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Of well being The body s not a comfortable home where they can feel relaxed and safe A close look at these phenomena reveals that they are related to the four foundational senses of touch life self movement and balance Table of Contents IntroductionDevelopmental Movement ExercisesEuipment ListCircles and Journeys Autumn Winter SpringSummer Anyti.

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Long time Waldorf kindergarten teachers and therapeutic educators Nancy Blanning and Laurie Clark created this Herzrivalen indispensable resource for early childhood educators Movement Journeys and Circle Adventuress filled with songs and movement activities for young children geared towards development of healthy senses The beginning of the book describes.

How to use the games and even how to set up the room environment The Introduction s a fascinating read about the changes n children the authors have observed Alaskan Nights in recent years and a succinct explanation of the foundational senses we observe that children are having difficulty finding their waynto physical life n a harmonious way nto a sense.

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