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Lth on bodily unctions and bedroom escapades it s not difficult to understand even in translation It s all uite entertaining and broad though it may be still lends to an appropriate eeling of amiliarity with the era the writer s 19th century or the Hip Pocket Sleaze: The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks fictional 13th century or anywhere in betweenIt wasn t allarts and tresses and entrails however a Mookie: Life, Baseball, and the '86 Mets four part story in the middle of the collection concerns a witch trial of sorts The Succubus reminds me of Milton s Paradise Lost which probably took cluesrom most witchcraft stories of the medieval eraOverall I ound it light reading and worthy of my time I recommend it to anyone weary of unrealistic morally bound pre victorian literature I m reading the 1944 Black and Gold edition published by Liveright No illustrations but cool book I m reading the stories randomly out of order I think they re really unny and refreshing and in Clawback fact pretty ridiculous Kind of an oldashioned innocent humor but I m pretty old and innocent so it works or me Blanche wallowed silently in her desire like a cake which is being loured This is a book of the richest Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young Black Girls in America flavourull of right hearty merriment spiced to the palate of the illustrious and very precious tosspots and drinkers to whom our worthy compatriot Fran ois Rabelais the eternal honour of Touraine addressed himself From the prologue As much as I loved the Cooking for Company few episodes of La Com die Humaine I read soar Lost Illusions Cousin Bette Cousin Pons I cannot say I was entirely enthralled by this collection of ribald short stories by Honor de Balzac Published in three sets of ten stories each in 1832 1833 and 1837 known as Contes drolatiues Droll stories Balzac conceived these candid and wanton stories as an obvious homage to Rabelais The Dutch subtitle of the edition I read a classic erotic masterpiece divulges partly what to expect lively amatory and slightly grotesue comical stories set mostly in the thirteenth century on the licentious s of knights and dames pages courtesans nuns monks and others representing the ecclesiastic class Mostly dealing with cuckoldry disingenuous wiles Empire of Sin faux na vit impotence or lost innocence the tales are rather to be situated in the sphere of eroticism than in the one of heroism and also turn out scatological than eschatological The Contes drolatiues were added to the Index librorum prohibitorum in 1841 maybe because most women characters are so admirably sensual and cunning in outwitting the men This teaches us to thoroughly verify and recognise women Balzac muses wisely These libertine saucy stories struck me as a curiosum in Balzac s oeuvre On the historical and social context in which these stories were written and published Graham Robb in his Balzac A Biography clarifies that The subjects were aorm of protest at the new bourgeois society which had no regard Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China for the truly important aspects of human existence necrophilia nymphomania adultery and the essential bodilyunctions The My Wife's Affair first collection was published in what seemed bad taste during the cholera epidemic of spring 1832 Actually it was rather appropriate since Paris was temporarily plunged into the Dark Ages with a curfew corpses carried through the streets at midnight and the rag pickers revolting when their rubbish heaps were swept away And apparently Balzac managed to lift the spirits asor instance when the Chicken, Chicken, Duck! first story on the courtesan Imp ria got published it worked on the contemporaries like an aphrodisiac. Honor de Balzac EPUB PDF Livres numriues gratuits et libres de droits Honor de Balzac Les Contes drolatiues Mo Mor Contes drolatiues Honore De Balzac Livres Not Retrouvez Contes drolatiues et des millions de livres en stock sur Inspirations fr Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Les Contes drolatiues Paris Ez bureaux de la Les Contes drolatiues colligez es abbayes de Touraine et mis en lumire par le sieur de Balzac pour l'esbattement des pantagruelistes et non aultres Titre inscrit lettre Date de production En Types d'objets Manuscrits imprims reliure Dnominations Livre Description vol XXXI p illustr de compositions de Gustave Dor graves sur bois La table des Les contes drolatiues Livre ancien | Rakuten Achat Les Contes Drolatiues prix bas sur Rakuten Si vous tesan de lecture depuis des annes dcouvrez sans plus tarder toutes nos offres et nos bonnes affaires exceptionnelles pour l'acuisition d'un produit Les Contes Drolatiues Des promos et des rductions allchantes.

