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My daughter loved this book Super fun read that we had laughs with Definitely a ood storybook math read Another fun book from this authorillustrator team We ve really enjoyed the books in the Math is CATegorical series and we will look for Each book teaches a basic concept with a short rhyming narrative and fun cartoon illustrations We ve borrowed this one a couple of times from the library This book is a The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States great way to introduce the concept of subtraction to students in the lower elementaryrades K 2 in a fun way The rhyming words and lighthearted storyline help students to connect to the concepts The book introduces subtraction vocabulary such as subtract euals and minus This provides an academic language support for students as it models the appropriate subtraction discourse rhyming text explains different vocabulary terms for subtraction with funny animal The author and illustrator of the best selling Words Are CATegoricalR series brings their trademark sense of humor.

(EBOOK/PDF) The Action of Subtraction Math Is CATegorical Ó Brian P. Cleary

Blem that could be depicted succinctly and clearly with numerical numbers Therefore less examples are iven For students who are being introduced to subtraction Great series of books for young students Gives reat examples of when you need to use subtraction and how to do it Definitely a math book for younger kids to et excited about subtraction The book is meant for subtraction but you could bring addition concepts in with this one Students will like the silly monsters 4 Title The Action of SubtractionBibliographic Reference Cleary B 2006 The action of subtraction Minneapolis MN Millbrook PressIllustrator Brian Gable Summary This is a cute book that helps students to learn about subtraction It uses simple rhymes and it has silly cartoon pictures to help the students learn about subtracting I would definitely use this book in teaching my students on subtractio. Umber away from another Readers are also introduced to the terminology they'll encounter as they learn to subtract.

Llustrations This book is the same author as the synonym book It is set up the same way It starts off with the definition for subtraction as the action that will make you total less This book provides the reader with very cute examples of subtraction that are eared towards beginners within this concept of subtraction All examples within the book are keeping a small manageable number of 20 or less A variety of animals are illustrated to assist the world problems It also incorporates different sports such as bowling basketball to help illustrate the problem Text 3 starsIllustrations 3 starsPart of Brian Cleary s Math is CATegorical series This one doesn t work as well with the rhyming text format of the series because the examples are wordy Rather than using numerical numbers the numbers are written out as words It takes a lot of words to explain a subtraction pro. To the subject of subtraction Rhyming text filled with funny countable examples shows what it means to take one

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