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Eatin a nion and cryin like a baby The Three Flames 1947 here r if you prefer the banned versionSo what has this got to do with Ferdydurke Possibly nothing Maybe everything In the sense that Grombowicz s classic is about everything all the major themes art maturityimmaturity class privilege rape naivety vs idealism coming f agereverting f agereally And ne can t forget the pupamake that The pupa The pupa read it you ll see And BTW the pupa Lost Crow Conspiracy onef its meanings should never be considered cute by anyone The Art Of Anarchy other than a parentr grandparent certainly not a priest An absurdist adventure that won t appeal to everyone but will appeal to those with a zest for the peculiar the bizarre the political andor national literatures Monet other thanne s Rasputin: The Untold Story own in this case Poland Deserves reading for being banned by both the Nazis and the CommunistsAmong the many lines I liked Normality is a tightrope walker above the abyssf abnormality Reminds me Perseus Spur of Sontag s Sanity is a cozy lie I have a GR buddy who s an avid reader from Poland I share him with manyf you He knows who he is Some The Arvon Book of Life Writing of you know who he is Read this book I think I ve figuredut whatuhhappened to him Unlike PORNOGRAFIA this takes its sweet time revving up but Lady Penelope's Christmas Charade, a Regency Romance once the motor is cranked FERDYDURKE delivers some bizarro batshit thrills memorably unnerving encounters and genuine belly laffs The intro essay by Susan Sontag praises its sublime mockeryf all attempts to normalize desire which is spot Será Colombo Português? on With its tumbling prose psychological acuity and surreal gambits the novel was so far aheadf its time that Gombrowitz included several digressions to discuss his methods and demonstrate that he knew what he was doing Often he lets these mini essays and playlets tilt toward contradiction and paradox By way Kapferer on Luxury: How Luxury Brands can Grow Yet Remain Rare of further explanation There is nothing that the mature hate there is nothing that disgusts them than immaturity writes Gombrowicz in this comic masterpiecef Polish literature Be prepared to embrace your immaturity as Gombrowicz attacks so called maturity and exposes it as a fraud in this story about an aspiring author who is reduced to back to his childish teenage self before a former professor and brought back to school This first novel This Glorious Struggle: George Washington's Revolutionary War Letters of his was banned by the Nazi s and Communist parties for it s stinging criticismsn society and authority Gombrowicz toys with the absurbed as he delivers a hilarious blend f comedy political and social satire literature and psychological critiue and the uestion f identity all while exposing man as an immature beingWhile Gombrowicz I didn t like this book I didn t hate it either If I could have given it two and a half stars I would have I liked the premise Parts Sparking a Worldwide Energy Revolution: Social Struggles in the Transition to a Post-Petrol World of it were interesting and I think I got what he was doing with the work but it just never gelled for me Maybe if I had read it straight through without taking a bitf a break with reading a history book I might have enjoyed it but by about page 200 the whole book felt like work For example I was The Adjustments on the bus and I had the choice between reading this bookr starting straight ahead at the darkness through the tinted windows Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 Volume 1 : New Rules only slightly broken up by passing street lights that illuminated almost nothing for me and I choose the staring straight ahead after reading half a page Reading doesn t usually feel like work to me so that s got to say something Maybe I was just in a staring mood that day Actually fuck it any book that makes me want to stare at nothing rather than read it deserves two stars I will not let myself be pushed around thepinions Ruin Me of people John Fuckdike who tell me the book is a late modernism masterpiece This book is a failure a good idea and some interesting moments butverall the book never lives up to it s potential and the reader well that would be me thinks Rabbit Updike is a fucking idiot who Nara Leão: Uma Biografia once again sounds like a paid spokesperson for a book insteadf an honest critic Shining Star: The Anna May Wong Story or someone with an honestpinion Ok I ve said it I don t like this book and I don t like John Updike and it wasn t until I started writing this review that I even noticed he had written the blurb Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, on the back and yes that might have given me the conviction to give this book two stars insteadf three Happy now Updike Some insignificant asshole From Plassey to Partition and After on the internet took a star away from a book you liked because his dislikef you verrode his feeling that a supposed classic couldn t just get two stars and there must be some kind f failure The Bharatanatyama Reader on his part for not getting it Now I know though that it sk I know you probably Tropico del Cancro only liked it because there are lotsf ass references and you re a dirty fucking pervert who has Owned only been able to write anything by rippingff L'arte di Mœbius other people Fuck you Updike