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This is a novelization of the comic miniseries from Dark Horse Comics written by Chet Williamson illustrated by Tim Hamilton and inked by Tim Bradstreet Since it was never collected as a trade collection I will review both the comics and the novel hereMuch like zombies a good Aliens story is not about the xenormophs but about the people who come in contact with them willingly or not Most of the Aliens comics up to then 1994 were about scientists or military dudes capturing Aliens or eggs for various experiments andor attempts at controlling them Most previous stories were set on faraway space stations or remote bases on asteroids For this story Williamson did something completely different this time it is set on Earth right in the middle of New York City and the human meddling with an Alien is a musicianThe Music of the Spears in the title refers to the sound made by Aliens when they scream the spears being their teeth Frustrated musiciancomposer Damon Eddington reluctantly working for the biggest music company in the world Synsound which he hates is inspired one day to create his ultimate piece of music incorporating screams of Aliens that would comprise his Symphony of Hate But to get good sound he must obtain a live specimen What follows is the acuisition of an egg from rival company MedTech s labs by a group of ninjas the volunteer impregnation by a member of the Church of the ueen Mother the study of the caged Alien as it attacks various victimes animal and human the ongoing investigation of the theft by MedTech s Elite Security Force and the eventual escape of the Alien who ravages a rock concertI give points for originality alone such a deviation from the common overused and repetitive storylines of the past Although it sounds silly on the surface the characters and surprise developments make it worthwhile Also Williamson expands on concepts first introduced in Aliens Genocide aside from re using the company MedTech from that book we also see the popularity of the drug made from Royal Jelly that was introduced there which has now gained common use among the downtrodden roaming the city streetsThe novelization is very well written probably the best one since Steve Perry s trilogy Navarro is a very talented writer and knows how and when to switch narratives from different characters as best to serve the story Even if it s based on someone else s work she makes it feel like a fresh and exciting story It is very faithful to the original except for the backstory she made up in her novelization A lot of references are made to the Homeworld War of 10 years ago where about 1000 people lost their lives fighting Aliens and destroying hives on their planet The descriptions of it make one feel like she had no knowledge of all the previous stories in the Dark Horse series It could be a reference to the events of Genocide but that wasn t exactly a war and it would mean that the dozen or so stories after that would have taken place in the last 10 years Also this is the only novel that includes actual dates of events it starts the day before Christmas 2123 and ends sometime in March 2124 But the dates must be off by 100 years since Alien was set the year before in 2122 and Aliens was in 2179 10 years before the first comic story Aliens Outbreak which novelization was set in 2092 was also off by 100 yearsIf you like something different than the usual alien loose in another space station story try this one I ust wish it came with a soundtrack Wasn t crazy about this book The fear and suspense factor that makes this franchise so great really wasn t there until the last 100 pages or so and even then was very short lived The concept was interesting but it wasn t the type of book I was hoping for Because of the lack of suspense it took a while for me to get into the book On the one hand I have to give the book credit for being than a Let s steal an alien to make a weapon from it story but on the other hand it s one of the dumbest premises I ve ever heard irrespective of it being an Aliens book Somehow we re supposed to believe that a music recording company would fund a project that involves capturi. New York City 2124 The streets are clogged with the Jelly addicted and the homeless while the elite cluster in glittering office towers Among them the ruthless head of an entertainment conglomerate who seeks revenge by giving a maniacal artist his ultimate desir.

