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An interesting and at times affecting read about pre hospital care across continents but it carries the vibe of a Contiki coach tour by the time Gilmour scraped the surface of a culture or country we were carted off to the next A must read for anyone in emergency medicineWhat a great well written book about the life and times of ems around the world Everyone in emergency medicine should read this If ou think Chasing McCree Chasing McCree you know what paramedics do read this book The author has worked as a paramedic in varios countries including Mongolia Mexico ItalyVenice and teachesou things about how medical care is viewed from a different perspective It s funny how clueless we can be when it comes to the way other countries do things that we in the first world take for granted I thought all ambulance services were basically the same with only tiny differences between adoption of new drugs or new techniues perhaps a doctor on this one but not on that one But I guarantee I will never see ambulances used to transport live goats and butchered meat to the poor in Australia like they do in Pakistan home to the world s largest private ambulance serviceTime and time again my eyes were opened reading Paramedico From South Africa where anything but a five minute scene time is a fail no matter what the injury and closely monitored by stony faced supervisors with stopwatches to Macedonia where an elderly dehydrated and weak patient can be left at home on a drip with instructions on how to remove his own cannula to Mexico where an elderly patient can break every bone in her body after being hit by a high speed car but gets no pain relief but does get a ride to hospital filled with delays and jarring bumpsAmbulance drivers in London who spend their work days transporting wealthy people to doctor s appointments Venetian paramedics who can t give CPR because it just doesn t work on a little boat A Pakistani ED that miraculously clears in only a few hours after nineteen dead and fifty injured in a gruesome suicide bomb attackAnd the different work ethics Honestly they re like something from a grim dark comedy drinking strong spirits on the job strapping a colleague to a stretcher and dousing her in cold water for her birthday jumping on each other in a huge pile or selling gory photos to journalists at the same time as some working 48 hour shifts or dealing with ten or twenty gunshot murders in a shift That s TEN or TWENTY Gunshot murders Per shiftEuipment is hard to come by in many countries some crews have to carefully ration their dispos. Paramédico is a brilliant collection of adventures by Australian paramedic Benjamin Gilmour as he works and volunteers on ambulanc.

Paramédico E–pub READ

Able latex gloves many don t have drugs not even the drugs that revert a cardiac arrestBut perhaps my favourite eye opener was how various control centres around the world treat their patients In Macedonia call takers abuse callers for not being sick or injured enough and slam the phones down In Pakistan numbers are barred after a hoax call A world away from the every caller wins an ambulance of AustraliaIf Impossible Things you like havingour eyes opened if Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan you like learning about how tough others have it without actually having to experience it then this is a must read The only bad thing I have to say is that the section on Pakistan went on for too long but there was an awful lot to tell there so I get how that can happen I am not going to lie I had really high hopes for this book as it has been touted to me as the best paramedic related novelou ll read and I m sure for many people that is the case Unfortunately I don t share the same opinionThe writing style isn t exactly flowing and I find that makes it hard to immerse Wachten op Apollo yourself in the situation the author is describing It is interesting enough to be read once but probably never again and I would not recommend it to my friends I am an operational paramedic working in rural Australia and I found the comparison between countries and their respective Ambulance Services interesting if not a little confronting If anything this book will makeou grateful that ou live in a country with appropriately government funded pre hospital health care if ou happen to be lucky enough to do so The documentary that ties to the book but has no actual tangible connections to it is interesting enough but again watch it once and be confronted how it is in other countries and then probably never watch it again When disaster strikes we all assume the emergency services will be there to help But standards and services offered vary from country to country Australian par decided to come out of my reviewing hiatus for this onehaving been a paramedic in a busy system for many ears i can say that i am usually not a fan of ems related books largely because they either overdo the dramatic aspects to the point it becomes unrealistic or they have to explain so many things to the layperson that someone who already knows the job has a lot to skip through before getting to the good stuffthis book does neither i think the author nailed it i loved reading about ambulance services in different countries as well as the personalities involved as it would seem that the paramedic persona crosses cultural. Es around the world From England to Mexico and Iceland to Pakistan Gilmour takes us on an extraordinary thrill ride with his wild


Boundarieswhile the pacing was different from one chapter to the next so is the pace of one day to the next when ou work in health care while it would seem some reviewers felt there were weaker chapters than others i felt it was just the right mixturei ll wholeheartedly recommend this book to former co workers if anything some of the chapters are good reminders of despite how much we complain in the american prehospital environment we really do have it uite cushy here I had the pleasure of meeting Benjamin Gilmour although briefly at a booth at the EMS World Expo 2013 in Las Vegas I bought his book and he signed it for me Sadly I did not get to attend the viewing of his film Paramedico that was also shown one evening during this conference I will purchase it online soonTold in non linear multiple chapters each showcasing a particular location this book was very interesting in the different ways EMS is established ran and supported or not supported in different parts of the world I had never really taken the time to ponder how every service is so varied including whether or not the people staffing the ambulances are even medically trained or simply ambulance drivers I was also shocked at how cultural differences dictate the wearing or not wearing of safety euipment including gloves how in some places of the world bodies body parts and salvageable patients are all loaded into the same ambulance and delivered to the hospital and how some workers consider emergency response as a great responsibility to humanity while others just see it as a job for money The reverence and enthusiasm shown by the ambulance staff in Pakistan in particular was a powerful lesson as was how some cultures call an ambulance for frivolous complaints while others know the value of help in an emergency and only call for serious problemsIf ou are in the EMS business this a great book to read Not heavy on the heroics or drama it s an open view of the EMS world from different perspectives All medics I know should read this book if for nothing else than to gain a reverence for the job we do for our fellow man and an appreciation of the proper tools that we have to do our jobs even when we have tool envy of other services So enjoyed reading Benjamin s adventures a truly Goodread Even though I am not in the field of EMS I enjoyed this book It was funny and interesting at the same time Just enough laughs to balance out the truly outrageous conditions that paramedics around the world work in There is also a short film that was great too. Oworkers Along the way he learns a few things too and shows us not only how precious life truly is but how to passionately embrace.

Benjamin Gilmour was born in Germany in 1975 but has lived most of his life in Australia where he works as an ambulance paramedic filmmaker and writer His first book Warrior Poets – Guns Movie making and the Wild West of Pakistan was published in 2008 based on his experiences directing the award winning feature film Son of a Lion

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