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Hmm i think the book is really unny the letters and doodles never A coerência textual fail to make me chucklei like the little dramas of robins life and the little world he lives inits an easy and light hearted read that will make you smile to yourself a lot if you are a lighthearted person who doesnt take things too seriouslythe time waster letters are also good but do notollow any story at all it is just a collection of robins dodgy letters but there are loads of chuckles to be had Granted I read the Time Wasters Letters and The Return when I was much younger however I remembered that I laughed a lot then I did when reading thisYes there are a Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller few little chuckles but all in all a bit meh There really isn t much point to this book but then again I have a strongeeling there isn t supposed to be a point Very humorous in parts especially the talking toilet and a nice light read to make you chuckle now and then Reading it has really made me want to read Robin Cooper s Other book The Timewaster letters Only three stars though because it really wasn t anything special just a humourous light read If you liked the Adrian Mole series you will also like this one The diaries of a middle aged wannabe inventor naively believing in the superioriy of his inventions and other creative outputs his The year starts badly Dogs Behaving Badly for Robin losing his jobor sending so many letters in work time and.

Recently been First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There firedor writing too many timewaster letters to companies in work time and has to contend with his wife constantly injuring herself his mother alling or a con man and his April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers fragileriendship with his next door neighbour who keeps getting thrown out of the house by his wife and taking refuge in Robin s shed drunkCooper s way of writing is wonderful I really warmed to him as a character and I love his positive good humour that gets him through his most trying days Think of him as a middle aged Adrian Mole with a imaginative sense of creativity aua choc above all Lovely to dip in to I wouldn t hesitate to re read this especially during hard times where it s an extreme comfort read This book was hilarious A very light and un read It was also addictive to read because I just got so curious about how things will go the next day and then the next etc I especially loved the house handles part The book is much like JD s very random antasies on Scrubs which makes it realistic and something everyone can relate to A bit of Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome fun Slow going soar I hope that this diary by the abulous author of the Timewaster Letters picks up I was hoping or somehthing like a novel This is as anal and bizarre as the letters but without much to suck you in Perhaps a good toilet book. Of the crossword and sudoku into his devilish 'crossoku' which might just make their ortune.

Oems are appalingly bad I say I say and very like Adrian Mole not uite seeing things as they are Pathetic in its own right but very entertaining And if you ever come across Aua Choc chocolate with a water centre you know where it stemmed rom loved it read mainly on trains causing embarrasment due to sniggering and actual lolling Usually other peoples diaries are uite self centred and I cant really enjoy in case they come in and catch me reading but this was better If you ve read Diary Of A Nobody you won t gain anything Space Kid from reading this modern pastiche most of which is barely amusing I got about halfway through before deciding I couldn t be bothered toind out what house handles were what his mysterious job consisted of nor any of the other unanswered uestions at that point The recurring story of Smithy the pigeon is downright stupid utterly implausible a pigeon that lives in the attic and wears pajamas when it s cold I don t think so Harmless Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town fun if you ve nothing better to do I guess This seems to have numerous negative reviews to its name but Ior one thoroughly enjoyed it I was disappointed in a way to learn that Robin Cooper is a young man as he writes so well about being a middle aged man that it seemed a shame not to be oneRobin s year starts badly as he has. For his wife Rita who sprains her ankle yet again But Robin has a cunning plan his marrying.

EBOOK/EPUB (The Timewaster Diaries: A Year in the Life of Robin Cooper)

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