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We met Owen and Penny back in the first book when Penny was a pregnant teen and Owen a convict and they were struck together in the San Diego arthuake and from the very first moment these two showed up on screen I knew they were meant to be together but their journey together wasn t simple The reasons were several Owen s conviction and ties with the Aryan brotherhood the high political stature of Penny s dadThe book opens five years later and Penny has spent those years being a good mom and daughter and not going for what she wants Owen Owen has cleaned up his life and is now Penny s bodyguard and then things take a turn for the worse and they are kidnapped and one of the kidnappers is Owen s D DAY Through German Eyes 2 elder brother and they are taken into an area Owen is familiar with BadlandsI loved the book it had danger it hadmotion it had Baroque Personae everything Owen was a guy who was raised in an abusivenvironment and his Democratic Art experiences in prison were hellish and he didn t think he deserved Penny who herself was low on confidence when it came to men I loved seeing these two get together in the face of so much danger Often I read books where the characters get foolish when they are in a dangerous situation but this is not the case in this book Owen is depicted as human and no super hero andven the villain has different shades to him Overall a fantastic read I just wished for and ARC provided by publisher through Netgalley I think I Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? enjoyed Badlands a lot than I dxpected to on that later The ntire book is so intense and fast paced and it is ntirely possible that it is my favorite of the Aftershock books so far though Freefall was also one I loved so I really can t decideAnd the characters were so great I Codependent Forevermore: The Invention of Self in a Twelve Step Group especially love the fact that we re building onto Owen s character from previous books as well as the relationship between Penny and Owen from a known history between themThe StoryAfter thevents of the San Diego Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust earthuake Aftershock Owen Jackson and Penny Sandoval still remain friends their relationship growing stronger and their feelings deeper as the years go by But Owen holds himself back feeling the differences of their social standings In order to get his life moving forward he agrees to take a position on Jorge Sandoval s personal security team with the condition that he distance himself from Penny In return the politician has offered him a letter of recommendation to help further his career helping him find a spot with the Los Angeles Fire DepartmentButverything changes when Penny is targeted by kidnappers who want to ransom her for money as well as force her father to drop out of the running as a presidential candidate In the chaos however the kidnappers Conscience and Memory end up grabbing Penny s young son Cruz as well as Owen They take the three hostages into the California badlands as part of their ransom plans but what they hadn t counted on was Penny sscape as well as Owen s determination to keep Penny and Cruz safeWhether held captive or trekking through the unforgiving heat of the desert Owen vows to guard Penny and her son with his life Pansy Vol. 6 even if the person he s fighting against is his own brotherMy ThoughtsI wasn t sure if I was going to like Badlands since I had a hard time relating to Penny in the first Aftershock book She had come off as spoiledntitled and prejudiced But I suppose that with the San Diego Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods earthuake being years behind us and Penny being allowed time to grow up she has come out of thentire ordeal a much mature personRaising a son and gaining acceptance from her super conservative father for getting pregnant out of wedlock has added to Penny s character growth since we last saw her two books prior Also according to the vaguely mentioned timeline a few years have passed since the San Diego Elizabeth I earthuake that brought Penny and Owen intoach others livesTo be honest I really love the person Penny is in this book and I really love how she loves and accepts Owen with all her heart Owen has certainly been through a lot of tough times from a rough childhood with an abusive father and Education in a New Society elder brother to a hardening new outlook in life when hended up in prison I love that Owen doesn t give himself any Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education excuses for the decisions he made before hended up in prison and he also doesn t give himself any xcuses for the decisions he made while in prisonHe s accepted that that has been his life up to that point and is making steps to turn his life around and make verything work out somehow His ambitions are admirable and his humble personality is kind of sweet as wellBoth characters are great together both developing as the story progresses into The Baby Swap Miracle even better people Because despite the fact that I love the person Penny is in the beginning of the book I love that she recognizes and admits how readily she allowed her father to control her life simply because he not only didn t toss her and her son out but also gave themverything they needed to live a comfortable life I love that she also doesn t give herself any xcuses when it was time to stand up to her fatherSetting character dynamics aside and there are a lot of character dynamics in this book I very much njoyed the ntire suspenseful progression following Owen Penny