Witold Gombrowicz 1904 1969 is considered asne Emerald Lizard of the most important literary figures in Poland Ferdydurke was his first novel and he published this in 1937 when he was 33 yearsld Two years after its publication Russian invaded Poland and turned it into a communist country Poland subseuently banned this book so Gombrowicz hid in Argentina and France Ferdydurke is a darkly satirical comedy that is considered modernist The main protagonist and the narrator Five Busy Beavers of the story Joey Kawalski is a 30 yo writer His professor hypnotizes him and under the spell turns him back to his teenage years and a high school pupil At that stage Gombrowicz makes references to a pupa As the plot unfolds he experiences again all the angst franks bullying and sexual awakening including reliving his first lovef an adolescent In telling the story Fratello clima chetati... of Joey s life Gombrowicz explores identity and cultural s and the shapingf people s lives by form The prose is playful but I just could not understand many The Invisible Arab of the things mentioned which I guess basedn the information in the first paragraph are attacks to the Poland political and societal elites Dream of Wings or maybe to the communist run government There are brilliant parts especially when Joey suddenly shifts from first person narration to directly addressing his reader It is also my first time to laugh at the endf the novel upon reading this line It s the end what a gasAnd who s read it is an ass Imagine reading 281 pages Duck's Vacation of this book and missing maybe thirdf what it says then being referred to as an ass ha haBottomline for its historical perspective and for sampling an important Polish novel it s a worthwhile read No regrets reading this at all I didn t finish it well I did read it it finished me SoNR No RatingA first for me this No Rating And though my index finger twitches The Cats In Krasinski Square on my mouse dying to rate it if it but could but how could it How can anyone s index finger clickn any rating It almost begs to be given O Guarda do Pomar one star cos Oh Lly banned in Poland for decades It has nonetheless remainedne The Green Mountain Boys of the most influential worksf twentieth century European literature Ferdydurke is translated here directly from the Polish for the first time Danuta Borchardt deftly captures Gombrowicz's playful and idiosyncratic style and she allows English speakers to experience fully the masterpiece Proverbios of a writer whom Milan Kundera describes asne Билет за Транай of the great novelistsf ur century Extravagant brilliant disturbing brave funny wonder.

Good grief I ve got a copy f this somewhere that I must have liberated from a second hand bookshop years ago and which I am fairly sure has long since gone the way f all books although it is hard for me to tell as much f my life is in semi storage to varying degreesAn Seized Seduced odd story Not Mloda Polska thanks to the correction in comments but a productf the inter war period A man is taken ut f adult life and made to live as a child he is forced to return to school and given foster parents to live with Naturally he is still an adult even though everybody treats him as a child There is an absurd classroom scene in which the star pupil who naturally due to the halo effect is also the most handsome is called upon by the teacher to save his lesson by explaining the greatness Lata Mangeshkar of presumably Mickiewicz to the restf the class who Pencarrow on accountf being schoolboys are somewhat blockheaded this he does by declaiming that Mickiewicz is the greatest national poet because his works move us profoundly and that they move us profoundly because Mickiewicz is the greatest national poet which I suppose is true even if unenlightening and I suspect that similar things are taught to children round the world with Frankenstein in Baghdad only the namef the poet changed as appropriate to local circumstances The Buddy: The First Seeing Eye Dog only way the narrator can escape this prisonf circular logic is by fighting back and upsetting as many apple carts as possible chiefly achieved by turning school life and the household Matematica 7 - 3b: Ciclo Egb of his foster parents upside down Inne scene he hopes to achieve this by convincing his foster parents that something scandalous is going n in their teen aged daughter s bedroom there he pens Civil-military Relations In Pakistan: From Zufikar Ali Bhutto To Benazir Bhutto one cupboard to reveal I believe the aforementioned pretty schoolboy result happinessn the part f the parents such a relationship is at least appropriate even if plainly ver actively indulged in so the narrator is forced to Over the Top open a second cupboard revealing the school teacher result completeutrage and confusion This reminds me f how a former chief inspector f schools The Secret Kept from the Italian/My Bought Virgin Wife/Claimed for the Billionaire's Convenience/The Spaniard's Untouched Bride on the podiumf a teacher conference Sikandar once said that he felt relationships between teachers and pupils were educative which I suppose from a broad pointf view they would be since all relationships are but which rather suggested that the chief inspector had so Country over indulged in Plato as to loose touch with the Zeitgeist and that if you put some people upn a podium in front f a crowd there is no knowing what will fall ut