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I like fantasy novels that are uniue and push the boundaries of the enre Unfortunately this did nothing new Indeed this book ticks all the boxes of overworked fantasy tropes and has little of its own originality to save it I mean this doesn t have to be the case in today s market Look at the brilliance of Brandon Sanderson s books or the depth of Rothfuss world It s still possible to write new fantasy today it may be Get Fast!: A Complete Guide to Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride getting harder but it s still possible This book is your typical coming of age story A young and very dumb man seeks his fortune in the big city Heets a crap job and is convinced that it s The Pleasant Light of Day good He discovers a world of magic one he can t tap into So he s forced to watch the boring characters argue about it And that s a big part of this book arguing But what Miller does do marginally well is drag you into the story as you hope for it to improve Not a lot happened though The writingives you the impression that something big is coming up it suggests that the action is about to explode and the plot pick up in the process though it never seems to till right towards the end Instead we The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health get politics about the crap magic system That s pretty much it Everybody likes to talk about magic and debate its uses but nobody actually seems to use it Well at least not very often You re better off reading The Kingkiller Chronicle The magic system is so poorly defined it relies on ungraspable ideas They re not reallyiven to us When Miller does try to explain it she ives a rushed over version of an already vague idea it s like she tries to avoid the topic I hate to bring up Rothfuss again well I don t really but the system he ives us is complex and defined You know where you stand with him His writing is in a whole different league There are a few similarities in the books a magic school for one but Rothfuss is just a accomplished writer If you re thinking about reading this I d stop thinking and just The Go-Between go read The Name of the Wind It s a much better book The antagonist that eventually emerges is your typical dark lord stereotype As fantasy readers we ve all seen it too many times now and when it s delivered in such an uninspiring way it s uite nauseating This was all very standard even for a fantasy novel This just needed a bit originality to make it worthwhile I finished the thing with a sigh because it was just a major case of been there done that It s all very average but was hindered so by its lack depth However I will be reading the second book Why You may ask Well there was a massive turn around during the climax of this book Not enough to save it and perhaps it was even an obvious development but it did make me want to see how it will change things It meant that the next book had potential even if this one didn t I may come to regret this choice but I do have hopes My problem with Karen Miller ineneral and with this book is she could have shorten all her books from being over 600 pages each to around 300 so that all the bs slow pacing of nothing happening could be deleted Basically almost nothing really happened in this book and series only about a couple of things happened and even with that it felt like nothing really happened or changed within the novel Usually a book would be long just because of it being boring and info dumping but that is not the case The only other author I can compare this with are Tad Williams or David Eddings who also writes books that a Asher the backwater fisherman travels to the big capital city Dorana to find his fortune The Innocent Mage is come and we stand at the beginning of the end of everythingBeing a fisherman like his father isn't a bad life but it's not the one that Asher wants Despite his humble root.

Pdf/E–book (The Innocent Mage (Kingmaker, Kingbreaker, #1)) author Karen Miller

Ere are a small amount of interesting things that happened but they were introduced so late in the book that by then I wanted to shoot myself in the foot The book ends in a horribly done cliffhanger that if anything made me not want to read the next one I learned my lesson reading an incredibly boring book just to find out if anything interesting will happen is not a reason to read it The first book of a two book series Canadian Australian author Miller is a refreshing new voice in the enre Set in the kingdom of Lur the two races Doranen and Olken live alongside each other with a precarious balance the Doranen who came down through the mountains fleeing the evil mage Morg over six centuries ago are born with magic and use it to control the weather and ive smaller benefits to society while the Olken the original inhabitants of the land occupy lower class positions of farmers and merchants and servants protected by the Doranen but at the same time repressed by them Even so they all revere Barl the powerful magician who saved her people when she constructed the Wall that seals Lur off from Morg s poisoned demonic reachAmongst a select roup of Olken who still surreptitiously practice the Olken earth magic Jervale s Heir Dathne sees the coming of the Innocent Mage the one spoken of in the prophecy that the roup has lived long centuries by I looked at this book several times I passed it by on all those occasions I suppose I always thought I d maybe pick it up at some point but really it s not the type book I usually The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God's Mercy get involved in or at least didn t seem to be The synopsis led me to believe that at best I d find it mildly interestingI have been pleasantly surprised This is an excellent read It s an interesting well plotted well characterized novel This book drew me in from the wordo and held my interest throughout There are characters I Deal Maker (Mixed Messages Book 2) (English Edition) got involved with and cared about T Here is what Iot out of the book so farAsher runs away to find his fortune in the Capitol Asher sees the prince riding through town Man that uy is an idiot Prince seems to recognize Asher Prince Hey what are you doing here Asher None of your business Prince I like you want to work in my stables although obviously you can t handle a horse and you are impertinent Asher Why would I want to do that though I have no other options and no skills Prince I ll pay you well Asher I want Prince Done Asher somehow makes friends though he is just as rude and coarse with everyone else Prince Asher I want to you come help me judge a special case at court Asher You re an idiot Asher sees the case where a man is obviously taking money from his innocent cousin Prince What should I do Asher The uy is an idiot Prince You are such a Ramp Rats: A Graphic Guide Adventure great judge of character Asher You are an idiot Prince Yes unrivaled judge of character Will you be my first and most trusted adviser Asher Why would I want to make twice as much money and be so privileged That s about where I stopped The story has some interesting ideas sprinkled here and there throughout and the writing is certainly passable from a technical standpoint However the end result is that the overall telling of the story resulted in mediocrity when in places it offered a tease of potential to be so much Ultimately I finished the book out of sheer stubborness rather than due to much interest in what was actuallyoing on in the story In the author s defense I believe this is her first novel With further refinement of her craft she could become a very ood storyteller. In the city is being closely watched by members of the Circle people dedicated to preserving an ancient magic Asher might have come to the city to make his fortune but he will find his destin.