and Cruz as they make their way through the Badlands This story just keeps moving forward without a chance to stop for breath and when all is said and done we just kind of drift to an nd in a well outlined wayIf there is one thing I would point out it would be the logic hole in the kidnappers hauling Owen along for the ride in the scheme Though I suppose in a way Owen s brother had been xpecting him to turn around and help them with the kidnapping and ransom I suppose I would have been a little less forgiving if that reason hadn t been presented since it seems highly foolish to kidnap the targeted rich girl and her bodyguard as wellAnywayI loved this book nonetheless and I m glad that I finally had a chance to get to it And in spite of how much I really disliked some of the characters it occurs to me that they didn t take away from my njoyment of Badlands and in fact kind of Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation enhanced my satisfactionJill Sorenson writes in a way that is real and down toarth gritty and intense and just keeps you hooked from the beginning until the Gender Justice end with characters that are not the usual larger than life romance novel types My ReviewWe met Penny and Owen five years ago in the first book of this series when the overpass collapsed in thearthuake At that point in time Penny was 8 months pregnant but Owen fell hopelessly in love with her then She was 18 he was 21 She was the daughter of a powerful Latino congressman He was a con and a member of the Aryan Brotherhood gang Not Generations and Collective Memory exactly anxpected match That s why five yea. Love is the most dangerous territory of all Every day bodyguard Owen Jackson puts his life on the line and keeps his feelings for Penny Sandoval locked away Assigned to protect Penny's father a presidential candidate Owen can't get motionally involved That is unt.

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Ny choices for herselfJill Sorenson s great descriptive powers bring verything alive From the desolate scenery to the tension building in a scene or feelings of utter fear and desperation Her words have the ability to place you right inside the story so much so that the world around you seems to stop Fabulous writing amazing characters and a thrilling story ARC provided by NetGalley and Harleuin HN in return for an honest review Updated 122713Wow what a story Can t think of a single thing wrong with it Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America exceptI d kill for anpilogue Jill Sorenson please don t leave us hanging can we see Owen and Penny again in a future book just to see how they re doing Owen This book had it all A great story that was plenty intense wonderful characters it helped that we met them in the previous book Aftershock that we really got to know in this story a truly gritty atmosphere I could just sense the heat and the desolation of the California badlands and the description of the Salton Sea area was ye opening had to get out my atlas and follow the path that the Hh took Penny The Salton Sea which was like another character in the book The book takes place 5 years after Aftershock In that book convict Owen and pregnant teenage daughter of a prominent politician Penny were supporting characters who meet during an pic San Diego Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) earthuake when they were both trapped under a freeway overpass and Owen helps deliver her baby boy So it s 5 years later Penny is now 23 and Owen is 26 and they ve both matured Penny and Owen have maintained a friendship andven though ach is crushing on the other they haven t taken it further Owen is now working security for Penny s protective father the future Presidential nominee for the Republican party In actuality Owen is now Penny s bodyguard But during the convention Penny her son Cruz and Owen are all kidnapped and held for ransom And the kidnapper has a connection to Owen A big connectionThat s all I want to say about the plotThis was a real page turner and if I could ve read it in one day I would have There wasn t a whole lot of romance how could there be in this situation specially with a little 5 year old in tow but it didn t matter The intense plot than made up for it and we do get a provocative shower scene late in the book and another scene where Penny and Owen xpress their feelings for ach other sighNow about our hero Owen So many times in this book I just wanted to hug him He s no big bad larger than life alpha hero but he is a hero with plenty of guts and courage and decency and a kind heart I admired him for turning his life around after a crappy childhood that led him to make some wrong decisions I felt sorry for him for what he Foraging for Survival endured while in prison and understood why he did the only thing he could to survive And I wanted him to realize his own worth He had a lot to offer a woman and thank god Penny was smartnough to see that I loved reading his inner thoughts and was rooting for him to get a break in life and get a much deserved HEA He has to be one of my favorite non alpha heroes of all time Just loved himThis book can be read as a stand alone but to get the full picture of Penny and Owen s relationship I d recommend also reading Aftershock a spectacular book and Freefall where Owen is a supporting character JS can certainly write an Fragments emotional suspenseful page turner and when I get to thinking I d like to see this as a movie I know I m reading a winner One of my favorite books of 2013 5 big stars ARC provided by Netgalley How can you not be in love with young Owen In the first book