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(Bulls and Burglars Small World Global Protection Agency #002) E–pub í Mark Miller

Star athlete Josh and computer prodigy Madison are ecruited by the mysterious Mr Crux to attend a special summer camp The two elementary school kids then begin the adventure of a lifetime They discover that the Small World Global Protection Agency is a network of talented and skilled children in countries all over the world Their mission is to help other kids and save the day when adults can’t In Case File 002 Bulls an.

D Burglars Josh and Madison are sent to Spain to investigate the world’s most notorious cat burglar La Pantera There they team up with Special Agents Devante and Drina brother and sister twins to investigate a seaside castle Josh Madison Devante and Drina search the historic castle There they find proof of La Pantera’s hidden treasure It is up to them to stop La Pantera and her mysterious boss An undersea cave is the.

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Setting for this exciting conclusion The Small World Global Protection Agency is an adventure serial aimed at third through fifth grade Your Intelligence Makeover: An Easy Way to Learn All You Need to Know readers Each volume will take Josh and Madison to a different country The stories will be entertaining sometimes suspenseful sometimes humorous Each story will introduce facts about other countries and cultures educating theeader through the eyes of children their own age while having

After spending almost 15 years in Florida Mark has returned home to Kansas He has achieved some success as a Kindle Best Seller and having one of his short stories selected as a winner in the Florida Writer's Association Short Story CollectionGrowing up in Kansas Mark graduated from Sumner Academy of Arts and Sciences and received his Bachelor's in Film from the University of KansasMark has w

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