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E main story both here and in Onion Girl was self contained I plan to return to this setting but I on t know yet which book it will be This review was originally posted in 2008 after I had read the book for the first timeThe Blue Girl by Charles Understanding Shutter Speed de Lint has been one of the most satisfying snatches from the fantasy shelves for me last yearIs has it all1 A very warm hearted andetailed The Mother I Carry: A Memoir of Healing from Emotional Abuse description of a forming unlikely friendship between tough punk girl Imogene who had a criminal gang member record in her hometown and a childhood spent mainly on her own because of herrug consuming carefree hippy parents and anxious smart and conservative outsider Maxine who has Anthology of Articles on African Linguistics and Literature difficulties coming out of her shell because of her ever present controlling mother2 Dark mysterious fantasy tightly interwoven with reality Imogene s imaginary childhood friend Pelly something in the middle between hedgehog and boy with bunny ears and a monkey s tail turns up in flesh after a long absence and warns her Somehow Imogene has angered the malicious band of faeries living on the school grounds and therefore her life is suddenly on stake In her efforts to get light into the matter she meets the ghost of a former high school student whoseeath was caused by faeries as well Imogene finds out that faeries are by far not the most The Writing Workshop dangerous creatures in town Bonded with Pelly and Maxine the long time loner learns a lot about trust and friendship and wins in the end3 Last but not least there are some interesting sub plots like Imogene sealings with the school s bullies her relationship with her brother and the slowly growing romance with a music shop guy whose granny comes from Ireland and believes in faeries as wellI will Agricultural Engineering definitly read books by this author and recommend for anyone who likes finely tuned characters andark fantasy to have a try as well I read and adored this book years and years ago and just now realised it s by Charles Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse de Lint set in the very same world I fell in love with a few weeks ago thanks to his beautiful Dreams Underfoot The adoration hasn t faded with time or with re reading as so often happens with childhood favourites and this book is making it s way to my all time favourites list Now here comes the love letter my apologies I can t help but wax a little lyrical with books like this The characters are wonderful and likeable transcending clich Yes there s the Geek the Outcasts the Mean Girl the Meathead boy the Difficult Mum but it feels always as though the author is poking fun at the stereotypes Imogene actually talks to her mother shock horror who seems supportive if a little flaky view spoilerThe Difficult Mum Maxine s actually turns out to be better than first thought and is actually a fully formed character we get glimpses of the issues that make her so strict in the first place The Geek isn t all that likeable without meaning to sound too harsh we kind of see why he in particular was so picked on Doesn t make it right at all just a little understandable The Mean girl hasepth but How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture doesn t suddenley change and become nice again it just becomes clearer as to why she is so awful And etc etc etc hide spoiler. E impossible is all too real And it'sangerous If she wants to survive high school not to mention stay alive she has to fall back on the skills she picked up in her hometown running with a gang Even with Maxine and some unexpected allies by her side will her new friend be able to make


The Blue Girl PDF/EBOOK

When people ask me what my favourite book is my An Alien Heat default answer is The Blue Girl One of my first experiences with urban fantasy I found The Blue Girl to be the perfect combination of weird and wonderful I m sure that in the coming years I will re read this book to see if it holds up to my previous experience and when that happens I ll be sure to give it a proper review In the meantime I highly recommend you check out Charlese Lint His Newford series is really interesting and worth it for anyone who loves world building and companion series I love a book that takes an familiar trope and turns it on its ear Forget what you know from other books about fairies Charles The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society de Lint s fairies aren t particularly beautiful but they are a little bit wicked I loved the way he mixed elements from fantasy science fiction even horror to create his world The characters are realistic and believable and the issues theyeal with are real as much as they are fantastic Bullying oppressive parents parents who on t care enough image and one s real self all come into play Not to mention soul sucking shadow creatures fairies ghosts angels and an imaginary friend named Pelly who is half boy half hedgehog half rabbitGreat book probably for slightly older YA audience 14 for good measure This is a re re read for me One of the authors magical tales of a reality that is not iuitei the same reality as the rest of us live inImogene s mother has just moved them to Newford where she has a new school to contend with never an easy thing at 17 But Imogene has had a very ifferent sort of 17 years growing up in a hippy commune running wi If you re new to Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings de Lint s books and are looking for something with substance I urge you not to read this one Try the other Newford books first or Someplace to be Flying I m not a big YA fan even for a Newford book It wasn t a bad book And Iid enjoy the tiny cameos and mentions of a few of the established Newford folks I found this one on my bookshelf I know I bought this and read it shortly after it came out but eleven years later I couldn t remember how I felt about it Reading it now brought back some memories of reading it for the first time I believe it was one of my first forays into the young adult urban fantasy genre I believe it is an excellent introductory novel for young adults looking to transition from realistic fiction type novels into fantasy Imogene is the rebellious character starting over in a new town trying to reinvent herself Maxine is the straight laced A student looking to break away from her mother s mold Between the two of them they Mapping wild gardens: The symbolic conquest of South Africa (African literatures in English) develop a friendship that works much to the surprise of everyone including themselves However when supernatural events start occurring Imogene and Maxine have to figure what they truly believe in and confront the things that lurk in theark This story and its characters end up Gramatica de baza a limbii romane developing a lot than I originally remember which was very enjoyable for me as a reader Imogene is not only rebellious she is reasonable and thinks before sheoes anything hot headed She allows Maxine to flourish as a character and Imogene is somewhat of an enigma to the reader. Seventeen year old Imogene's tough rebellious nature has caused her harm than good so when her family moves to Newford she ecides to reinvent herself She won't lose her punkthrift shop look but she'll try to avoid the gangs work a little harder at school and maybe even stay out of troub.

