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Write I m hoping to learn about the adventures and love life f Sloane Monroe She s a force Fol of nature and needs to find a partner in life and work I ve read all 6 Sloan Monroe books and they re all fantastic why else wouldne read six books The True Tale of Castaway Daniel Foss of the same character Sloan us dynamic relatable and endearing and imperfect love these books hoping for Am really enjoying this series just started book 6 Slone Monroe is a fascinating character the stories are all differentBedf Bones plot twisted turned to keep Myths and Legends of Russia one. Cheryl Bradshaw's libraryf her USA Today Bestselling Sloane Monroe Series Books 4 5 two complete novels Stranger and Town and Bed f Bones STRANGER IN TOWN Sloane Monroe Series #4 Six year ld Olivia Hathaway tiptoes down the center aisle SJWs Never Lie: Censorship is Tolerance! Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Strength! of Maybelle's Market stoppingnce to glance ver her shoulder and make sure her mother isn't watching But Mrs Hathaway is too preoccupied to notice her daughter has slipped away Moments later a frantic Mrs Hathaway runs up and down the aisles despera.

Guessing I like the interaction between Cade Slone the final twist at the end Giovanni was an interesting character but not rightfor Slone Love thisI love this series and plan n reading each The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang one to see where it leads with all the characters A must read Can t wait for the next in this really good series They are uick reads but still very well written with a lotf twists ANOTHER EXCELLENT WORK BY CHERYL BRADSHAWI m really enjoying getting to know Sloan Monroe Cade and Shelby She is a great author and let Tely searching for her missing daughter But little Olivia is already in the arms f a stranger Will PI Sloane Monroe find Olivia before it's too late BED OF BONES Sloane Monroe Series #5 Sometimes even the deepest darkest secrets find their way to the surface Summer 1956 Thirteen year ld Willie Compton and his younger brother Leonard stumble upon a mine shaft while hiking the hills f Park City Utah The shaft is unsealed abandoned While Leonard stares at the hole in wonderment a Slinky.

U become friends and even family with them all I thoroughly enjoyedI thoroughly enjoy Cheryl Bradshaw If you like suspense mysteries r intrigue you will enjoy her books I have added her to my list Encanto: New Poems of favorite authors Once again well doneCheryl has done it again and in fine style What an amazing character Sloane has been through all five books She has floundered to find herwn way and identity But she was a strong person all along What a great series I always love a good mystery Like Nancy Drew The Return of the Dancing Master on steroid. He’s been flipping back and forth between his hands slithers through his fingers tumbling toward the mouthf the shaft Leonard bolts forward reaches The Mother of All Meltdowns out to grab it but he slips then he falls Present Day Up and coming filmmaker Melody Sinclair stirs in her chair nervously awaiting the debutf her film at the Sundance Film Festival Based The Cybernetic Brain: Sketches of Another Future on a true story Bedf Bones tells a tale Dark Wind of murder shining a big bold lightn Park City’s tragic past A past that’s about to revisit the present.

series in order by Cheryl Bradshaw Addison Lockhart Ghost Mystery Series1 Grayson Manor Haunting2 Rosecliff Manor Haunting3 Blackthorn Manor Haunting4 Belle Manor Haunting New Release Sloane Monroe MysteryThriller Series1 Black Diamond Death2 Murder in Mind3 I Have a Secret4 Stranger in Town Shamus Award Finalist 5 Bed of Bones USA Today Bestseller6 Hush Now Baby USA Today Bestseller7 Gone Daddy Gone USA Today Bestseller8 Smoke and Mirrors 2020 USA Today Bestseller Sloane Monroe Stories Mystery Novella Series1 Deadly Sins Sloth2 Deadly Sins Wrath 3 Deadly Sins Lust 4 Deadly Sins Greed New Release Stand Alone MysteryThriller Novels1 Eye for Revenge USA Today Bestseller2 The Perfect Lie3 Hickory Dickory Dead USA Today Bestseller4 Roadkill USA Today BestsellerPoetry1 Love in Bloom Volume 12 Love in Bloom Volume 23 Love in Bloom Volume 34 Love Notes Volume 15 Love Notes Volume 2 June 2020

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