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Illa Bean a newbie to the bdsm scene s swept up by a conniving female who will forcefully train him to suck cock then sell him off And Aagay Sumandar Hai / آگے سمندر ہے in Dont You Remember Charles finds himself trapped by his ex wife Joyce who has set up his perfect submissive fantasy No matter how he begs she refuses to believe that he really does want out Alsoncludes Withered On The Vine Plain Brown Wrapper The New Dog A Horse With No Name and many Original stories with plenty of breathlessly beautiful conniving creative bitchy and vengeful females all with one purpose n mind the subjugation of the submissive male A titillating collection Femdom readers are sure to lov.

Violated Men E–pub/Kindle

Females take charge n this sizzling new collection of 26 Femdom short stories Follow along as hapless men with The Great Divergence: China, Europe, and the Making of the Modern World Economy intense submissive desires find themselves trappedn nightmarish lives straight from their darkest sexual fantasies forced to grovel at their Mistresses feet and serve their every demented whim The graphic action n these twisted tales ncludes bondage whipping chastity cages castration anal rape forced cock sucking ponyboys dog training humiliation torture feminization toilet service pussy worship electrified shock collars and much In Dont Wake the Others Jimmy goes home with Sara only to find that she ntends to make him the late.

St acuisition n her collection of caged boy toys Then n Building a Better Boyfriend Ryan s on the way out of Jackie's life unless he agrees to a special training program that Library Wars: Love and War 10 includes some pretty serious body modification Andn My Ex Wife's New Maid Bruces ex nvites him over for dinner at her secluded  home Before he knows t he has been drugged and wakes to find himself Crossing Boarders in a shock collar and cock cage part of a scheme to turn himnto her groveling slave When Matthew answers a personal ad Domineering SWF seeks sub male for play little does he know that his new mistress s looking for a Replacement Slave for her deceased husband In Van.

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