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Than This you can stay xcited If you re thinking about maybe reading this I say YES If you didn t really like his other books but think this sounds pretty interesting I again say YES because this isn t anything like his other books It s just me I guess always Angels Whiskey expecting too much from Ness Just being stupid Just being human and alwaysxpecting than this Ha this book treated me like a dog treats a ragdoll and i have no idea where to begin patrick ness has written a game changer that i m not Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities even really sure how to approach this is a YA novel i ve lost half of you book snobs right there but i think that is my point YA has been breaking free of its presumed confines for years when i was a teen YA novels were largely disposablempty calorie ntertainment trifles meant to keep us off the streets off drugs and not full of babies they were ither morally didactic or cheesy horror mysteries with very little intellectual fiber and when i finally came around on the contemporary YA fiction bandwagon i was impressed with both the variety of topics and treatment of those topics and most importantly the range of sophistication of the writing itself sure loads of them are still silly and forgettable but there are also complete gems of books out there for stronger smarter teen readers looking to be Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between exposed to something new something challengingand this book delivers that with a brainpunch i m still feelingthis is how i felt after i read beauty ueens after i read piper s sonwhich while they are COMPLETELY different kinds of books did things to me that i didn t think could still be done to me not in YA anyway which sounds like i am undermining what i just sad about YA sophistication but my reaction to these titles is about my being completely knocked off balance as a reader and at having myxpectations about the book completely rocked but also my The Day Christ Was Born expectations about what books could bedoes that make sense because it s not that i am impressed that there are well written YA books out there i m beyond that realization this is something fundamentally mind blowingi promise there is a review coming but i really gotta work through this here i m all gobsmacked beauty ueens stunned me by not being as i hadxpected about a bunch of lovely and spoiled girls going all lord of the flies and killing 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set each other on a deserted island after a plane crash in fact it was the complete opposite of that storyline which forced me to uestion what that said about me that i wanted that story in the first place and brought a little tear to my soul and stirred up all the sisterhood feelings all bottled up in me piper s son redefined the boundaries of YA commercially by having one of the two main characters be a fifty something womanxperiencing her first pregnancy and it redefined the boundaries for me personally because it made me cry and that doesn t happenand this one this one just takes genre and convention and coyly toys with it when you think you know what is going on when the characters think they know what is gong on that s when things start to go all slipstream on you than this is like a giant book jenga with different kinds of books making up its tower and just when you think you know what you are reading that darn patrick ness will change the game slightly yanking out a piece of the puzzle slyly addressing what he is doing and what he is not doing and what he could be doing and letting the reader know that he knows what they are thinking but think again please it is an aftermath novel it is an after life novel it is an afterlove novel it is an afterloss novel he pulls and teases and backtracks and sidetracks in this The Seventh Witch elegant dance of misdirection and metafictionand then he does the unthinkable and it s hard toven tiptoe around and it may not count as spoiler but basically view spoilernothing you think as a reader matters the story itself does not matter it s all just perception and opinion and Oh forget it he says with feeling Nobody knows anything hide spoile. Mit ihm geschehen ist regt sich Hoffnung bei dem Jungen Ist das vielleicht doch noch nicht das Ende Bietet dieses Leben vielleicht doch mehr als

What a strange story I d And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake even go as far as to say that it s weird and very much of the unbelievable sort Patrick Ness doesn t care though He likes to confuse the reader At least twenty times throughout the novel Seth says he remembers and understands when in fact it s a lie Well it is original that s indubitable Seth wakes up in anmpty world after drowning Later on he finds two other survivors Apparently he woke up from the virtual world he was living in That s all I can say It s not nough and yet it s dangerously too much I liked the alternation between past and present The memories were interesting and helped me care about Seth We do not know about the people he meets as we do about him however This reinforces the idea that it s all in Seth s head But it s not really Or is it Who knows Not ven the author does The message is great This might not The Pocket Wife exactl After readingGOD DAMN IT PATRICK NESS GOD DAMN ITTTTTTTTWell I guess it s no secret that I m obsessed with Patrick Ness s work and I worship the ground he walks on and yada yada I anticipated this book for a long time and then put off reading it forever because I don t know I guess I was nervous that it wouldn t live up to myxpectationsBut I shouldn t have doubted because this book was fantastic Very The Color of Our Sky emotional intense vivid andngaging and with a great cast of characters There are still some things about it that confused me and I have to digest it for a while but over all I still loved it Not as much as the Chaos Walking series although I kind of doubt I ll ver love anything that much but it was still amazingFull reviewComing ventually Before readingUPDATE AAHHH NOW THERE S AN EXCERPT OMGGGG Ugh it was too short But it was beautifully written and so mysterious and intriguing and I NEED THIS BOOK NOW WHAT WHAT IS THISWHAT IS THIS MYSTERIOUS NEW PATRICK NESS BOOK WHERE IS IT WHAT IS IT ABOUT I AM FREAKING OUT HEREWell whatever it is I m sure it ll be amazing as balls because Obsession everything Patrick Ness touches turns to gold WORSHIP WORSHIPUPDATE OH MY GOD THERE S A COVER AND THERE S A DESCRIPTION OH MY GODTHE COVER IT S SO COOL VERY SIMPLE BUT VERY COOLAND THE DESCRIPTION IT SOUNDS SO MYSTERIOUS AND CREEPY AND BADASS AND I CAN T FREAKING WAIT huh what an interestingly bizarre story ness chaos walking trilogy is one of my favourite seriesver so i was very Cabaret: A Roman Riddle eager to finally read some of his other works but this was not what i wasxpecting it was a little strange a little confusing but somewhat intriguing this rating probably deserves to be higher but i just dont think i was in the right mindset for something that was so out there and i think i need to learn how to set a book aside when that happens and pick it up when im ready rather than just pushing through it because its not really fair to the book and theres honestly nothing wrong with this story the nding was actually uite moving it just caught me at a bad time and didnt really hold my interest as much as i wanted it to however i will say this is the perfect book for someone looking for a well written but uirky sci fidystopian novel that develops nicely into a lovely message 3 stars A book it s a world all on its own too A world made of words where you live for a while You should read thisBecause it is beautifulBecause it is scaryBecause it is mind blowingBecause it is nothing like you xpect it to beBecause it is hard not to love TommyBecause it is a book like no otherFind of my books on Instagram I like how I still don t know what happened And I like how that was the point Is this book really going to break my heart because I have EYES and I m not afraid to CRY I m not sure what I was xpecting that to be but it was not thatin the best way possibleI loved the characters and the plot and the worldbut I don t really want to say much about them I m of the opinion of most veryone All Roads Lead Home else that you should go in knowing as little as possible about this book A book that literally starts with the main character dying and wa. In welcher Wirklichkeit leben wirEin Jungertrinkt verzweifelt und verlassen in seinen letzten Minuten Er stirbt Dann rwacht r nackt verletzt

