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070114 this is not the best place to start. This volume showcases an impressive range of international contributors who tackle three major aspects of Sartre's philosophy psychology ontology and ethics in a series of original and thought provoking essays The book achieves the remarkable feat of combining accessibility and lucidity with epth and intellectual challenge in a collection which eserves to become a classic for Sartre

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Bted the range of his thought the coherenc. Ational scholars the book examines concepts from across Sartre's career from his initial views on the inner life of conscious experience to his later conceptions of hope as the binding agent for a common humanity The book will be invaluable to readers looking for a comprehensive assessment of Sartre's thinking from his early influences to the evelopment of his key concepts to his legac.

Reading sartre though if you have ever ou. Pecialists and novices alike Christina Howells Professor of French University of Oxford Most readers of Sartre focus only on the works written at the peak of his influence as a public intellectual in the 1940s notably Being and Nothingness Jean Paul Sartre Key Concepts aims to reassess Sartre and to introduce readers to the full breadth of his philosophy Bringing together leading intern.

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