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In the popular imagination public ousing tenants are considered at best victims of intractable poverty and at worst criminals More Than Shelter makes clear that such limited perspectives do not capture the rich reality of tenants’ active engagement in shaping public Questions that Islam can't answer - Volume one housing into communities By looking closely at three publicousing projects in San Francisco Amy L Howard brings to light the dramatic measures tenants Deeds of John and Manuel Comnenus have taken to create and sustain and strengthen communities that mattered to them More Than Shelter opens with the tumultuous institutionalistory of the San Francisco Housing Authority from its inception during the New Deal

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Ra through its repeated leadership failures to its attempts to boost its credibility in the 1990s Howard then turns to Valencia Gardens in the Mission District; built in 1943 the project became a perpetually contested and embattled space Within that space tenants came together in what Howard calls affective activism activism focused on intentional relationships and community building that served to fortify residents in the face of shared challenges Such activism also fueled cross sector coalition building at Ping Yuen in Chinatown bringing tenants and organizations together to advocate for and improve public ousing The account of their exper.

Ience breaks new ground in ighlighting the diversity of public Kuli Kontrak housing in ways than one The experience of North Beach Place in turn raises uestions about the politics of development and redevelopment in this case Howard examines activism across generations first by African Americans seeking to desegregate publicousing then by cross racial and cross ethnic tenant groups mobilizing to maintain public ousing in the shadow of gentrificationTaken together the stories Howard tells challenge assumptions about public ousing and its tenants and make way for a broader productive and inclusive vision of the public ousing program in the United Stat.

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