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35 Stars 35 starsAnother trilogy I finally finished It feels great I had Perfect Ruin for over 3 years and haven t read it And when I was able to get Burning Kingdoms and Broken Crowns on sale I took a chance and read them And here we are done with the trilogy And I m glad I read them It s an njoyable trilogy with it s flaws I know there are some people who might find flaws with it but overall it s a good trilogy Not perfect but goodBroken Crowns is a good book After what happened in book 2 I was wondering how the plot will progress in book 3 I ll admit I was a bit worried seeing how this is the shortest book in the trilogy Mainly because of how short it was and if the plot can be resolved And it did Though a few things could ve changedMorgan is still a great character and likable ven and the others are still greatIt s a good book but I do wish some few things were different First off I m not disappointed about the length but if it was maybe 20 or 30 pages longer it would ve been good Another thing is that the first half is a slow burning plot It isn t until we get to the second half that s when the plot starts picking up Those were the only flaws I found Verdict Even though it is a bit short and the slow burning beginning did bother me Broken Crowns is a good finale Not the best but still good nough Thanks for reading my review Cesar Broken Crowns the final book of the Internment Chronicles by Lauren DeStefano is a book I was both looking forward to but also dreading I really Loyal to His Lies enjoy this series and I am horrible with final books in a series mostly because I don t want the good ones tond On the other hand of course I want to know all the things soit is a balanceThe story picks back up shortly after Burning Kingdoms and we get to dive back into the world of the main characters Morgan Pen Basil and the rest of the group As we get back into it it is revealed that Internment is sinking and Morgan decides she is going to do what she can to stop it As far as characters go Morgan is still interesting and wants what is best for those she loves but I really wanted her to be better to Basil I loved him and thought he w After the The Favorite Daughter ending in book two I was uiteager to see how it was all going to Fitness for Geeks end While this book was good it wasn tven close to what I was xpectingI ve liked Morgan from the beginning and that didn t change here My favorite has always been Basil and I absolutely adore him Their relationship is for me one of the best parts of this story and I was a little disappointed to see that it felt like a place holder plot line Obviously verything between them including what happened in book 2 needed to be addressed but how it was resolved felt like a cop outThe main plot line was a slow burn Even though there were tons of things in motion it still seemed like nothing was happening An Reviews and httpsedwardsghostenginewordpressEven though after the first book I was kind of xpecting it I feel really let down with this series nder I found the plot messy and without structure and verything just felt kind of rushed in a way that wasn t wholly believableI will say though the thing that annoyed me the most was the lack of world building in this ENTIRE series because in the first book the author managed to introduce us to a really intriguing world and people I mean a city in the sky Count me in But none of that was ver Naked Choke explained and in this last book the whole belief system of the god in the sky was completely dropped despite there being zeroxplanation about how Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good everything came to be How did the citynd up in the sky Where did the sky god belief system come from Why was Murder at the Mansion everything so backward in technology Was this set in our world or a fantasy world What became of Morgan and Judas relationship And what became of the war with the other kingdom on the ground That just seemed to be pushed to one side and then thrown away completely in this finale I mean surely just because peace has been achieved on Internment and the kingdom beneath it doesn t me. War ragesverywhere and Morgan is caught in the middle in the haunting conclusion of The Internment Chronicles from the New York Times bestselling author of The Chemical Garden trilogyThe city is falling out of the skyMorgan always thought it was just a sa.

