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S while roviding tidbits of detail drawn from diaries letters and 待つ [Matsu] period books on household management A real eye openererfect if you want an education on how the Victorian s lived Could have been much interesting if it had been fleshed out had been hoping for some ictures too She s written other books but assume they are all this short not worth aying for. Ws you what it was really like to live in Victorian times for those both above and below stairs and what sights and smells would be around you.

PDF (Life In a Victorian Household Life)

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Er establishments found in the Austen and Bronte Brainwashing of the German Nation periodieces Short but interesting read for anyone wanting an introduction to Victorian daily life Much of the focus is on the servants either how employers dealt with them or what they did That in itself says a lot about daily life for wealthy and middle class women of the time Horn keeps the big Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) picture in focu. He clothing differ for the different types of servants How much did the servants getaid This fascinating book takes you back in time and sho.

Ok book Misspellings but one gets the general idea Not one I d brag about Slightly informativeOne gets the general idea of book Slightly informative A uick read Does make you glad you live in today s society History of domesticityThis book is an excellent resource for explaining the running of large manor houses like the fictional Downton Abbey as well as small. What was it like to live in a Victorian household What time did the servants have to get up What was the food like and who cooked it How did

Pamela Horn is an historian specialising in Victorian social history The author of acclaimed books on rural life servant lives and childhood she lectured on economic and social history at Oxford Polytechnic now Oxford Brookes University for over twenty years

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