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I was really looking orward to reading Droll Stories as it seemed to me that a ribald parody of medieval tales was subject matter I could easily ind amusing treasures in However it seems as if Balzac had taken on a rabelaisian task without having the right mindset to offer the reader the same degree of grotesue bawdiness all the way through Balzac promises us a book of the richest Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You flavourull of right hearty merriment spiced to the palate of the illustrious and very precious tosspots and drinkers to whom our worthy compatriot Francois Rabelais the eternal honour of Touraine addressed himself and this is true of the Slo Mo! first ten tales and indeed somewhat into the second ten tales but about midway through the second lot of stories the writing takes a turn towards dramatic themes and the absurdity so well begun wanes Some of the early pieces I uite enjoyed such as The Brother in Arms The Vicar of Azay Le Rideau and the most befitting The Merry Tattle of the Nuns of Poissy which has a novice nun searching her naked body by command of a senior sisteror a potentially sinful lea This is the kind of bawdy absurdness I was hoping to unravel through out the entire collection of stories but by the time I had reached the third ten tales I was struggling to keep engrossed and elt that Balzac was writing in a completely different mood to when he had started out despite the verve of the prologues and epilogues that would have us believe otherwiseGive us a story then that stops at the girdle this is what I was expecting all the way through Droll Stories it may be that Balzac is tickled by the wit of Rabelais but I just don t think he has the same nuance of the absurd that is reuired to replicate it in his own outpourings It s worth reading Pirates, Ships, and Sailors for theew tales that will delight the lewd of the senses and my 1946 edition has saucy illustrations by Steele Savage which enrich the eel of the collection but if you are hoping or something that will make you gasp and guffaw then I d recommend Rabelais himself Having said all that it is splendid that Balzac attempted such an ode and I m sure it is probably better read in the author s native tongue I read a version that was printed in 1874 It was rich with engravings making up about 20% of the volume It was very much about ribaldry and cuckoldry and thus very French Malefemale relations and the clergy War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today figure prominently The short stories are all written as if they took place in the 15th century the time of Rabelais Iound it very entertaining humorous and titillating in a very refined manner I gave up after a A Boy in Winter few stories or to be precise after the same story several times Powerful but oldimpotent man blah blah blahrisky young wife blah blah blah handsome young knight blah blah blah scheming maid blah blah blah cuckoldry If that s a word blah blah blah The End I enjoyed taking a break with this book its humorous style and short story Frost at Midnight format made it idealor Princess Baby, Night-Night filling in odd moments throughout the day and providing reliefrom heavier readingI really can t understand why any careful reader would think this book dull True most of the stories ut For those unfamiliar with Balzac he s one of the The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post first realist writers of his time Most of his work is vulgar and broad but set in a time when vulgarity was a part of life It s refreshing to see that Shakespeare wasn t theirstonly one to transcend the pattern of dark EuropeWhile most of the stories contain subtle Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution fi. Les contes drolatiues broch Achat Livre |nac Les contes drolatiues Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction Honor de Balzac Gustave Dor Contes drolatiues Les Contes drolatiues illustrations de Gustave Dor Collection ditions de Balzac Auteur Intervenant Honor de Balzac Gustave Dor Date Localisation Bibliothue Les Contes drolatiues colligez es abbayes de Touraine et mis en lumire par le sieur de Balzac pour l'esbattement des pantagruelistes et non aultres Les Contes drolatiues eBook de Honor De Balzac Les Contes drolatiues par Honor De Balzac Partagez votre avis Finalisez votre critiue Faites part de votre avis aux autres lecteurs en notant ce livre et en laissant un commentaire Notez le Vous l'avez valu toile Je l'ai dtest toiles Je ne l'ai pas aim toiles J'ai moyennement aim toiles J'ai aim toiles J'ai ador N'oubliez pas d Honor de Balzac Les Contes drolatiues EPUB et PDF Les Contes drolatiues.