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Hour but when you look back at it is a slow burn The characters are the shining light here and once again are full of strength vulnerability and intelligence Oddly nough for me at least the one that stood out the most was Pen She is wise beyond her years has a blunt attitude is fearless and her love for Morgan and her friends is genuine That is not to say that Morgan Basil and the rest of the Seductive Surrender entourage are notxceptional because they are and tie us to their life until the final page A couple plot points from first 2 books revealed but nothing that would surprise youSo there s this Twitter that s a parody of dystopian YAs written by the amusing Dana Schwartz Let me give you some xamples What is a book I ask The word sounds strangeBaelem smiles They were like your Screens but made of paper from trees he answersI have to make a choice whether my love for Anthem is important than the rebellionBut what about The System I whisper They want to keep us apartI don t care about The System Anthem scoffs I care about youI love you Val I love the way you never really smile or say anything original I love how we ve never actually talked much I want you That is this book I m sorry to say it because Lauren DeStefano is a pretty cool human but it s true In particular the romance between BasilMorganJudas is cringeworthy It s a parody of itself Essentially I really liked not loved Perfect Ruin but spectacularly hated its seuel so I was hoping for a sharp return to altitude here No such luck Like DeStefano s Chemical Gardens trilogy the series makes an unmitigated nosedive At least the CG trilogy have a direction Together they are a beginning a middle and an nd But this trilogy it s all over the place In book 1 Morgan wants to scape from tyrant so we leave Internment Book 2 Morgan wants to hmm I m not really clear on what Morgan wants in book 2 other than to chill Get to know arth better And now book 3 we re going to war And we re joining the tyrant we spent book 1 trying to get away from because we hate this other tyrant KAnd there are sooo many cliches The most irritating to me was view spoilerhow Pen s molestation was written Have you ver noticed how there s xactly one way to write molestation into a character s backstory And it s all the same I ve read Pen s story verbatim in dozens of other series In fact it s always written about a character like Pen herself Confident a leader a party girl afraid to show affection There s only one way to write molestation into a YA backstory but the reality is there are so many faces of molestation molesters and people who have been molested The way Pen s is written it s a painful vexing cliche that annoyed the fuck out of me the ntire book hide spoiler I can t say i m satysfied with this nding Sure it was nice but this series had potencial for so much and my favorite character Judas wasn t in 98% of this book He was merely used to cause disdain between Morgan and Basil and that was it for him I m not pleased by this Also Basil bored me to death and Morgan was stucked in the Interment The Deepest Sin even when she was onarth But Azure was a plesure to readIn fact of this seriesit feels to me the only book worth reading is the first one This was a lot better than book 2 but I still can t help feeling disappointed It was too rushed too lacking of any satisfaction You know how in Eclipse the vampires are planning to fight the newborns but instead of seeing the awesome battle we re stuck with Bella her undead boyfriend and a dog in a damn tent Yeah that was what happened here Something major occurs down in Havalais but instead of witnessing it firsthand we have to wait up in Internment alongside Morgan Battle Tent Which one is interesting Apparently DeStefano thinks the tent is262 pages was not nough to wrap up this story I needed It s a shame when a series you were rooting for withers over time I will forever read Perfect Ruin and njoy the hell out of it Books 2 and 3 however I intend to push far back into the darkness of my bookshel. Om the outside for precious resources by another Internment could be destroyed because Morgan couldn’t keep a secret As two wars become one Morgan must find a way to bring her two worlds together to stop the kings that wage themOr face the furthest fall

An that the neighbouring kingdom is going to suddenly forget about verything and their war just sayingI m giving this book just over one star because of the writing which was still beautiful and captivating despite all the flaws of the plot and there is definitely a relaxing feel to DeStefano s writing style which makes for a good calm read but still with a pointless story I felt there were many ways in which to make this a really xciting science fiction adventure but it just felt like the author took the most boring route possible There was hardly any action in this book or series and the nding didn t really feel like that much of an accomplishment which was such a shame with all the amazing build up the author did in the first book Despite me liking the first book I still must say on reading the second and third that I don t really know how this series was published I mean there has to be than just beautiful writing in a story and if you re going to only write a romance story then market it as that instead of gearing up a really intriguing idea and then letting it go flat This is just my opinion but I don t think books should be able to be published unless there s proper world description at some point and all loose nds are somewhat tied up None of that happened here leaving a very disappointing nding which was dry boring and not very plausible 355 starsBroken Crowns is the final book in The Internment Chronicles trilogy There will be some spoilers from the first two booksThis trilogy is narrated by Morgan a teenage girl from Internment the floating kingdom in the sky She and her friends left their home and went to the ground as they call itThis book picks up right where the last book left off On the ground there is still a war between the kingdoms of Havalais and Dastor There is still no word from Internment floating city in the sky King Ingram king of Havalais left and took Princess Celeste with him Pen had discovered that Internment s soil contained the Phosane the King neededIn Broken Crowns Pen discovers something new and this discovery plays an important part in the final bookWhen I started this final book I really wanted to know what was happening on Internment It is hard when Morgan is the only narrator Because verything we learn must come from her perspective But I really could not wait to learn what had happened to Princess CelesteThe story was a good conclusion There were a lot of interesting twists and turns I felt like the nding was hopeful but a little sad I would definitely like to find out what happened next I wish that there had been an pilogue But overall it was an interesting series I love dystopia and found this series was xtremely uniue and originalThanks to delweiss and Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers for allowing me to read this book I went into Broken Crowns with joy and trepidation The thought of being reunited with old friends like Morgan Pen and Basil made me giddy with happiness but that was curtailed by the realization that this is the final installment in the trilogy Picking up where Burning Kingdom s left of the wars on the surface between Havalais and Dastor continue while King Ingram plunders Internment who s own King is powerless to stop itWhen Pen inform s Morgan that their home in the sky is slowly sinking It is clear that the mining is the reason and needs to be stopped For that to happen Morgan and her friends can see only one way Killing the king and seeing his son take the reigns But before that to happen she and her betrothal Basil are sent back to Internment to act as figure heads and to be married What will happen down below and with are two heroes back to an occupied home makes for compulsive reading Will Morgan s friends succeed in their plan to overthrow the king by force and will Internment be saved from annihilation at the hands of Havalais Lauren DeStefano is a rare breed of author who can draw you into a story with seemingly little happening Here things got off at a million miles an. Ying A metaphor The words of the dying But as they look up at the floating island that was their home Pen and Morgan make a horrible discovery Internment is sinkingAnd it’s all Morgan’s faultCorrupted from the inside by one terrible king and assailed fr.

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