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Dictionary available What is it often includes dialectal versions of the words so if you re reading in dialect you can still find the meaning Further it also contains samples of the words in use showing you how native speakers use them which often removes the B arlachas This book is honestly a must buy for any serious Irish learne. Iteartha na teanga mar aon le téarmaíocht an lae inniu tugtha le chéile san fhoclóir luachmhar seoIs iad na foirmeacha caighdeánacha atá ar na focail a bhfuil miniú ag gabh.

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Easily the best dictionary for modern Irish I thoroughly recommend this dictionary to anyone who is serious about the Irish language Of course the contents of the book can be found on teanglannie but I personally prefer to have a physical copy You can t go wrong with this book It is by far the most comprehensible Irish to English. An chuid is coitianta de stór focal na Nua Ghaeilge á míniú i mBéarla agus neart samplaí dá n úsáid Tá idir chaint bheo na Gaeltachta agus shaibhreas focal ó fhoinsí

RBe warned the book is slightly out of date dating from the 70s However it is still far and away the best resource available specially when reading older texts I m a student of the Irish language and this is a must for serious learners Goodreads asked me what page I m on in Focl ir Well it s a dictionary so any page when I need áil leoTá na foirmeacha sin bunaithe ar na rialacha a leagadh síos sa leabhrán Gramadach na Gaeilge agus Litriú na Gaeilge An Caighdeán Oifigiúil Baile Átha Cliath 1958 60.

(Free E–pub) Foclóir Gaeilge Béarla

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