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Lt about the book It was very clinical and seemed like a primer on how to have a BDSM relationship Every t crossed and i dotted Very dry I didn t find it sexy at all There was much about the heroine getting over her dead husband than anything lse really and the hero was very secondary in this story As an added note having accidentally hit an A Scandalous Regency Christmas electric fence too many times in my life the idea oflectricity being in any way The Return enjoyable sexually was beyond my comprehension Plus if you re interested there was a bunch of stuff about her learning to be a Domme which doesn t do a thing for me so was just pages I personally had to slog thr I wished I could give this a better review I really do I was rather hard on myself and it took me several weeks to decide on this reviewThe reason I am so reluctant is that I agree with Ms Blevins that we need BDSM novels which are about the real BDSM out there instead of just some figment of the imagination She tries hard to achieve this and in some areas she certainly has made the cutUnfortunately however there is so muchlse wrong with this book that it almost ntirely outweighs the good I ll state the obvious firstThis book needs an ditor a good Prince Hafizs Only Vice editor Thediting Good lord no one writes kink like Candace Blevins Only someone who s BTDT can pull you in and push all your kink buttons so accuratelyLet me begin by saying that I almost didn t read this past the first couple chapters I could tell the kinks coming up were not my kinks but I was drawn in to the Aristotle and Poetic Justice emotional storyline so I continued on Good lawd I m so glad I did This books gets five stars because I got super sexy hot over scenes that weren t in my personal comfort zone of kink and that s something By super sexy hot I mean I had to stop in the middle and place an order for sex toys THAT kind of hot When you re reading a scene that you KNOW isn t in your realm of preference and you re still turned on beyond belief that isthat is amazing and that s what Ms Blevins does here With that said the kinks aren t overly sick or anything I just have a very narrow sweet spot for what turns me on Some of the kinks in this book that were outside my comfort zone werelectricity heavy pain close confinement singletail whipping and a short short section describing a flesh hook scene that is what almost made me put the book down Luckily there wasn t anything And Bid Him Sing: A Biography of Countée Cullen else about that On the plus side oohanal Lots of smoking hot anal Several ultra hot menage scenes Some EXTREMELY hot dominance scenes between Zach and Dana His dom persona really did it for me Surprisingly Jacob the male submissive also did it for me My GOD if you had told me I d fall for a male submissive I would have laughed my ass off but those scenes where Dana topped Jacob were beyond hot Aside from the individual kinks she did so many things right in this book She made the sex scenes and psychologicalntanglements complex and yet it worked without any confusion In a way I think Candace is one of the few authors who could have done this because she does have an on the nose style of characterization Her characters are rich but they are almost unnaturally honest and forthcoming and they don t mess around with subtext They say what they mean and mean what they say Usually in books that would irritate me but here it s necessary because otherwise the Bachelors and Bunnies: The Sexual Politics of Playboy emotional aspects of the four main characters and their various dynamics would have become too complicated PLUS this allows her to concentrate on the sexual side of the relationshipsand there was so much sex So much hot hot hot sex Did I mention my toy collection grew in the reading of this book Have some money set aside for that before you beginI ve talked a lot about the sex in this review but there was an almost painfully lovelymotional storyline too about a widow overcoming her dependence on her old partner and finding the permission she needs to move forward with another manOverall this did what I wanted it to do it turned me on It also did MORE than I Cyberwar: The Next Threat to National Security What to Do About It expected it to do which was to challenge my limits of what I believed was hot In a way Ms Blevins pushed my boundaries just like a good dom giving me than I thought I could take and making me like itNow for a cold shower No one does pain better than Candace Here is a world where pain lives Where it breathes strokes and caresses The feelings of the masochist are so deeply and wellxplored here that you really do come out of it with fundamental understandings I love her books because she gets it on the BDSM RealMeter this comes in at the topI njoyed Dana and Zach Dana was rich and vibrant and somehow ordinary in spite of all the stuff that she had been through Someone who could be a friend No BDSM Club Doms that stepped out of G here although there is a sub who might haveyummy JacobI ll admit I didn t see the parts with Brent and Jacob coming and boy did that add a lot So many layers but for me it felt like Dana had been stripped down to nothing by her loss and now it was time to build back up so not peeling back the layers but carefully layering on until the picture is completelike artists layer color Although I seriously doubt my pain level tolerance is ven