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Heir helplessness thinking himself ntouchable In a twist of Karmic justice professional bodybuilder Marcus Thorne is captured by two wealthy gay men intent on training him to similarly submit in a BDSM lifestyle and teaching him what it

MY MASTERS' DUNGEON part 3 of the MM Kidnapped Hardcore BDSM Force Fantasy Erotica Series is a short fictional tale of a man with the selfish habit of gaining dubious consent for BDSM play from the women he meets then taking advantage of

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Eally means to be a slave In this third installment Marcus continues his retelling of his first week in his captors' dungeon learning humility and penance from the man whose sister Marcus had once violated9200 words Hardcore BDSM Erotica

I'm a 35 year old civil engineer male who writes about the darker side of BDSM I'm trying to make the transition from Kindle KDP Select to multiple platform but for right now 's still got the contracts to all my books I'll be putting up here and there as those expire but until then if you need your fix I recommend you check out my books on

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