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A bit overenthusiasticpreachy but very educational about women in business including WoC and women who fought for social ustice and the environment Focus is on Canada My fave person to learn about was Madame CJ Walker Someone asked Ginger Rogers how she could possibly keep up dancing with Fr. This collection of biographies profiles ten creative business leaders who have proven that entrepreneurial women can not only succeed in business but can also bring about positive change Against all odds African American Madam.

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(Pdf Download) Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs AUTHOR Jill Bryant

Highest paid women in the US for twenty years Sue Chen an immigrant from Taiwan heads her own medical supply company that focuses on helping people with physical disabilities Sheryl Sandberg is COO of Facebook Naina Lal Kidwai heads up the biggest bank in India A uick read but an inspiring one. Based on integrity responsibility and respect Among the growing number of young female entrepreneurs now in their thirties and forties are Sheryl Sandberg Sue Chen Susan Mashibe Nicole Robertson Kelsey Ramsden and Jodi Glover.

Ed Astaire Her answer And I do it backwards and in high heels too Women entrepreneurs dance backwards and in heels and as this YA book shows they dance rings around men Madam CJ Walker is an icon here but so are the 9 other women Bryant celebrates Dorothy Shaver head of Lord and Taylor was the. CJ Walker born in 1867 became a self made millionaire who promoted civil rights and opposed racism Retail president Dorothy Shaver Body Shop founder Dame Anita Roddick and high finance expert Naina Lal Kidwai built businesses.

Jill Bryant is a Canadian writer who specializes in children’s non fiction Born in Toronto Jill grew up in Elora and Eden Mills Ontario She is the author of Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs Dazzling Women Designers Amazing Women Athletes Backyard Circus and others Jill also works as a freelance editor for many educational publishers She used to be a regular contributor to Know magazine an

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