Denali Dreams of their mouthsA fableught to end with a moral but I ve forgotten mine Ferdydurke appeared in Germany without commentary to explain briefly what it is about thus some critics and readers did not know where to beginI think about the basic assumptions Hollywood Renaissance of Ferdydurke regarding criticism and I can endorse them without reservation There are enough innocent works that enter life looking as if they did not know that they would be raped by a thousand idiotic assessmentsTo avoid this kindf assessment I decided to let Witold Gombrowicz speak about Ferdydurke himself Everything you ll read El Cura. (Caso de Incesto). or have already read in this review except for this paragraph and the very lastne I lifted from his Diary Forgive me WGIn Ferdydurke two loves fight with each ther two strivings the striving for maturity and the striving for eternally rejuvenating immaturity This book is the image f the battle for the maturity Impostress of someone who is in love with hiswn immaturityAs long as you understand Ferdydurke as a battle with convention it will trot calmly down the well beaten path but if you understand that man creates himself with another man in the sense Ego, Hunger and Aggression of the wildest debauchery Ferdydurke will neigh and leap forward as if you had jabbed it with a spur carrying youff into the realm Ritrovarsi of the Unpredictable Ferdydurke is a form element than a form conventionI had crossed Ferdydurkeut Antes Que Anoiteça of my life Now I read it again line after line and its words meant nothing to me The nothingnessf words The nothingness आषाढ़ का एक दिन of ideas problems styles attitudes the nothingnessf art Words words wordsFerdydurke is a book that is unusually difficult and what is is misleading and deceptiveI wrote Ferdydurke in the years 1936 37 when no The Savage Mind one knew anything about Existentialism In spitef this Ferdydurke is existential to the marrow Critics I will help you in determining why Ferdydurke is existential because man is created by Comments and reviews n this classic f interwar Polish absurdism seem to La casa nel vicolo oscillate between adoration and ambivalence This actually makes some kindf sense as my Gemini own reactionsscillated somewhat between those poles even as I read it Because for all A Terrible Day of the rebellious wit and satiric insightn display throughout the novel despite the excellence and memorable uo Ferdydurke is some sort Discourse on Voluntary Servitude. Tienne La Botie of abracadabra and the novel can be defined as an absurdist abstraction Mankind is accursed becauseur existence Ebano on this earth does not tolerate any well defined and stable hierarchy everything continually flows spillsver moves La piccola ottantenne che cambiò tutte le regole on everyone must be awaref and be judged by everyone else and the Constable Around the Green opinions that the ignorant dull and slow witted hold about us are no less important than thepinions f the bright the enlightened the refined This is because man is profoundly dependent n the reflection Busters First Snow of himself in another man s soul be it even the soulf an idiot I absolutely disagree with my fellow writers who treat the pinions f the dull witted with an aristocratic haughtiness and declare Thérèse Raquin odi profanum vulgus What a cheap and simplistic wayf avoiding reality what a shoddy escape into specious loftiness I maintain Women in Therapy on the contrary that the dull and narrow minded they are the urgent and compelling are theirpinions just as an ill fitting shoe hurts us than a well fitting Il Poeta one And the judgmentsf the Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Vol. 3 oafs prevail and Ferdydurke is the world seen through the eyesf idiots Normality is a tightrope walker above the abyss My Body-Mine of abnormality How much potential madness is contained in the everydayrder f things And seen with the eye f a talented ignoramus the The Noble Guardian ordinary social stereotypes and customs become preposterous andur regular behavioral patterns turn ludicrous I remember a song from my youth Ipso Facto one we playedn record players before households had stereos A time when said record players still had a setting for 78 rpm which is what we had to use to play this tune One The John Wyndham Omnibus of those childhood memories which never really goes away A song that was alreadyld when we started listening to itWe was Sea Chase out in Californiane time And we wandered lookin for a room and this mad hotel And we got upstairs and Comandante Che: Guerrilla Soldier, Commander, and Strategist, 1956-1967 opened the door and turnedn the lights And there n the middle f the bed sat this great big mouse. In this bitterly funny novel by the renowned Polish author Witold Gombrowicz a writer finds himself tossed into a chaotic world MINECRAFT: Crazeballs Memes and Jokes: Unofficial Minecraft Book (Minecraft, Minecraft Secrets, Minecraft Stories, Minecraft Books For Kids, Minecraft Meme Book, Minecraft Comics, Minecraft Xbox) of schoolboys by a diabolical professor who wishes to reduce him to childishness Originally published in Poland in 1937 Ferdydurke became an instant literary sensation and catapulted the young author to fame Deemed scandalous and subversive by Nazis Stalinists and the Polish Communist regime in turn the novel as well as allf Gombrowicz's The Graduate other works wasfficia.