E–pub Aliens Music of the Spears Aliens Ö Yvonne Navarro

Liens in terms of the dates when each eventstory is said to take place The events in Aliens take place in 2179 but the events in this book take place in 2124 Bit of a mistake there that the editor should have caughtI thought it was pretty silly that six Ninja Warriors were able fight off a batch of alien guard dogs like they did after breaking into what is supposed to be a highly secured highly classified top secret laboratory like they did Three of the ninjas were killed but the survivors were able to defeat the aliens by using their swords to slice off the appendages of the aliens It really beggared the imagination to be honest that these swords could do so much damage and survive the resulting exposure to the acid blood of these nasty beasts Their boss could make a fortune selling the secret to the military and such considering the lengths that have been taken to try and develop something that can survive exposure to the alien s blood which in some novels has happened to some extent but not enough to be used extensively by the military Also it made little sense that this pharmaceutical mega corporation would not have invested in better security systems to be honest Considering how many other novels have various installations loaded with recording devices and whatnot it seems hard to believe that this corporation on Earth would not have sprung a few dollars for their securityI did find myself laughing at the continued references to dot matrix printers and laser printers I mean I would have accepted Crown of Cinder (Wings of Fury, just the word printers to be used in reference to stuff being printed off but the continued reference to dot matrix was a bitarring and took me out of the storyline thus ruining the flow of the narrative for me That and it seemed like a follow up reference to a laser printer had to be used in conjunction with the use of the dot matrix printer It was amusing hide spoiler Aliens Novels Book 8 Music of the Spears 0 553 57492 2As I m going through reading all the aliens books in order although all of them have been non seuential self contained stories after the third book The Female War I have found that few things irritate me so much as an author who felt no need to do any research whatsoever into the aliens universe The only thing irritating that this might perhaps be a science fiction author who doesn t understand the concept of science fiction In Music of the Spears author Navarro manages to handily fit both categoriesNavarro has apparently never seen a single aliens movie nor read a single aliens book a fact demonstrated by her not knowing the first thing about aliens period She has decided that the derelict space craft she keeps hearing about from that first movie Alien was built by the aliens demonstrating a level of sentience and intelligence that the aliens have since lost a puzzle the author solves by having the aliens de evolving in captivity on Earth Now forget fanboy facts like aliens not being advanced enough to create their own space crafts as outlined in every book and movie on the subject Forget that the movie clearly emphasized that the aliens on the derelict ship were not pilots Navarro hasn t apparentl One the worst alien stories I ve read I enjoyed this one If nothing else it wasn t the usual formula of spaceship secret government project mad scientist etc that almost all of the novels had been following In this one we have a musician who has decided to create a symphony from the screams of an Alien and its dying victims The record label that employs him procures an Alien and several victims as well and he starts his project There s some corporate espionage going on as well and the musician ends up even nuttier than he started The basic story was a little simplistic and the underlying story was complicated but overall this was an entertaining read that at least took things in a different direction than the series had been going I love it when a cheap sci fi novel can make beatiful statements about life In this novel there are great observations about music and art in general This offers good insight how music can communicate emotion in ways that are only found in music. Es to elude him and obsessed with complete his musical creation and controlled by his need for the life form's harshest voice Eddington knows that the sound he seeks lies deep inside the ruthless creature he has named Mozart And he will stop at nothing to free

Ng a xenomorph egg killing someone to gestate said egg to birth an alien and then acuiring animals to feed to it so some guy can record it for a symphony Please This premise goes so far outside my suspension of disbelief that I got winded trying to make a single lap around it I mean the story also has ninjas in itUnderstand though that I don t blame Navarro for how ridiculous the book is since she adapted a comic book script to write this novel If we need to direct the shame for this book anywhere make sure it goes to Chet Williamson Navarro s supposed to be a decent writer it s a shame that this was my first time reading one of her books An excellent entry in the series with an outside the norm plot about a musician trying to find the right sound for his masterpiece and the political manueverings and executives scientists and their security ops teams around him and the alien he wishes to employ A decent little Aliens story with in common than Alien it would have done slightly better than me if it had leaned into social commentary something it s unable to do too much of because of the comic it s based on Still it s a good little Alien novel worth you re time if you want a break from Colonial Marines To start with when I saw the title I found myself wondering if the title is a play on words specifically Music of the Spheres the ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies that there is a harmony in the movement of celestial bodies If so I do think it was pretty clever of the original author to come up with it like he didThis book gave me mixed feelings and yes I am aware it is based off of a comic book mini series On the one hand I felt like did this story really need to be told But then again I did finish it stupid weakness of mine I get to a point in the book and then I finish it because I want to see how it ends who lives and who dies it really stinks sometimes Hahahah I did not like most of it it was a little too weird for me a little too far out there as it involved a failed musician attempting one final composition that is to include the screams of hate emitted by an alien I would say the intensity at the end redeemed it a little bit for me and pushed it up from 1 star to 2 stars The character development is actually decent to pretty good it has to be as it is pretty much a character driven story There is very little action or adventure in this book although what action there is is pretty intense The ending of the story was a bit of a surprise to me it felt like it left behind unfinished business as it were it was a bit open ended than I thought it would beInre the plot itself view spoiler I really found it hard to believe that some corporation on Earth would have any kind of mini nest within its basement considering the fact that the Earth was supposedly conuered for a while by an alien infestation back when and the population decimated to the point of near extinction This corporation s nest is robbed of a single egg 24 32 that is going to be given to Damon so he can record the hate filled scream of an adult warrior and mix it with some kind of recordingmusical composition he is trying to create called symphony of hate or some nonsense like that In any case the fact that some corporate headuarters on Earth has an alien hivenest within the bowels of its foundation struck me as highly illogical and completely unbelievableThe whole seuence by which Damon Eddington becomes addicted to elly was incredibly stupid and idiotic in my opinion It was not very convincing to read how he was supposedly tempted by it as it appeared to absorb the colors from outside and glow in the dark while Damon watched it while having trouble going to sleep 127 129 At the same time the aftereffects of taking the dosage he swallowed was interesting it was like reading the different stages an alien dronewarrior might go through before during and after attacking its prey The date given for what transpires in the book makes no sense at all as the events in Aliens takes place after the events in this book yet this book implies it takes place before what happens in E an alienDamon Eddington will shock the world with his newest composition the Symphony of Hate Wrapped within its bizarre music can be found the most tortured of human sounds combined with the razor steel screams of a Homeworld alien Yet the supreme cry continu.

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