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He rough raft of her book instead of the finished product This could have been a Whitney Houston song but instead it was a 17 year old singing a Whitney song Loved the book very well written Makes you think how things could happen on the present track the government is currently on It also Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused demonstrates the human spirit s ability to survive THIS IS NOT A FIVE STAR STORYIt is not a uestion of taste subject or genre In the same way as a list of ingredients is not a tastyish without being mixed in correct uantities and proportions before being cooked in a relatively precis THE ROAD meets EBOLA in this chillingly believable The Nonlinear Workbook: Chaos, Fractals, Celluar Automata, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Gene Expression Programming, Support Vector Machine, Wavelets, Hidden Markov M dystopian I finished reading Robin Tidwell sebut novel the Coming Out of Communism day after I bought it at her launch party Yep it was that hard to putownRecently I ve enjoyed reading a number of young adult Ways of Knowing About Birth dystopian novels but REDUCED moved away from teenage romantic tropes into aeeper exploration of mature friendship and love after a manmade cataclysm HeroAca destroys society as we know it Robin has an amazing feel for the Missouri backwoods which she puts to good use as a handful of survivors are forced to live off the land She realisticallyepicts an uglier side of survival in a world where the highest law is protecting those you loveI appreciated her portrayal of strong women and look forward to the next book in this series CaptivatingThis was a really great book It was very intense right from the start Even when things seemed to settle own I find my. After the alarm is raisedLife becomes precious tenuous as time passes Government controls tighten people are herded into the cityor killed Towns are obliterated And soon the enemy agenda becomes obviousAbby like the rest has special skills – each member of the group was chosen not only because of past ties but also for their uniue

Self on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to rop I really enjoyed it and can t wait to see what is next for Abby I m a big fan of what if books and REDUCED BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) delivers The bleak landscape that confronts the survivors and their will to live battling the unknown and even frightening the known Ion t want to give things away is palatable and heart wrenching Robin Tidwell builds in wonderful relationships a human side of survival which makes us care that much This is a breath holding Algorithm Of Future drama with moments ofarkness and pathos yet these are characters we care about and want to see pull through It is that mix of humanity and harshness that gives REDUCED its powerBottom line Terrific relatable fast read with characters you want to see make it through and a GREAT motherdaughter relationship between our lead and a young survivor and a world that s both scarily real and something you pray you never have to face yourself Not bad not bad at allOK maybe not a full 4 star but than a 35 so lets round it out to 4A few little hickups such as missing words and a few typos but the s Dystopian fiction isn t my usual genre but even so I really enjoyed reading Reduced It was well written with a solid storyline that was easy to follow The characters were realistic and readers can find themselves getting truly invested in their livesI read this book in 2 The Progressive Guide to Alternative Media and Activism Project Censored Open Media Pamphlet Series 8 days because I literally could not put itown Looking forward to the next one Excellent read Wonderful story line. Raining and abilities She will come face to face with In My Shoes death bear the responsibility for a young girl and endure the severing of childhood relationships in the most terrible way imaginableFrom mere concealment to reconnaissance to aiding a rebellion where will it end Will the entire region beecimated and who will be left alive to kno.

From the very first paragraph I was invested in the charactersLike another reviewer stated BWWM (An African American Romance) (BWWM Paranormal Scifi Romance) dystopian fiction is all the rage and Robin Tidwell finallyelivers one for the thinking adultuickly the reader becomes apart of the group because this could happen The plot as well as the antagonists are believable and Robin Loosening the Grip doesn t wander off into fantasy Even as Jules enters the picture the mother in me knew that in a post apocalyptic world the children would learn survival skills instead of cheer leading and football Yet the concept wrenched at my heart which grew to be proud of Jules fortitude as well as Abby s transition from loner to the mothering kind in her own believable fashionReduced was hard to putown Reduced made it hard not to consider that the world Robin Tidwell so easily created for the reader was a very real possibilityFully fleshed characters and settings right from the very beginning made the book a good and easy readThe ending makes one anticipate the next chapter of the story One instinctively knows there is A must read Let me start by saying this was a really good story Tidwell had an exceptional idea for a book when this started However that is where it ends The book is not well written or edited Typos missing words and a few grammar issues I m not sure who is to blame for either I just kept thinking if she and a good editor had taken time or had been thoughtful in the process this could have been really really good It read to me like Fiction or predictionA Graph Drawing: Algorithms for the Visualization of Graphs devastating biological agent is about to be released to be tested in remote areas Rumor has it though that there is to this than meets the eye One group makes plans to hide out and survive in case that rumor proves to be truth Meeting at an abandoned summer camp near St Louis Missouri aozen old friends gather.

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Reduced Reduced #1 (Pdf/E–pub) ↠ Robin Tidwell

Robin is the author of REDUCED REUSED and RECYCLED and lives in the St Louis Missouri area with her husband Dennis and their youngest son She has a rather eclectic educational background and finally finished her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies She has held a plethora of jobs appointments and volunteer positions and tries very hard to make it through one week at a time without a cris

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