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Ack from the ead and told me the beginning of her story It felt private intimate I felt close to her The narrator that reads after her has a great voice she put Academic Writing, Real World Topics drama in the proper places but she was no match for Simone Veil of course I wasevastated by the part about Repressed Memories A Journey to Recovery from Sexual Abuse FiresideParkside Recovery Book deportation and Auschwitz compared with this the second part about her political life seems so calm and peaceful even if of course it is not I couldn t believe the sexism and antisemitism she had to faceuring her political carrier Guys just after the Second World War are you serious I appreciated to Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic discover theifficulties of a political figure in a government we have such a narrow view of their lives believing they are so rich and have so much time for themselves It was also great to have her opinion about some personalities and political figures like Nicolas Sarkozy Fran ois Mitterand or Jacues Chirac for instanceShe gives lots of references about the Shoah books movies African Literature 9 documentaries She also puts some works in perspective because they are not realistics like Life is BeautifulLa Vita Bella A Screenplay or Schindler s List and Sophie s Choice I still want to read them but I know they are really fictionalised accounts and far from truth At the end of the audiobook there is the speech Simone Veilelivered for the abortion law It was great to Alien Conquest discover it She has a fascinating life and is an amazing woman but I only gave it two stars because Iidn t love the blunt way she writes and I idn t like the political motives that lingered through most of it even childhood stories But she is a politician and I think a lot of people would like that What a life An amazing woman. Veil se raconte à la première personne Elle lit elle même le premier chapitre Avec un cahier photo.

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Simone Veil is a famous French politician and activist and I Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery decided to read her autobiography Une vie after she recently passed away She had an extraordinary life from her teenage years spent in nazi concentration camps where only half of her Jewish family survived to working in the French government to legalize abortion and build the European Union What struck me the most about her book is her independence and strength She gives many examples of standing up against the consensus She mostly worked for the centrist party and I found her sometimes contradictory in her political opinions Overall it is a very interesting and inspiring read It was uite interesting for sure especially the first part of her life The second half of the book gets really political with her influence on the French political landscape which was a bit less interesting to meStill very glad I read it she wasefinitely an amazing smart and resilient woman Touchant I have always admired the French politician Simone Veil 1927 2017 in particular for her integrity and the courage with which she expressed her convictions even if they went against the tide of the time After her Conjure In African American Society death she was rightfully buried in the Panth on as one of the most notorious French women of the twentieth century She was not so much a political beast but sheid use politics to put her ideals into practice her fight against injustice for women s rights and for a united EuropeShe wrote this autobiography in 2007 after she laid Womens Political Activism in Palestine down her last public positions Naturally the first part about her experiences in Auschwitz Birkenau and other Nazi camps is one of the most interesting and moving passages. De son enfance niçoiseans une famille juive complètement assimilée et Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, de saéportation à Ausch.

In this book Also the The alphas abused mate decisive role that she played in 1974 in the approval of the abortion law in France is extensivelyiscussed But the rest of the book is a rather boring and technical political story Like any autobiography it naturally includes apologetic passages a reckoning with certain figures Fran ois Mitterrand Eduard Balladur and a tribute to others Jacues Chirac Giscard Word Alchemy d Estaing and Nicolas Sarkozy But a real glimpse into who Simone Veil was as a person is hardlyiscernable in this book and that is a pity In the end the annexes with various speeches she gave especially about the holocaust appealed to me the most She he told us the sober truthyet plein The Black Renaissance in Francophone African and Caribbean Literatures de tristesse Review Eye opening and probably life changing A stunning autobiography from one of the greatest woman who has ever lived Jurist feminist and Europeanist Simone Veil represents all I am and I want to be This is why I have read this book without almost never stop breathing From her childhood and hereportation to Auschwitz to the new birth after the war through her political career as French minister President of the European Parliament and judge there is not a single page which can bore the reader From these pages she reveals herself as a strong self confident prepared and rational woman who fought all her life against all forms of An Endless Lie discrimination The annexes present all her most famous speeches through her whole career and I I listened to this book and it was my first time finishing an audiobook It was a good experience for me but I think I ll reread this book in physical form oneay The first two chapters are read by the author and it was so moving She came Witz avec sa mère et l'une e ses soeurs en mars 1944 jusu'à ses fonctions les plus récentes Simone.

Simone Veil née Jacob est une femme politiue françaiseElle est la fille cadette d'une famille juive non pratiuante et foncièrement laïue Arrêté le 30 mars 1944 elle est internée dans le camp de Drancy d'ou elle est transferée le 13 avril au camp d'extermination nazis Auschwitz Birkenau en compagnie de sa mère et sa sœur Madeleine Transférés à Bobrek elles participent dans la marche de

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