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Ozizwe Dhlamini Kola Eke Phyllis Forster Frances Hardie James Hlongwana Pede Hollist John M Kobia Samuelson Freddie Khunou Mea Lashbrooke Mara J Lpez Brian Macaskill Evans Mandova Richard Sgadreck Maposa Michael Mazuru Corwin L Mhlahlo Zanoxolo Mnobi Mkhize Kobus Moolman Thamsana Moyo Felix M Muchomba Collins Kenga Mumbo Tabitha Wanja Mwangi Bhekezakhe Ncube Christopher Joseph Odhiambo Ode S Ogede H Oby Okolocha Wumi Raji Dosia Reichhardt Rashi Rohatgi Kamal Salhi Ekremah Shehab Faith Sibanda John A Stotesbury Nick Mdika Tembo Kenneth Usongo Wellington Wasosa.

Besides searching book reviews an interview with the writer Tijan M Sallah a full report on the 6th Ethiopian International Film Festival and a stimulating selection of creative writing including a showcase of recent South African poetry this issue of Matatu offers general ssays on African women's poetry anglophone Cameroonian literature and Zimbabwean fiction of the Gukurahundi period along with studies of JM Coetzee Kalpana Lalji Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o Aminata Sow Fall Wole Soyinka and Yvonne VeraThe bulk of this issue however is given over to coverage of cul.

Tural and sociological topics from North Africa to the Cape ranging from cultural identity in contemporary North Africa two contributions on Kenyan naming ceremonies and initiation songs and three studies of the function of Shona and Ndebele proverbs to national history in Zimbabwean autobiography traditional mourning dress of the Akans of Ghana and the precolonial origins of traditional leadership in South Africa Contributors Jude Aigbe Agho Nasima Ali Uchenna Bethrand Anih Aboneh Ashagrie Francis T Cheo Gordon Collier Abdel Karim Daragmeh Geoffrey V Davis

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(PDF/EPUB) African Cultures and Literatures ã Gordon Collier

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