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DeWitt Clinton and Amos Eaton (Free E–pub) × David I. Spanagel

David I Spanagel explores the origins of American geology and the culture that helped give it rise focusing on Amos Eaton the educator and amateur scientist who founded the Rensselaer School and on DeWitt Clinton the masterful olitician who led the movement for the Erie Canal DeWitt Clinton and Amos Eaton shows how a cluster of assumptions about the KnjiĹževna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje peculiar landscape and entrepreneurial spirit of New York came to define the Empire StateSpanagel sheds light on aarticularly innovative and fruitful eriod of interplay among science olitics art and literature in Ame.

Rican history New Yorkers' romantic views of natural majesty and ideas about improving the land influenced scientific ideas and other features of contemporary culture The life of Amos Eaton Davids Sling provides a lens through which readers gain fresh awareness of scientific knowledge economiclanning and cultural values during the first half of the nineteenth century Scientists of the time were fascinated by uestions such as How old is the earth When did time begin How might the assage of time have shaped and reshaped the original landscapeIn the United States New Yorkers of

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He mid 1820s mounted the most concerted effort to find answers to these large uestions of natural history Both geographic conditions and historical forces led Amos Eaton and his wealthy atron Stephen Van Rensselaer to open the Rensselaer School at Troy New York in 1826 Eaton thus gave America its first generation of Learner Strategies in Language Learning professional scientists many of whom formedrofessional organizations and standards of Dangerously Placed practice still active todayDeeply researched this book will interest historians of nineteenth century American arts and scienceolitics and technological development.

David Spanagel is an Associate Professor of History in the Department of Humanities and Arts at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester Mass His college teaching career began at the tender age of 23 when he was hired full time to teach mathematics and computer science at St John Fisher College in Rochester NY PhD work in the History of Science at Harvard University shifted his atte

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