King up that s how you make me pick up your bookMore Than This is a YA coming of age book with some LGBT representation that follow the main character as he struggles to figure out if there s after lifeVery interesting concept the book will keep you on your toes and the writing will keep you ngage45 Totally recommend Look Here s the thing I am not generous with my five star ratings Five star readings must have shocked me or blown my mind or done something really original or otherwise awesome to get me to throw that final star in their direction So a four star rating is for me really really good I want you to remember that and realise how good this book is when I say I just xpected something from Ness Let s make a joke about it I just The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis expected than this Ha And maybe it s because I m too hard on Ness Maybe it s because Ixpect him to continue churning out five star books as if it s as asy as breathing But this book made me feel like something was missingMore Than This is a compelling read with a wonderful and diverse set of characters It s creative and different It has you on the dge of your seat turning pages as fast as possible and making a nearly 500 page book fly by at an almost impossible speed It s philosophical and clever It s sad and creepy It throws in some funny dialogue to lighten the incredibly dark mood It s a great book Really And yet it felt like 480 pages of build up that never actually reached a climax But honestly I was never bored for a single second I was mesmerized horrified confused xcited So much so that I think the lack of a climax bothered me ven This book is about Just Cause existentialism It s about those old uestions what is the meaning of life the universe andverything What is reality Is there a pattern amid this chaos or can it all really be random And of course is there something than this Ness is a genius and I love what he does here I love the message I love that very answer opens up five uestions I love that very time you and the characters think you know what s going on he throws another surprise into the philosophical pot and stirs up this crazy story a bit And what it all comes down to what this whole book is really doing is answering that uestion above all uestions do any of the answers really matter anywayNess also finds himself back in familiar territory when telling the story of unlikely friendships blooming in the most unexpected places He isn t the kind of author who wastes secondary characters and he delivers small pieces of heart breaking humanity to ven the most fleeting glimpses of those we never see again I love authors that can do this It lends an xtra layer of believability to the story when it feels like that person who only appeared for a couple of pages went on living past what we saw of them I was also delighted to see a gay protagonist there is still nowhere near nough of them in YA books but then I suppose Ness has never shied away from breaking the mold I do love me some xistentialist philosophy and More Than This is full of uotes that could give me goosebumps if I spent too long thinking about them I guess there s always something a bit scary about it isn t there When some book or whatever lays out a haunting piece of truth that you didn t ven realise you knew was true until you read or heard it Then you re like Oh shit yeah That s true That s life That s me Ness just writes about things we all feel or worry about or obsess over And he writes about it beautifully Here s a couple of uotes I liked but there were so many Haven t you ver felt like there has to be Like there s out there somewhere just beyond your grasp if you could only get to itPeople see stories verywhere Regine says That s what my father used to say We take random vents and we put them together in a pattern so we can comfort ourselves with a story no matter how much it obviously isn t true We have to lie to ourselves to live Otherwise we d go crazySo believe me I liked this If you re Fiesta Moon excited about More. Nd durstig aber lebendig Wie kann das sein Und an was fürinem seltsamen verlassenen Ort befindet r sich Während r versucht zu verstehen was.

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Patrick Ness an award winning novelist has written for England’s Radio 4 and Sunday Telegraph and is a literary critic for The Guardian He has written many books including the Chaos Walking Trilogy The Crash of Hennington Topics About Which I Know Nothing and A Monster Calls He has won numerous awards including the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize the Booktrust Teenage Prize and the C

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