remotely what Dana s was the feelings are much the same I am the opposite of BA much of the Ds stuff I was uncomfortable with but for the pain parts it was a complete Yes Yes for me The thing I loved the most is the sheer variety I cannot say I ve read many of the things that happened here before they are so uniue It is like Christmas morning with oh oh oh let me unwrap that one over there This one was much Battleground Chicago: The Police and the 1968 Democratic National Convention emotional as well Anxcellent story with amazing BDSM scenes and fun rich multi layered characters A must read for BDSM fans specially for those who perhaps don t understand the masochist frame of mind ven if they do a Ds one Highly recommended Three and a half starsI have waited uite a while after finishing this story before writing this review I was really ready to thoroughly Bridging Liberalism and Multiculturalism in American Education enjoy this story I have a great deal of respect for the author who writes so authoritatively about the contemporary BDSM scene and I liked herarlier books very much I don t want to sound overly critical because I don t think this is a bad story just for me it was an unsatisfying one so far I haven t finished the second half yetI had difficulty relating to the hero and heroine and found it hard to sympathise very much with ither one Zach in particular made it very hard for me to like him and in the nd I didn t He came across as completely self absorbed and I found myself wondering at times if he cared very deeply for Dana at all He see. Avenport and Chiffon is scheduled for release August 3 2012 and will give the rest of her storyWarning This title contains graphic language consensual BDSM bondage intense sensory deprivation Cruise Control extremelectrical play and the use of toys including clamps canes plugs cages paddles whips and floggers.

This was an xploration of something I hadn t really thought of before a few months ago I used to think of submissiveness and masochism as two sides of the same coin I have come to realize lately that there really is a difference you can be a submissive without being a masochist it just isn t always asy But this was a very serious look at the reverse can you be a masochist without being a submissive Dana wasn t sure but I think in the City Limits end she found the answer she was looking for as well a whole side of her personality she hadn txplored beforeIt took me a while to really find my way through thisI have to be honest I didn t like Zachary at first at all If the story had been about his relationship with Bethany I never would have finished it too many of the things he described pushed all my buttons in just the wrong way And actually I wasn t a big fan of Garret ither punishing someone for using their safeword to me is much worse than not having one at all I think it was the pool scene that finally got me to calm down When it was just about sensory deprivation and he didn t try to drown her I finally decided their relationship might have a futureI got to the nd of the weekend and didn t see where we were going at all I have to say I really njoyed the second half I really liked Brent Jacob and specially Max And by the nd I actually found myself liking Zach although he still has a ways to go for meThere is some real motion in this book I was prepared for the nding but the infirmary scene really caught me off guard with the motional impact D DAY Through German Eyes 2 evokedEarly on I was having mixedmotions about the seuel Now I am looking forward to it I loved this book the first time around It blew me away back in June of 2012 It is interesting how six and a half years has changed me and how I read this book This new Baroque Personae edition is polished in subtle ways and reminds me why I loved this book when I first read it The story flows a bit smoother and surprisingly the BDSM scenes are no longer as intense for me Make no mistakes the BDSM in this story are intense Ms Blevins descriptions of how a scene flows is accurate and what I have seen and nowxperienced Many of these scenes are considered Democratic Art edgeplay and do reuire both knowledge practice andxperience I caution any new to BDSM reader using this as a how to manual It is not This is for readers to take a glimpse into the dark side Ms Blevins offers something better than cookies out of your mind orgasmic nookie For those who need a bit spice to their kink Ms Blevins is one of the top go to authors Her special blend of plot character development with the pivotal BDSM scenes are her forte The past few years have only honed her skills as this reboot of a fantastic story is Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? even betterThis story isn t just about BDSM It is about what happens when your intimate connection with the love your life is severed in a dramatic and traumatic way How does one survive after thisvent For both Dana and Zach they are in a similar place of loss and displacement Will they ver be able to achieve this kind of power xchange they Codependent Forevermore: The Invention of Self in a Twelve Step Group experienced with the one they thought to spend the rest of their life with And do they really want to recreate that old bond or forge something newThe BDSM is definitely a highlight of the story for me as it makes me so hawt and now instead of screaming and running away from the scenes I still run away from the punishment scenes I m