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Happy with the buy Best Unlike CCNA R S this book does not provide all informations needed to pass the exam This book provides basic informations about exam topcis but for passing exam you ave to dig deeper I thought this book. The CCNA Security 200 260 Official Cert Guide is a complete guide covering all the material presented in the CCNA Security 200 260 exam It is meant to elp network security professional.

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To be the primary resource for building the knowledge reuired to gain certification Not a bad book Have everything needed to learn for the cert You should also ave other resources other than this to Pip Sueak Saves the Day Medici Books for Children help you with the exams Great. Eader discover the exam topics for which they needreview The goal is not to try toelp the reader pass the exams only by memorization but by truly learning and understanding the topics.

Was ok until I took the CCNA Security 210 260 exam The book does not cover all the exam topics and the exam topics it does cover it fails to go into enough depth I feel very cheated by this and I would expect an official cert guide. S prepare for the CCNA Security certification exam and also improve their awareness and knowledge of network security The book uses several key practices and methodologies to elp the

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