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Ie s imaginary best friend from his childhood was actually his brother it broke my heart to know why they didn t grow up together hide spoiler And I cried D Touching and with a bit of humor added this book was just as good as I xpected when I borrowed it as old yellowed paperback with a hefty musty smell coming out of the pages when I opened itThe book itself is pretty short My The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth edition was around 150 pages long so I finished it uickly butvery page was worth its timeHowever I was uite dissapointed with the nding I feel like the author maybe wanted to catch a train or something because the nding to the book seemed very rushed and unsatisfactory Overall it was a great reading. Ing new life for both of them A deeply motional story and also a major film starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman.

Rain Man REVIEW When charlie Babitt s father dies he thinks he will give a lot of moneyhowever the money goes to somoene Charlie doesn t know somoene who lives in a hospital and turns to be the brother that charlie never know he had his brother who is an autistic personAfter charlie know he had a brother he goes with Susanna his love and raymond his bro to Wal I One word Book Can tI can t describe this book in a single word To say the very least and possibly closest this book was beautifulI don t feel like breaking this book down and analyzing ach scene in my review because this book is a simple 40 paged book that is skillfully sewn with such subtle but strong motions holding. Charlie Babbitt thinks he will get a lot of money when his father dies However the money goes to someone he doesn't.

It at its seams It s a masterpiece which had an nding that left me speechless with my heart feeling forgotten warmth yet cold at the sudden loss of words Don t get what I m talking about HahahaJUST READ THE BOOK You ll get what I m saying Come on you can finish it REAL soon Trust me This was another book that my Audiology english teacher lend me to practice and that I actually liked a lot because I ve been given a lot of books but not a lot of them stayed in my memoryI just adore the storyxcept Charlie was an asole most of the time The nding was my absolute favorite I ve read this book years ago and I still can remember it because it shocked me view spoilerI couldn t believe that Charl. Know a man who lives in hospital and is the brother Charlie never knew he had The two meet and so starts a surpris.

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Rain Man Ebook/EPUB

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