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The rawness of the accounts in this book makes the events symbolic The one that touches me the most is the bravery of Behn Cervantes mother when the military raided their home in search of subversive materialsReaders gain a deeper understanding of the emotional intensity during the Martial Law era It reminds me of the dictatorship that happened in Argentina from 70 s to 80 In his foreword columnist and anthropologist Michael L Tan describes the word Tibak as emanating from the word “aktibista” “Tibak –the syllables of the word “aktibista” transposed in the style of slang opular among young eople at that time –speaks of a rebellious timeThe Tibak stories remind us there’s to transformation than slogans and the grim and determined olitics of the streets or of the hills We find friendships and camaraderie built even in detention not just among the risoners but with the soldiers History books tend to gloss over the details of everyday life; life hist.

If one has to ick the best thing that ever happened during the Martial Law years it s not the democracy our country has gained after but it is the unity we ve Black Women in White America presented to the world Provides vignettes of what activists during Martial Law did to fight dictatorship and break the terror that the regime imposed on the whole country Fascinating and specific accounts of the Tibak. Ories capture the warmth and color of these encounters On a sad note the stories also highlight the irony of events that unfolded later of former bosom friends becoming bitter enemies ofaranoia turning comrade against comrade”The book contributors include congressman Romeo Candazo; theater and film director Behn Cervantes; consultant Sylvia de la Paz MD; chair of La Liga Policy Institute Edicio de la Torre; writer Gilda Cordero Fernando; ASEAN advisor Robert Francis Garcia; artistic director Paul Alexander Morales; head of National Anti Poverty Commission Joel M Rocamora; Professor Judy Taguiw.

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Generation between First uarter Storm and the EDSA Revolution of anti martial law activists While there s a broad range of contributors the editor stated that contributors were asked to focus on articular moments or memories of their activism which gives their experiences a vitality and groundedness I don t always see in accounts of martial law Recommended super fascinating. Alo of the University of the Philippines Diliman; columnist Ma Ceres P Doyo; and T’bak resident Joel Saracho Other contributors are Leila Yap Aboga Lualhati M Abreu Dante L Ambrosio Maria Christina Pargas Bawagan Mamerto Calalang Canlas Jr Nestor Castro Derek “Siopao” Chua Arnel F de Guzman Edgardo de Guzman Emere Distor Jean Enriuez Mari Enriuez Hazel Inessa G Fernandez Joey Flora Bobby Garcia Niva G Gonzalez Ted O Lopez Sonny Melencio Lan Mercado Dessa uesada Palm Nathan Gilbert uimpo Susan Ferrer uimpo Rolando E Peňa Sibyl Jade Peňa Bong Ramilo Sanya Rusiana and Erlinda Timbreza Valeri.

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