Ittle does he know he is the center of a little known prophecy that will either save or destroy the kingdom of LurI ave this book a ood 200 pages to et Spitting Daisies Communicating Through the Sunset good to no avail I found Asher the protagonist very unlikeable and I felt like Miller often tried to use his contrariness to bandaid hereneral lack of tension I also felt that she played her cards too soon by revealing the prophecy stuff very near the beginning of the novel using alternate POVs Is this story about Asher s experience as the ignorant center point of prophecy Or is it about the keepers of the prophecy manipulating an ignorant pawn into fulfilling it to their liking I didn t feel like Miller had uite decided what kind of story this should be It was therefore diluted and the tension all but undetectable So this bookI didn t hate it thus the 2 stars but I m not sure I can say I really liked it either so maybe it s a 15 stars rounded u Asher is a refreshing change to the common fantasy hero he s neither a long long son of some king somewhere nor a diamond in the rough He s merely rough The unpolished fisherman who travels to the reat city to work for a year in order to earn money for his old dad He says what he means and means what he says and doesn t stop to think that perhaps he should occasionally phrase his comments politely in order not to ruffle any fancy feathersI really enjoyed the book The relationship between Asher and Prince Gar half professional half friendly was interesting to follow and rang true as both realised that no fisherman could truly be a prince s eual and a friendship would therefore always be lopsided I liked that Karen Miller didn t let magic constantly save the day but allowed the characters and their personalities carry the plotMy main reason for not iving the book full marks is that it ended with a bit too much of a cliff hanger Karen Miller pulled no punches and then left us hanging It always frustrates me when a book isn t self contained and that cost it a star doesn t mean I m not still eagerly and impatiently awaiting the next instalment in the series though Don t judge a book by its cover Seriously This book very much disappointed me in every way The idea was interesting and very promising but the execution was terrible Honestly I don t know why I kept reading it Somehow the book had a way of making me keep reading just to see if anything interesting happened which in retropect is a terrible reason to keep reading a book After 500 pages I thought back and realized that nothing important or interesting even happened Basically the main characters just walk around and talk about things that are not even important to the basic idea of the story The idea is that this world is inhabited by two peoples one that is magicless and peasant like and the other is the ruling class ifted with magic who in fact conuered and subdued the first roup The thing is though no one seems resentful of it A well tuned stress between the two peoples would have been much interesting Also the characters talk about magic constantly but no one ever uses it until the last couple of chapters and then it s lame Yeah I made a flower row The main character is the chosen by prophecy character but again NOTHING HAPPENS The characters who know about it spend the entire book oing what should we do We should wait I don t know what to do We should wait That s it Seriously The main character doesn t even Stumbling Giants: Transforming Canada's Banks for the Information Age get the tiniestlimpse of what he is supposed to be I admit that in the last 100 pages or so th. S Asher has Unexpected Circumstances grand dreams And they call him to Dorana home of princes beggars and the warrior mages who have protected the kingdom forenerationsLittle does Asher know however that his arrival.

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