Owen is a 21 year old tattooedx con with possible ties to the AB Penny was a 17 year old pregnant Mexican American what is not to love with that set up I would read the first book before you read this book just so you have their full background This book takes place 5 years later Penny and her son Cruz are kidnapped for ransom and it is up to Owen to bring them to safety Only problem he might have to kill is brother Shane in order to do it Very very good read and I hope that we are getting a book for Ash and Jonellebecause they were hawt together I have been waiting impatiently for this story Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries ever since I read Aftershock and it didn t disappoint Heroine is welcomed back into her family to a sense of safety she craves only to find herself trapped in a pretty gilded cage Hero finds himself making a deal with the heroine s father in order to grease a few wheels so people will look past his criminal record Hero and heroine falling in love Not really an option that will bembraced by wellanybody Great read definitely one of the strongest romantic suspense novels I ve read in ages What a great conclusion to Owen and Penny s story If you haven t read Aftershock I would recommend reading that book first so you understand the dynamic between these two and what its taken for them to finally get to a point where its possible for them to be together Owen and Penny met after an arthuake left them buried under a freeway She was 16 and pregnant and stranged from her Mexican American family due to the pregnancy Owen was 19 in prison and part of a white supremacist prison gang with racist tattoo s over his body But Owen was part of the gang for survival only and he became infatuated with Penny during their ordeal and nded up saving the group trapped by managing to scape and get help After getting out of prison Owen wanted to better himself and Penny s father played a part in that but with a stipulation that he wasn t to ver be to his daughter than a friend Five years later Owen is part of Penny s father s security team as he is now running for president Owen s been assigned to guard Penny and Cruz her son he helped deliver Penny and Owen both have feelings for ach other but just have just silently pined for the other for their own reasons The three of them are kidnapped by Owen s brother and group of other gang member and taken to the Badlands and held for ransom They manage to One Ticket To Texas escape and during there trek through the desert we learn about the horrible childhood Owen had and the atrocities done to him in prison Those things have made Owen have intimacy issues and it takes Penny s love for him to help him start to work through them Normally we see the woman in a book being the one that s been sexually abused and theffects of that In this book its Owen who has the deep Helpmate emotional scars from what happened to him in prison and all the mistakes he made that got him there But through all of that he still has the kindest heart and you root for him onvery page he is on I am so happy we finally got Penny and Owen s story as they both deserved a happy Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy ending to all the heartbreak that came before it. Cruz Owen has to save her from thelements and from the gang in close pursuit Owen has hidden the darkness in his past from Penny Now his only chance of keeping her alive is to let her see the man he really is ven if it means losing the only woman he'll ver wa.

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Rs later they have a stilted relationship of an acuaintance t DNF at 65%I liked the main characters and remembered them well from their introduction in the author s previous novel Aftershock Unfortunately for me the plausibility factor dwindled with Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader every page until I gave upview spoilerH is beaten to within an inch of his life including being choked until he passes out yet musters the strength to hike through a hot scorching desert giving piggybacks to a five year old with no food and little water and he also hasnough strength to do hand to hand combat with one of the bad guys stabbing him to death Then later after some food and a shower he has Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead enough physical andmotional stamina to have sex with the h The characters inner monologues did not ring true at all which is a surprise because in her other books this author has been superb in getting inside the heads of her fictional characters and giving them authentic voices h a kidnap victim on the run with her five year old son in danger of heat stroke and violence pauses to consider H s Bryozoan Evolution edgy andclectic tattoos Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) emphasizing an alreadyye pleasing physiue These are the thoughts of a traumatized panicked woman with her child sleeping a few feet away in the middle of a freaking desert with bloodthirsty criminals on their trail H an Silvers Edge ex con who refers to himself as white trash observes h s sexy moue Is his night job writing captions for fashion magazines The wishy washy motivations and actions of the main bad guy also seemed to simply lend themselves to the direction the author wanted to take the plot in rather than logic and common sense He is already down 3 of his crew of 4 he has his own life and that of his son hanging in the balance plus a boatload of cash promised if he can pull off this kidnapping yet hends up killing his own right hand man instead of H at a crucial moment in the plot Granted H is the