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Moved by her plight by the difficulties she was orced to endure and the life she has lived A must read You will truly take a walk in Ms Bolander s shoes and your heart will be stirred with unwavering compassion I wasn t really sure how to review this book The writing and storytelling is pretty good which is why I gave it 4 stars However the sheer act that she had to go through all of these experiences is horrifying I strongly recommend reading this book because it s really important to know that these kinds of experiences did happen to people with disabilities in the relatively recent past Autobiography by a deaf woman who was institutionalized as a mentally handicapped child by a amily who refused to acknowledge her deafness and endured years of abuse in a terrible place Unable to put it down until I inished it. Nd placed in St Mary's of Providence Center where teachers correctly assessed her as deaf not retarded After only one year Anne returned home and there survived many years of abuse Her story calls or vigilance today and everyday.

Rrior She is a survivor EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK Anne Bolander s story about growing up hard of hearing while everyone thought she was mentally disabled She s sent away at a young age to an institution that is nothing but abuse and neglect When she comes home abuse It s a very depressing and disturbing storyAs I was reading I was compelled to keep reading as I waited or someone to rescue her and give the book a happy ending Well there s some of that but not nearly soon enoughI realize there s a whole genre of books like this and I just wonder how anyone can want to read than one of themIt s important that people s stories like this get told But why are some people so eager to listen An account of the most unimagineable unspeakable treatment of this woman as a young child teen and adult I am deeply saddened and. Re beaten bloody or laughing crying or even touching another child Children lived a robotic existence and like robots were known by numbers instead of names Anne was #87She endured ive years of this abuse before being removed

My copy was checked out rom the local library Imagine my surprise when it was a signed copy with a note rom the author Imagine even surprise when she starts mentioning the city where I was born and live in and places that I recognize and go to all the time It was an eerie eeling The story itself was powerful in its painful honesty and clearly it is a tale that needs to be told Too many people are ignorant about society s horrific gut wrenching track record with regard to disabled people This wasn t even that long ago The author is my parents age This is a very hard book to read but everyone needs to read it I m sure a lot of what the author said about The Dream of Water: A Memoir feeling excludedrom society and her The Bravest Cat! family would ring true with many a HOH or Deaf person based on conversations with DeafHOHriends and The Slammer: The Crisis In Canada's Prison System family members She is a wa. I was six years old alone and terrified and no one knew that I was deaf So began Anne Bolander'sive year ordeal at an institution or retarded and unwanted children Emotions were not allowed at the institution where children we.

I Was #87: A Deaf Woman's Ordeal of Misdiagnosis, Institutionalization, and Abuse EBOOK/EPUB

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