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To college There are some extremely helpful lists and links near the end of the book Thank you Lee Bins. Ling high school one warm sip at a time ˃˃˃ Who is Lee Binz and Why Should You Listen to Her Lee Binz The HomeScholar understands what it takes to graduate homeschool students who are ully prepared or college and or life Lee's practical advice and organized presentations have helped thousands of homeschool parents muster the courage to complete their homeschooling journey She is both reassuring and empowering and will give you the knowledge you need to successfully graduate your high school student and have confidence that they are ready to take on the worldA irm believer that homeschooling provides the best possible learning environment and that parents are capable of providing a superior education or their children Lee's mission is to encourage and euip parents to homeschool through high school Scroll up and grab a copy tod.

He break I needed I highly recommend this short read The Cake House for any parent of a high schooler who will be going. Ou Need This Book In this book you’ll learn the three overlapping areas that are importantor success in both college and life college prep activities to include on a transcript skills or independent learning that all adults reuire and health and safety issues that will prepare kids or a happy and healthy adulthood “Beyond Academics” is the next book in the HomeScholar’s Coffee Break Books series Designed especially The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success for parents who don’t want to spend hours reading a 400 page book on homeschooling high school this series combines Lee’s practical andriendly approach with detailed but easy to digest information perfect to read over a cup of coffee at your avorite coffee shopNever overwhelming always accessible and manageable each book in the series will give parents the tools they need to tackle the tasks of homeschoo.

Exactly What I NeededAfter many hours of searching and pouring over scholarship applications this was Train Your Children to Succeed in Life Homeschool Secrets to Help Your Children become Thriving Successful Adults Homeschooling is so much than an educational movement It is a completely different approach to raising children that incorporates academics into their broader education If you ocus solely on academics in your homeschool especially in your homeschool high school you are missing the boatLee Binz The HomeScholar brings a resh approach to homeschooling the upper grades an approach that combines rigorous academics with mastery of the science of daily living Here's What You'll Learn how to leverage leadership and community service opportunities how to help your student develop independent living how to promote inancial and community skills and how to guide your child's physical mental and spiritual health ˃˃˃ Here's Why

Beyond Academics E–book/E–pub

Lee Binz and her husband Matt homeschooled their two sons from elementary through high school Upon their graduation both boys received four year full tuition scholarships from their first choice university Lee is the author several books on the topic of homeschooling Her monthly newsletter is free as are her daily blog posts and mini courses and webinars She loves speaking at homeschool con

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