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D the author draws from his own experiences well I loved reading it when I started because he is on the spectrum and speaks with personal authority I ve found a significant difference between books written by Autistic people and books written for Autistic people and this book pleasantly displays that difference he is engaging self deprecating and believableBut I fear that maybe I m too old or too aded for this book because I also found him very optimistic in a way that started to distract me from his actual points as I neared the end I estimate I m about three years younger than the author based on his high school graduation year mentioned in this book Obviously as an Autistic female raised in poverty and undiagnosed until age 25 my life experiences are different from the author s which he does mention upfront Even keeping that in mind though I had a hard time relating to his ideas about life improvement and a better futureThat likely puts me in the minority because who doesn t want a brighter future for themselves or their loved ones It s Duty just that so much of his ideals involve broad generalizations that may be accepted by the world at large but that don t ring true for me What can I say I m Autistic and unusual He includes a list of traits that make us great employees listing them like objective facts and states that even though we have social difficulties we re still all social creatures I have at best one of the six traits he claims for all Aspies I have never had any affinity for perseverance punctuality focus etc Those are actually some of my weakest areas After seeing the list I was left wondering whether maybe Iust suck at being Autistic I m also not a social creature My friendships are primarily online and based on interests and even that is sometimes socializing than I can handle I am genuinely happier and function better when not spending time with multiple people and I wish that that was okay with the world at large The implication I came across in his book that it is my duty to engage with support groups and create one if one doesn t already exist ust made me sad So maybe it s generational and being raised undiagnosed in a community where I was ust known as weird means that it s not possible for me to understand how things work today But when I finished reading I wanted to see one review that mentioned that while they loved his book they also noticed that it wasn t as inclusive as it could be that it assumed that Dreamland. Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep joining in with the neurotypical world was the only way to succeed and that his future vision of us all involved in the larger community and working to help each other excludes people who wouldn t actually benefit from sitting with others and talkingI don t mean to pick on Jesse He seems amazing and I found his book very informative and well written It sust part of a larger perspective I suppose that says there s only one ideal mode of life that everyone Autistic or not should aspire to when it comes to being happy healthy and functional And while I can t explain my reasons very well I don t necessarily agree with that world view so I sometimes couldn t absorb this book s advice sincerel. Ng storm of transitionThe Road to Catastrophe is Paved with Good Intentions understanding how others perceive you even if they’re wrongWIN Work Is Necessary You are talented enough to maintain employment even if your options are not idealConfronting Memories of Bullying and Showing Mercy toward Yourself Heartfelt insightful and generous this book will enlighten and inform readers whether they are on the autism spectrum or not.

Pretty good read Wish his personality would shine through He s a fantastic speaker This book was a great read filled with insights to the author s struggle to assimilate and conform to the norms of adulthood and how the ourney is different for everyone not ust those with on the spectrum I especially liked hearing about what happened to him as he made his transition and the advice he gave for dealing with this important milestone This was an excellent book to read Just like another reviewer had said I picked this book up thinking it would be much like a memoir I liked the uirky cover art a lot It ended up not being a memoir at all but I still tore through it incredibly uickly The author focuses on bestowing his wisdom and advice to successfully function in the real world with Asperger s syndrome Although I myself don t have aAperger s I still found this book enjoyable Some of the advice and insights I feel could be appropriate for anyone who feels like their stuck in a rut The opening chapter about getting out of Loserville for example I personally would have found INCREDIBLY helpful and motivating when I lost my own ob Not only that it opened my world up to an a pretty talented author Jesse s voice and little drops of some of my favorite pop culture references has made me interested in reading his first book Excellent advice VERY useful I wish my father could have read it He might have had a better life and been a better father I ve been reading everything on Asperger s I can find since I realizedI have it This helped me understand my father better He definitely had Asperger s or the current definition somewhere on the Autism Spectrum I picked this up initially thinking it was memoir ish and though it turned out to be a self help guide aimed at young adults with asperger s it was an interesting skim read and probably extremely helpful beyond its target audience Very easy to read I picked up the book after I listened to a radio interview with the author I thought this book would be a memoiroverall description of Asperger syndrome and it turned out to be a guide for people wine condition on how to deal with certain situations Though it was not what I thought it would be I enjoyed it This kid is definitely on the Autism Spectrum and his insights for the most part are spot on I enjoyed what he had to say about the workplace and effectively learning when to keep your mouth shut Out of the whole book the part labeled Employment 101 should be read and memorized by anyone on the Spectrum or who advises anyone on the Spectrum The section on romance could be applied to anyone who does not have a lot of experience dating While the book is not written by a professional the book will be useful to anyone who has been recently diagnosed on the Spectrum and needs general life advice This book can serve as a Upon meeting Jesse immediately before his presentation a likability of his demeanor was evident After hearing him speak the hope was that his book would be in similar prose Not disappointed Jesse has a way of making the reader see clearly into what it is like to live a Life with Asperger s while getting A Life with As. Hard won insights on transitioning into adulthood Author speaker and autism advocate Jesse A Saperstein knows a lot about living with Asperger’s Diagnosed at the age of 14 Jesse has struggled triumphed flubbed soared educated and inspired Along the road to adulthood he has learned many lessons the hard way In this honest and engaging book he offers a guided tour of what he’s learned about getting along with others managing.

