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Hero she wrote a book for divorced women while he is a elationship guru who sells traditional values but she learns that he didn t mean to offend her on the adio show and they end up sleeping togetherTwo months later she is pregnant and comes to tell him that he wants to marry her but she doesn t she grew up in a family where women had traditional oles and then married a man just like that who expected himself to come first not caring for the fact that she too workedshe s a lawyer so she s had enough experiences with men not to fall into that trap againMy problems First the hero was some media hero with a huge profitable empire built on his image which was cashed in by his politician brother I found this hard to swallow He was so famous that he had to disguise himself and their elationship and pregnancy was a potential disaster if the. Nt herbaby's father Though irresistible Zach was thelast person she wanted to see againor was heA traditionalist Zach Jameson insisted on marryingMiranda And the time he spent with thefiery writer the

Media found out Then of course the hero had a bad childhood drunk mother cheating father On top of that at the end it came out his brother was also no better I mean seriously what was the need for this drama I couldn t grasp that he could be so successful I found the hero kind of shallow and like the heroine wondered that was he all about the celebrityI of course liked it that he moved next to her and took care of her and eve put up with her doubts and tests but I kind of didn t find them omantic or interesting enough I also found it weird that the hero suddenly in the end threw barbs at her and the one about her marriage was a low even for him and then viola one apology and it is happy familyTo be honest I never Lithic Illustration: Drawing Flaked Stone Artifacts for Publication really liked the characters or the execution I haveead so many good book by this author so I ll Buying the Night Flight: The Autobiography of a Woman Foreign Correspondent (Updated Edition) recommend giving this a mis. Eeally wanted her in hislifepermanently No longer did he care aboutkeeping his image intact They could live in sinand have a posse of love children for all hecared just as long as he could call her hi.

E–book/E–pub Accidentally Expecting by Michelle Celmer

35 stars It was okay I didn t eally feel for either of the characters and their tendency toward extreme viewpoints The family values guy who has a one night stand with a woman with totally opposite viewpoints she ends up pregnant he overruns her life and then all hell breaks loose But through it all it didn t eally engage I kept thinking that the guy was a hypocrite and was enforcing his viewpoint by insisting they get married I kept thinking that the woman was overly stubborn about her fears of marriage Adam und Eva im Paradies. Für die fröhlichen Nachkommen aufgezeichnet refusing to acknowledge that marriage looks different in differentelationships But then these were the conflicts they had to overcome It just didn t do much for me I so didn t connect with this book instead I found it kind of superficial and laden with unnecessary drama it starts off with the heroine plotting seduction against the. It was supposed to be a sexy one timeindulgence Two ivals in the self help worldcoming together for an evening of fun ButMiranda Reed soon ealized she was pregnantand was horrified at having to confro.

Michelle Celmer was born in Detroit Michigan USA where she grew up She wanted to be cosmetologist but after three months at cosmetology school she decided to left it She married at 19 and within five years had three kids She read voraciously and decided writing She signed up for a composition course at her local community college After various manuscripts her mother gave her Tell Me

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