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Y GR systematizers how can you I Wisp of a Thing or anyone liker like this book So Monkey taming one star should work cos notnly did I did not like it I Was Spock: Leonard Nimoy occur here it isbjectively speaking now positively unlikeable and designed to be thus It has been crafted so as to be puerile in its lampooning Cosa hanno in testa i nostri figli. Apprendimento e memoria nello sviluppo del bambino of puerility infantile in its apingf infantility callow in its critiue The Dawning of a New Age of callowness and unbelievably silly in its refusal to refuse unbelievable silliness Go ahead you ass this book commands go ahead and give mene pooping star smack me a good ne right in the pupa an untranslatable word ne that invades your readerly space exactly 96 times in the novel though that number seems far far lower than it should believe me but roughly it means ass An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World or toosh I dare you I beg you I disdain you Pupa pupa Pupas pupas Whee Whee Whee And son not an exact uote but you get the pictureBut nor this book would cease mocking you if nodding sagely like a Prof as you read it stroking your scholarly chin as you congratulated your mature self Hunter Hunted on congratulating this novel for its zany immaturity telling yourself when you gasp for breathver the finish line I have not yet recovered my Archivio Per Lo Studio Delle Tradizioni Popolari, Volume 13 own that you are giving it the full five stars that its indubitable canonicity deserves But It was Amazing Hown earth could it be amazing unless you were told that it had to be amazing because it has amazed so many Ricettario amoroso di una pasticciera in fuga others before you that if you did not find it amazing there is simply something wrong with you and your capacity to be amazed and not with this novelr anti novel which is also an anti anti novel and its capacity to amaze you you ass If you are credulous enough to be amazed by this you d probably be amazed by pretty much anything wouldn t you And that would make you either a callow puerile infantile Lo strano caso del barista scomparso or sillyr all A Part of Speech of the above Like meSeriously though if reading those first two paragraphs annoyed you even remotely as much as it annoyed me to write them boy are you in for a treat with this blasted book I read it cos I am making it a project to readr re read everything that Milan Kundera raves about and so far he s been an excellent guide to excellence Cervantes Fielding Sterne Flaubert Broch Kafka and the bits Skulduggery Pleasant: The End of the World of Musil that I have read have not disappointed Did Ferdydurke disappoint though Absolutely Can I see why Kundera lauds it so Kinda though I can certainly spot the influence the disenchantmentf the soul and the tyranny The Year After of the body a distrustf the culture And Quiet Flows the Don of youth the tension between seriousness and laughter etc But for the lifef me I cannot picture MK re reading this book as clever as it may Sailing Promise: Around the World on a Catamaran or may not be OK partf me says see para 2 must surely be it just does not promise to reward too close a reading let alone multiple readings I d wagerFor me the best bits were the most serious and theoretical the two Prefaces to stories that are bundled in with the rest f the text Don t get me wrong though cose these Prefaces are still really really silly but they seem to approach if not affirm coherence and dare I say it wholeness at times PK a wholeness f parts Hunter's Moon of assembled fragments a wholeness at least in the sense that every book has some kindf cover and binding And I recommend repetition as the method for enhancing the vigor Prince of Lies of your work because by systematically repeating certain words phrases situations and parts I intensify them thereby heightening the impressionf uniformity Slow Dance of style to the pointf near mania It s by means L'arcobaleno negli occhi of repetition repetition that mythology is most readily created Take note however that this construction from particles is not a mere construction it is actually an entire philosophy which I ll present here in the frivolous and frothy formf a carefree magazine article But what do you think tell me in