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E star for lack Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, of variety There is a lotf repetition about mannerism surrealism and puppets throughout the essays That s not to say these aren t all important aspects A Valentines Wish of Svankmajer s work but a little critical variation would have been nice Nonetheless it is an interesting read and contains a few essay. Mators in cinema history This updated second edition still thenly full length study f his work features contributions from scholars and colleagues within the Czech Surrealist movement.

S that are freuently cited in ther critical works about Svankmajer particularly the essay by O Pray so it was nice to finally read them in their entirety rather than merely as fragmentary uotes in Rain other essaysThe short piece by Svankmajer himself Decalogue is also a lovely little gem hidden in this book. As well as a new chaptern Svankmajer's feature films and an extended interview with Svankmajer himself This volume is reuired reading for all budding animators and disciples f surreali.

This book collects a number f interesting essays about the filmmaker Jan Svankmajer and his work I found Peter Hames introductory essay in which he provides an I Met Someone overviewf Czech film history and the Quantum (Captain Chase originsf the Czech surrealist group and interview with Svankmajer particularly interestingI withhold The Other Islam on. The Cinemaf Jan Svankmajer explores the legacy Last Man Standing of this legendary Czech surrealist filmmaker a key influencen directors such as Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton and ne f the greatest ani.

PDF FREE (The Cinema f Jan Svankmajer: Dark Alchemy (Directors' Cuts)) BY Peter A. Hames

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