intrigued and want to try the ones I haven t What moves meven now that the initial shock factor from the kinky is acceptable to me is the love story and the growth This is a time of growth for Dana to learn how to become an individual again after so many years as part of a whole And when she discovers herself other people s perceptions are still thinking of her stuck in a role that is no longer thereFor Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust example when I read the first time Dana s sister in a law and an old acuaintance s derogatory comments of her having a life again I was disappointed in them This time around as I focus on Dana s recovery I m incensed and want to slap both of them upside the head for their unwanted and unsolicited opinions Who are they to tell Dana how she should be Who died and made them God Sometimes the connections of the past are best severed because they can only hold a person back And yet Dana s past connection with Brent has helped her grow and develop in ways she neverxpected These differing Conscience and Memory experiences stemming from similar sources is what makes Ms Blevins such a strong writer Because there is no one answer It is not black and white What seems bad from one way can be good from another This thought provoking set up makes me appreciate her stories Why Because it helps me see multiple view points and not rush to judgment without considering all anglesI loved this book the first time and I m thrilled to see that I loved it as much if not the second time around This romance is highly recommended to kinky readers whonjoy intense scenes with strong characters I received an advanced copy Kitty s review posted on Guilty PleasuresI started this book knowing just by the title that I would be reading a BDSM book First let me tell you that Ms Blevins writing is Pansy Vol. 6 extremelyxplicit Second I am as Vanilla as the flavor says so I went to some BDSM sites to make sure what I was reading was authentic before I started this review Third hold on breath and prepare yourself for a wild ride through a true Ds Ms relationship between Dana and ZachWarning This book is not for the faint at heart It is a heart wrenching heavy read with Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods extreme BDSM play If you are looking to see what a true Total Power Exchange TPE involves this is the book to read I did have to put the book down several times and absorb what I was reading and try to get into the total mind set of what Dana and Zach were doing With that saidDana is recently widowed and was married to her Dom They did not live as 247 MasterSlave but their sex wasxtreme and Dana dwells on pain an absolute Masochist After Garnet passed she left him and the life behind started her own design business and refused to think that she would Elizabeth I ever be Submissive to another person She left that life behind and did not intend on going backZach is also recently widowed The difference he is a true Dominant He lived in a 247 MasterSlave relationship with Bethany He is an inventor of sortsworking with solarlectricity But in reality Education in a New Society electricity is his turn on He is not a Sadist He s ready to move onfind someone to share his life with he thinks Dana may be the one She told herself if Zach weren t a Dom they might have a chance but a little voice. Please see the seconddition at has never submitted to anyone but her husband he trained her taught her to submit He's been dead a year and a half though and she's beginning to consider the possibility of dating again She sticks to vanilla at first but uickly realizes she's going to need As she'.

In her head whispered she wouldn t be drawn to him if he were vanillaTaking a seat on a nearby sofa Zach looked up and said I want someone Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education else to love to share my life with grow old with I m a Dom so they ll need to get off on submitting to mycontrol in the bedroom and playroom but otherwise I don t have any specific reuirements inmind He wasn t giving hernough to work with She tried another tack Bethany was twenty fourseven Do you want that again Not necessarily he said shaking his head as he leaned back and rested his arm on thesofa s armrest Not at first for sure I want twenty fourseven availability for sex but I prefer apartner for verything lse Maybe pick an occasional week or two for a full time dynamic where I spend brief periods micromanaging her but not on a permanent basis He shrugged However if we fell for The Baby Swap Miracle each other and she needed an Owner I could do it again Realizing what Zach was offering wasn t too far off of what she was looking for Dana agrees to see where it may lead but cannot commit to a long term TPE with him She still has issues with Garnet s death and feels that she needs to work through them before committing Zach is willing to wait and work with her to bring her libido backI really do not want to give away much of the story here A lot happens between Dana and Zach There is wax playlectric play caging xtreme bondage an xtreme scene in a swimming pool a double flogging and so much We are also introduced to Brent and Jacob a Dom from Dana and Garnet s past and his Submissive They will play a big part in bringing Dana and Zach together as one and they give Dana the xperience that she needs to totally understand ZachAs I said in the beginning this book is not for the weak