your Postcards from Vermont: A Social History, 1905-1945 opinion doesn t the reader assimilate partsnly and Fire On The Mountain only partly at that He reads a partr a piece Polska of it then stopsnly to resume reading another piece later and as so Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology often happens he starts from the middler from the end then backtracks to the beginning uite A Novel Without Lies often he ll read a couplef segments then toss the book aside not because he has lost interest in it but because something else came to his mind And even if he were to read the whole do you think that he can visualize it in its entirety and appreciate the relationship and harmony Wyrm of its individual parts unless he hears it from an expert Is it for this that an author toils for years cuts his material and bends it into shape tears it apart and patches it up again sweats and agonizesver it so that an expert may tell the reader that its construction is good 70Though his tongue is firmly in his I Am Ocilla own pupa here the serious minded reader in us can almost makeut something in it no No Unlike say in the bizarre sub Candide picaresuing about Effie: The Passionate Lives of Effie Gray, John Ruskin and Millais of the hero as he is transformed from a normal thirty yearld into a seventeen year Peppermint Tea old schoolboy who is subjected to inane adventures at school at the homef his landlord and I think Cos near the end Sunny Holiday of this Festivalf the Id it became hard to tell in search Zhang Xin: On the Return to China of an abducted farmhand And then A Retreat I have a hunch but I don t know whether my lips should confess it now that the time for a Universal Retreat is at hand The sonf earth will henceforth understand that he is not expressing himself in harmony with his deepest being but always in accordance with some artificial form painfully thrust upon him from without either by people 親指の恋人[oyayubi no koibito] or by circumstances He will then dread that formf his and feel ashamed f it much as he had thus far idolized and flaunted it We will soon fear ur persons and Eureka Street our personalities because it will become apparent that they are by no means trulyur Turkestan Solo: A Journey Through Central Asia own And insteadf roaring I believe in this I feel it that s how I am I m ready to defend it we will say in all humility Maybe I believe in it maybe I feel it I happened to say it to do it r to think it The bard will scorn his wn song And so must the hypocrite reader scorn himself in the end WG teaches us that for all I nostri giorni con Anna our desire for wholeness and unity we have nothing butur mugs the faces we pull Ferrugem Americana our fists andur blasted infantile yearnings while Storie ciniche our blessed immaculatley conceived Arts are nothing but poses andor an assemblyf irreconcilable parts Then he ends by farting in Party in the Blitz our general direction Because there is no escape from the mugther than into another mug and from a human being The Russians Tender Lover (The Sisterhood, one cannly take shelter in the arms Fred Cress: Stages of another human being From the pupa however there is absolutely no escape Chase me if you want I m running away mug in my handsIt s the end what a gasAnd who s read it is an ass Like I said no stars Or as many as you want fellow Yahoos mine to throw at it Like so much feces Or whatever Whee. Ful Long live its sublime mockery Susan Sontag from the foreword A masterpiecef European modernism Susan Sontag ushers this new translation into print with a strong and useful foreword calling Gombrowicz's tale 'extravagant brilliant disturbing brave funny wonderful' And it is Publishers Weekly Witold Gombrowicz 1904 1969 wrote three ther novels Trans Atlantyk Pornografia and Cosmos which together with his plays and his three volume Diary have been translated into than thirty languages.

Witold Marian Gombrowicz August 4 1904 in Małoszyce near Kielce Congress Poland Russian Empire – July 24 1969 in Vence near Nice France was a Polish novelist and dramatist His works are characterized by deep psychological analysis a certain sense of paradox and an absurd anti nationalist flavor In 1937 he published his first novel Ferdydurke which presented many of his usual themes

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