Which keeps everything interesting for the reader The character of Adrian was interesting but I would have liked to see him as a little bit active He felt mostly passive as if he was being acted upon rather than an actor himself De Lint uses traditional faerie escriptions and traditions I especially like how he embodies College University Budgeting: College And University Budgeting darkness as a symbolcharacterforce in the novel and how the charactersevelop their own methods of fighting back What frustrated me now and probably in the past as well is how the book jumps characters point of views and past versus present occurrences There were times I would start reading a new section and not realize who was talking and where the story has picked up the author Integrating Cleveland Baseball does refer to these changes but I felt that the separations were not clear enough for me to easily follow That being said this was a very enjoyable read and a great book for anyone with any interest in urban fantasy andor young adult novels One of my favorite books I read in middle school I remember being legitimately creeped out by her imaginary friend Pelly This is one I like to revisit to From the very first pages I felt this is familiar territory I m a big fan of the highschool comedies of the 1980 s and The Blue Girl starts with a couple of outsiders making common front against loneliness and bullying Imogen is the new kid in school a wild one with hippie parents and a troubled history and Maxine is the studious timid high achiever with old fashioned clothes picked by her mother Each has something to learn from the other If you re wondering where the book title is coming from be patient it will be made hilariously clear in the second halfThe first person narrative made me uickly involved in the fate of the protagonists The supernatural part of the story a ghost wild faeries The Modern Drunkard's Adventures with Alcohol dangerous entities ofarkness is slight in the beginning but it Grassroots Leviathan develops well to take center stage towards the endCompared to my previous Newford book The Onion Girl this feels lighter in tone and streamlined customized for a YA audience I had no problem with this in fact I thinke Lint Voices and Veils did a sterling job of mixing the fun parts with thearker content of the story without Facts and Features of English History, a Series of Alternating Reading and Memory Exercises dumbingown the characters or sugar coating the issues Fairy tales real fairytales not the ones that end up in picture books or Disney cartoons are all about 57 Ways to Screw Up in Grad School danger and pain and terrible things happening People get hurt in them all the time This particular uote reminded me of the original Grimm Brothers stories that gave me uite a few scares in childhoodThere s a particularly good scene with Maxine and the novelist Christy Riddell where theyiscuss writing techniues and the need for the fantastic elements in a story I Love in Bloom didn t take notes but basically if a story makes you look at your life from a new angle and reevaluate your options itoesn t matter if it is invented or notAnd one final uote from a ialogue between Imogen and her mother one of the best characters in the book We re not going to have a normal life are we Would we want to I m not planning to read the Newport books in order I may miss some references to the back stories of recurring characters but th. Le for a change But trouble shows up anyway Imogene uickly catches the eye of Redding's bullies as well as the school's resident teen ghost Then she gets on the wrong side of a gang of malicious fairies When her imaginary childhood friend Pelly actually manifests Imogene realizes that th.

Charles de Lint is the much beloved author of than seventy adult young adult and children's books Renowned as one of the trailblazers of the modern fantasy genre he is the recipient of the World Fantasy Aurora Sunburst and White Pine awards among others Modern Library's Top 100 Books of the 20th Century poll conducted by Random House and voted on by readers put eight of de Lint's b

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