Perger s seems to be a than bumpy road Insights are full of honesty with a bit of humorous yet sarcastic realities that inspire people with Asperger s to push past obstacles as they grow into accepting who they are and who they are meant to becomeA must read and great gift for the young or not so young and for those who have or know others with Asperger s Delightful tidbits from a very determined young man who has successfully pursued his dreams in spite of adversity that comes with having this condition This was a fairly boring book mainly because that is what it aimed to be a simplistic narrative for those suffering with Asperger s Syndrome on the Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD scale I was interested in reading this book because of the increasing prevalence of diagnosed ASD attention deficit and other anxious disorders in developed countries Whether it is due to diet environment evolution or genetics it seems these disorders will only become common in subseuent generations and thus our need to empathize and adeuately address their uniue experience also increasesThere could be correlation between increased awareness and diagnoses of ASD andor over diagnoses for social awkwardness or even genius Nature vs nurture also comes into uestion there are those who have seemingly begun to gravitate towards a severe permutation of ASD only to almost miraculously turn around from intensive socialization therapy dietary or lifestyle changes More and often our society attempts to define and compartmentalize everything into a neat little box when it is made evident by reading this book that it is difficult to comprehensively structure how one navigates through life with his or her individual handicap asset As the Dutch proverb goes In the concert of life there is no program This was a uick light read from which most people could derive benefit in getting a brief overview of what it feels like to be in the head of someone with ASD I could relate to a lot of the feelings of awkwardness and anxiety which are a part of growing up only magnified for someone with Asperger s Though Jesse Saperstein mentions Swedish models and online dating a little too often his general and awkward pieces of advice are punctuated by touching astute metaphors dancing across the page It is incredible to imagine this intelligent author being so socially awkward and in such pain in his valiant and persistent attempts to forge relationships with othersExperience is the best teacher both empowering and inhibiting it is up to the individual to decide In the ASD world as with every human being I believe you might feel safer without that experience but it is only a temporary solvent which uickly festers into inertia and incapacitation The only way to grow is to experience outside of your comfort zone the only way out is through This book is a good little pep talk to that end I ve actually never reviewed a book here before but my feelings about the book were not universally positive and I wanted to contribute what may be a different perspective in case anyone else feels similarly along the wayThis was a good book I liked it I think many of the tips are helpful an. Emotions succeeding in school and work building relationships and Among his Asperger’s Rules areClean Up Your Own Mess including but not limited to credit card debt out of control collections and your cesspool of a roomYou Can’t Bail Out the Titanic with a Wine Glass or change the world of online datingServing as a Role Model to the Next Generation of Asperger's SyndromeNavigating the challenges of college and the unrelenti.


(Getting a Life with Aspergers) PDF DOWNLOAD ✓ Jesse A. Saperstein

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