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Y Stop Craving the Foods That Make You Fat 2011 CLICK HERE This is a short book which discusses what the author call eating addictions Largely a presentation of how serotonin and dopamine play a role in people s inability to avoid unhealthy foods The author s solution serotonin boosting and dopamine boosting foods and activities When I read diet books it usually makes me crave whatever I am reading about After Diet Rehab doing what wa suggested for two weeks I didn t feel hungry every two hours I was not saying I am starving between meals I could eat and feel full eating less unlike feeling hungrier after I just finished a big plate of food. Izes in addictive behavior and eating disorders introduces a four week program for breaking the hold that food has over the body mind and spirit by radually decreasing the amount of bad foods while increasing activities and foods that boost serotonin and dopamine levels Sensible and uniuely effective Diet Rehab eliminates the withdrawal pains of most diet plans and provides the structure for a sustainable healthy and happy lifestyle.

EBOOK (Diet Rehab)

Ry Because of this these rats overweight and food addicted desire for and junk food to experience pleasure or at least just to feel normal Now here s the even scarier part writes Dr Mike a psychology expert on addictive behaviours disordered eating and food addictions After cocaine addicted rats stopped taking the drug it took only 2 days for their brain chemistry to return to normal For the food addicted rats in the food study though their brain chemistry took 2 weeks to return to normal In other words food habits affected their brain MORE than drugs in some ways Now that is scaryTo read my review of Dr Mike Dow s Diet Rehab 28 Days to Finall. To maintain proper mood and function serotonin and dopamine We Rescuing Gus get a rush of the two when we eat junk food but the converse is also true If we stop eating them cold turkey weo through serotonin and dopamine withdrawal This is what causes so many dieters to ultimately fail In order to successfully lose weight explains Dr Mike Dow dieters should be sensitive both to their emotional and physical needs Dr Dow a psychologist who special.

35 stars Not so much a book on a diet plan but one that oes into detail describing how food addictions affect our serotonin and dopamine levels in ways similar to that of drugs No other health book I ve read has one into much depth about these feel Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story good chemicals we produce and some don t mention them at all In March 2010 the Scripps Research Institute release around breaking study read page 15 16 that find rats who were fed high fat high sugar diets such as bacon and chocolate lucky rats developed full brown food addictions such as drug addictions Oh ya they ave cocaine to the rats too Amazingly the food had altered their brain chemist. N March 2010 The Scripps Research Institute released a study showing how rats on a junk food diet had just as difficult a time if not so iving up excess fat and sugar as the rats who were struggling to recover from cocaine dependence The results showed that certain foods actually alter the brain's chemistry making our consumption of these foods less like an indulgence and like an addictionOur brains reuire two key neurotransmitters.

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