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Lues women How did the Religions Twist it soI am a little Christian in my own little way I matterwe all matter. Tences and poignant moments Laced throughout is a refreshing honesty that ties his ideas together with a ribbon of realityeach turn of the page strips away a little of the contrived mystery of Christianity until the simplicity and sincerity of it stands in realistic splendorMore and people seek a deeper spirituality beyond status uo religion Others are left empty and weary from a shallow and narrow pop Christianity Palmer says that God's kingdom of love peace and freedom can be a present reality in any person's life He proclaims that God is indeed in the process of birthing something deep and wide among unlikely people in unconventional ways which is changing the worldone nobody at a ti.

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Viewed women A book about Mary Magdalene I read was the final straw I am Woman I am WorthyGodJesus loved and va. Ansforming Each chapter revolves around a central uestion related to knowing God on fresh terms Is God a belief system Is the Bible a landing strip or launching pad Can what we're feeling inside be God Are we too religiously minded to be any earthly good Brian McLaren wrote I am tempted to say that Jim Palmer could well be the next Don Miller but what they have in common along with an honest spirituality and extraordinary skill as storytellers is a uniue voiceThe Library Reviews said of him Jim Palmer's casual et compelling writing style cuts through the religious rhetoric and gets to the real issuesreaders will love this author His sense of humor is alternately mixed with shocking sen.

Love love and LoveI was no longer being Fead in a male dominated religion My low self esteem tied to how they. Jim Palmer's critically acclaimed Divine Nobodies was only half the story the deconstruction and shedding of a religious mentality that hindered his knowing God In his next book Jim takes the reader along into the wide open spaces of exploring and experiencing God beyond religion Jim writes It is no secret that God can be lost beneath the waving banner of religion Divine Nobodies is my story of how this happened to me Sometimes ou have to disentangle God from religion even Christ from Christianity to find the truth With the help of some unsuspecting nobodies I uncovered a new starting line with God As I've put one foot in front of another I've experienced God in ways that are deeply tr.

Wide Open Spaces (READ)

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