In a time of miserable chastity The collection I read contained nineteen stories in a Dutch translation that modernizes the style so I assume the meticulous historical wordplay in imitation of 16th century French these stories are renown On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock for was a dimension that was unavoidably at least partly lost in translation allegedly one of the reasons he chose to write in thisor the contemporaries rather remote pseudo archaic style was his aim to restrain the enjoyment of his lascivious adventures to the elite in order to avoid his book being banned Nevertheless some of the lowery and juicy language the vitality and the style mimicry echoes through with the often ambiguous language and plentiful double entendres it seems that the translator conveys at least some of what must be the playful ualities of the original One of my avourites scenes in which the pleasures of reading are combined with the ones of the lesh eatures in The venial sin of which I Nini found two illustrations what will happen can be left to the imagination Some editions include illustrations by Gustave Dor which capture the dark and at macabre undertone of some of the stories in which many a man ends up on the scaffold exuisitely Both text and illustrations can beound here The repetitiveness and the often clerical context and setting the stories are supposedly collected I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) from the abbeys of Balzac s native Touraineor me however made it hard to Flight, Vol. 7 fully enjoy this collection reading it in one take possibly just too many nuns to my taste having seen enough of them at school and by the end I struggled to get through the whole collection Goodor a grin here and there it seems appropriate to pick a tale in between some other books or to read one in bed to close the day maybe the smile it gives could inspire some amusing dreams I am wondering now how I would get along with Rabelais This isn t the exact edition I read Unfortunately and inexplicably I can t seem to ind the right edition which includes 125 illustrations by the antabulous Gustave DoreIn any case the stories themselves sort of bored me and because of that this took me orevertime to read Balzac is sort of one of those authors that I ve always expected to love so I ve been putting him off until just the right time But then came these stories and oompf Balzac could have been holding a gun to my head and I wouldn t have been able to muster any energy or reading these storiesThe stories themselves are okay but the third star is because of the illustrations by Dore They re amazing just like most of his other illustrations and they re honestly what kept me going through reading these Maybe it just wasn t uite the right time to read Balzac but it s never the wrong time to look at some Dore illustrations Not as awesome as his work Camp Rex for Dante s Inferno but a nice contender nonethelessBalzac asor you dear riend I ve got some other stuff of yours that I will not give up on yet I loved these stories and I loved Balzac s crazy interludes where he tries to reason about why he s writing them Some of them are just begging to be stage productions and are very amusing Definitely not or prudish people but also excellent or those interested in a version of historical France 15 Found this book at an antiue store was intrigued I can only describe it as some sort of 19th century comedy verging on becoming a play edited by Jack Black Vulgar overly sarcastic or its time lacked creativity. Vous attendent toute l'anne dans notre catgorie Livre Et cela autant sur les bouuins les plus Les Contes drolatiues Livre ancien | Rakuten Les Contes drolatiues pas cher retrouvez tous les produits disponibles l'achat dans notre catgorie Livre ancien Les Contes drolatiues Librairie KOEGUI Leather edged slipcase Full brown morocco binding Spine with jumped nerves decorated with When Dads Don't Grow Up fillets and a central coldleuron Panel decorated with a repeating decoration drawn by Miles from Kara fleurons arranged on a diamond paving innerrame of two double gilded illets Gilded edges on Achat contes drolatiues edition pas cher ou d'occasion Les Contes Drolatiues Colligez Ez Abbayes De Touraine Et Mis En Lumire Par Le Sieur De Balzac Pour L'esbattement Des Pantagruelistes Et Non AultresImags Par Joseph Hmard Honor De Balzac Livres anciens Autre | € Trs bon tat Vendez le vtre Contes Drolatiues Prcds De La Comdie Humaine Oeuvres bauches Ii Prfaces Tome Xi Balzac Livres anciens.

Honoré de Balzac was a nineteenth century French novelist and playwright His magnum opus was a seuence of almost 100 novels and plays collectively entitled La Comédie humaine which presents a panorama of French life in the years after the fall of Napoléon Bonaparte in 1815Due to his keen observation of fine detail and unfiltered representation of society Balzac is regarded as one of the found

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