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Gave this 5 stars despite a few not many typos that a ood editor would eliminate right away because the characters in the past and present and the intermingled storyline from the past and present are so strong A really moving and well told story I read too much I fall asleep with my book in my hand and find it under the covers when I wake I chose this book to read simply because it came up on BookBub and was free What a delightful surprise to find such an excellent story and an author worth followingA beautifully written story told in different voices different perspectives and different times I would recommend this book and writer to anyone interested in reading human interest Vietnam era or taking the big steps that lead to finding a true call to one s life s work Great storyEnjoyable informative and well written Better understanding of war and the innocent victims A mn doing the right thing cost him his life A tender fable This is a lovely story but not every story needs romance I loved the relationship of the story within the story Richard has heard of a story that his mother made up many years ago He Sister of My Heart goes to Europe to meet the author Richard is the son of a Vietnam veteran lost in the war The author tells him he musto to Asia to recover his father s bodyInteresting story of Richard his father and the women who accompany him The Glass Girls is a moving heartfelt story that would be so much better served if Johnston employed an editor I ve read the firs. Michael Huntington suspects he has living relatives in Europe after discovering a children's story published by a German author the same

EBOOK The Glass Girls

Own to a son he s never met Richard Huntington Sr is the King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies grandfather of Micheal Huntington and he is the only link to missing Richard Jr the child Michael will ever know Therandfather passes on the story of The Rescuing Gus glass Girls to hisrandson Thought to be a story only the family knew Michael is shocked when his 8 year old daughter Sarah has a reading assignment and begins reading The Class of 92: Out of Our League glass Girls Michael sets out off to Germany to locate the author and find what he thinks is the last of his remaining family Marion Shafer was a German nun in Cambodia when she met Richard Huntington Jr He hasone against orders and has rescued 5 little Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story girls from a sex traffic ring He brings the children to an old workers monument for safe keeping until he can decide how toet them to safety Meanwhile he kidnaps Marion from a local village to help keep the How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead girls safe as he plans their escape Michael is a supreme court judge back in the states but he s always dreamed of bringing his father home to Arizona to put him in his final resting place When Micheal meets Marion Shafer the author of the book Thelass Girls he finds not a family member in the sense of blood relation but a woman who knew his father than anyone else had What his true identity was and his incredible character The story was touching and heartbreaking Very deep and poignant that it had me in tears When a story can evoke such feeling its ot to be ood I really enjoyed watching the story unfold between father and son. Ny Michael finds a closer connection a connection to a father he never met a father who went missing in action during the Vietnam conflict.

T little bits of each of the five star reviews and all of them seem to be iving the stars to the concept American soldier saves small Cambodian irls from being sold into sex slavery dies for it And that s a wonderful concept But its execution is terrible It s simply awful The main character has a daughter named Sara Or is it Sarah That s how rotten it is if the author can t spell that one very common name the same way consistently how well do you think he does with narratives that switch back and forth between Cambodia in 1969 and Germany in the present And also Cambodia in the present but you have no idea how they really Moonrise get there They re just suddenly there One star for the concept One star for theuts it took to put something this rotten out there for public consumption and for managing to Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi get than one person toive it five stars That s an achievement Needs editing interesting history a bit disjointed in partsI was not aware of the villagers selling their daughters because they couldn t afford to keep themvery sad historyuick read Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA I not usually a fan of mingling past and present in a story line but it worked wonderfully with the telling of this adventure Told from two perspectives the story of a Father who was believed to have died in the Vietnam conflict Missing for several decades unkn. Tory Michael heard rowing up He sets off to meet the author in hopes of connecting with long lost family but soon after arriving in Germa.

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