burr who is clearly modelled on Koch s perception of Charles Manson one of his disciples is even called Pipsueakan obvious reference to Lynette Sueaky Fromme But it is never clear what Burr s real motives are Is he interest. In the sleazy coffee bars of bohemian Sydney the Rymers were born For a generation they offered access to a world of illusion and enthralment Marrying the ancestral energies of immigrant ballads to theaeryworld of the European occult this electric olk group seemed.

Christopher Koch was born and educated in Tasmania For a good deal of his life he was a broadcasting producer working for the ABC in Sydney He has lived and worked in London and elsewhere overseas He has been a fulltime writer since 1972 winning international praise and a number of awards for his novels many of which are translated in a number of European countries One of his novels The YE

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