bad guy s brother but the villain is supposed to be a psycho murderer who abused his kid brother all his life and already almost killed him in the beginning Just too many plot holes and inconsistencies for me I have njoyed this author s other books but this did not work for me hide spoiler This is a decently paced readable romantic suspense like one can xpect from Sorenson What is also not so surprising from Sorensen but certainly unusual for this genre is the nuanced not overblown way that this book addresses race gender and class Both the heroine an unwed upper class Latina teen mother and the hero a poor white trash Going Berserk ex con who joined the Aryan Brotherhood in prison for self preservation are shown to be influenced by but not limited to the charged identity categories they fall under And thentire cast of characters in this story complicates any clear good guybad guy dichotomies This is in my opinion a pretty feminist book and not just for its representation of women in particular the heroine and a secondary strippersingle mother character but its depiction of vulnerability and kindness as positive yet threatened aspects of masculinity view spoilerThis book is certainly the only romance I ve ver heard of with a male on male rape survivor and that trauma is tackled with far finesse here than in the vast majority of romance novels which use the heroine s rape as a short cut to angst hide spoiler rating 45 of 5 Owen Jackson and a Penny Sandoval have a history Five years ago he was a convicted felon and she was rejected by her parents due to her unplanned pregnancy when they where trapped together under an overpass after a massive arthuake Owen had stood up for and by Penny through their ordeal and despite their vast differences in background they came through close friends Penny s father already active in the political arena pulled some strings and managed to Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America eventually have Owen assigned to their security detail Despite having been within sight ofach other for most of the past five years Owen has always kept his feelings for Penny under lock and key It hasn t always been Autobiography and Other Writings easy but at least he was able to show true affection for her son Cruz who he had helped bring into this world At times Penny would give off signals that indicated she might have than just a friendly interest in him but they both had too much to lose to act on a mere possibilityWhen an alarm at a political rally for her father causes chaos it allows Owen and the driver to be overpowered and Penny and her son to be abducted Owen is tied up and taken along as well as the group makes their way into the California badlands country very familiar to Owen as well as the apparent leader of this operation His family came from there Owen was shocked to find his own brother behind the abduction plan he was only released from prison a month agoThe gang is careful with Penny since she is their bargaining tool for a substantial amount of ransom but they have no such reservations for Owen and are brutal in their treatment of him Terrified they have killed him Penny finds an opportunity toscape with her son and flees the camp When discovered an attempt is made to use Owen to lure her back but Owen is determined to foil the gang s plans and find Penny himself to help her and Cruz to safety Under the direst of circumstances and in the face of danger the close mouthed Owen starts revealing some of his complicated family dynamics along with the true depth of his feelings for Penny and his reasons for the years of motional distance Penny is thrilled to have finally broken through some of his carefully rected barriers to see her feelings reflected back If only they could find a way to stay alive long Unbeatable Mind (3rd Edition): Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level (English Edition) eBook: Mark Divine: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. enough tonjoy the discoveryDangerous disturbing hot and heroicI have loved very book in this Aftershock Series by Jill Sorenson The books are such a great blend of suspense action romance and some heat Fantastic imperfect heroes with human flaws that make them all the attractive and strong capable heroines not asily taken for a ride and often doing as much of the rescuing as being rescued It is merely a matter of how one looks at itOwen grew up on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak not an ideal childhood and he got in trouble through his involvement with his brother who had less of a moral compass than Owen did Being a young kid still Owen s time in prison was not good for him it scarred him Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript emotionally and he did what he had to to survive but somehow he never lost his moral compassPenny had of a privileged upbringing but far public which is why her young unplanned pregnancy caused such an uproar andstranged her from her parents temporarily Living through a disaster and giving birth mellowed out the situation and guilt kept Penny bound to her influencial father and unable to make ma. Il Penny and her young son Cruz are abducted and taken deep into the California badlandsOwen knows the bleak territory from his childhood Worse he knows the gang leader making ransom demands his own brother Shane When a terrified Penny scapes into the desert with.

Jill Sorenson is the RITA nominated author of than a dozen novels including the Aftershock series with HN She lives in the San Diego area with her husband and daughters

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