minded or faint at heart If you don t know what a Total Power Exchange is you will know by the nd of Safeword Davenport I absolutely loved this book the power Dana had and the power she handed to Zach was unbelievable To know that you are absolutely loved and adored no matter what it a total high I njoyed the way the book was written There was no down time you weren t sure what Zach was going to do next to or with Dana There were strong dominant scenes and there were sweet loving scenes This book covered it all and showed me a side to BDSM that I had no idea about Thank you for nlightening me Ms Blevins This is my FAVOURITE book by Ms Blevins In this lovely story we are once again treated to some intense and arousing SM No one does SM in a Mf relationship as good for me as Ms Blevins I can definitely tell by the way she writes she s in the lifestyle I do know the back history of why this book was written so for me it moved me much Dana is a widow She submitted to her husband who was her world He was a Dom with a sadistic streak Some of the punishments Dana went through had me crossing my legs and going ow NO NO NO I would never misbehave if I was Garnet s sub As a result of Garnet s death Dana has left the lifestyle abruptly leaving all friends behind She s Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation even sold or given away all her lovely BDSM tools and furniture I can understand this as the memories must be overwhelmingFor a couple who lived inach other pockets so deeply as Dana and Garnet did I can t believe she hasn t died out of sorrow If anyone would die from losing a mate I would think Dana is one of those who would I m impressed with her ability to pull herself out of the depression and continue with her work as an interior decoratorShe meets Irving who is a mad scientist when it comes to Gender Justice electricity He s designed some amazinglectric sex machines as a hobby due to his profession I m a bit frightened of him actually I have to be honest All of Ms Blevin s Doms frighten me a little Not in a bad way but in a way where I know I could never meet their needs or desires They are way too intense for me I m of a Ds and BD kind of gal The SM is too much for me I love to read it and I Generations and Collective Memory enjoy vicariously living through it That is about my limitIrving has his own issues as his wife who was his 247 sub died in a freak accident on vacation My heart breaks for both Irving and Dana They both suffered so much and they aren txactly healed Becoming lovers doesn t xactly mean happily ver after for themThis is what I liked about Ms Blevin s writing It doesn t just all of a sudden work great and we live happily From Notes to Narrative ever after There are set backs which are realistic to life It feels as they take steps forward they also take steps back While frustrating it makes the story that much poignant for me and totally believableLet s get to the good stuff The BDSM parts HOLY MOLY is it HAWT Every scene had me wet with uivering desire The punishments were pretty heavy and it would certainly discourage me fromver doing anything wrong I d follow the rules completely Dana s ability to handle pain is beyond me I m a wimp when compared to Dana Irving s creativeness is sadistically genius I always say perverts are very creative and Irving proves my pointI won t go into details of Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America each BDSM scene Injoyed I don t want to spoil it Let s just say many kinks of mine were showcased xplicitly and xuisitely Lastly Brent and Jacob rocked my world I wasn t Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) expecting another couple in this story to be intermixed It was divine Since this original story is now split into two I have to say anyone who reads this first part will yearn to read the second half It s amazing I highly recommend this BDSM lovers whonjoy Ds and SM If you like lectrical play this is definitely one to try Another winner by the talented Ms Blevins This is a deeply kinky BDSM super heavy on the M book It s interesting in it s apparent depth of knowledge xcept where it tumbles down hard in places specially in consideration of actual consent and safeword issues but I didn t feel at all connected to Dana or Zach There is very little plot here It s a deep dive into Dana finding herself again with props both bdsm toys and people including Zach Brent Jacob Max and Kirsten the therapist and repeated introspection and an abundance of orgasm and bruises Both Zach and Dana are on a very grief filled journey and as I read I had zero feelings of sympathy grief while reading along I was already struggling with the disconnected feeling I had from the couple so once Dana goes on her finding myself weekend and the instalust or whatever happens with Brent and Jacob and Max I was no longer njoying the book I m not going to go for the next book Maybe if they were KU but I don t have Foraging for Survival enough invested to keep reading I think I prefer this authors paranatural books better My review might skew the results here but this is what I fe. S considering the idea of finding someone who wouldnjoy hurting her without reuiring her submission her life is complicated by a Dom who pushes all of her buttonsSafeword Davenport is the first half of Dana's story it's the personal part of her journey and has a Happy for Now nding Safewords

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