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It Now Take ItI l Tell Your HusbandEvery Hole To Keep Your Job. Pants They’re not interested in turning her in because they’re planning on taking care of the punishment all by themselves For Tiffany that means her very first blowjob and you can be sure she won’t enjoy it when a cock is pushed into her untouched throat That’s just the beginning though She’s also going to have her very first anal sex in the form of a very rough double penetration Warning This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a very rough and reluctant blackmail sex encounters It includes spanking very rough oral sex deep throat rough first anal sex rough sex double penetration double team sex spanking and semen swallowing It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults Here is a preview Audrey sighed The men weren’t ugly at Secrets of the TEAS® Exam Study Guide least not physically Their bodies were fine and they actuallyooked well groomed Still the idea of giving into them however advantageous to her was disgusting “You know the great part about this” The man was talking to his partner at east he was addressing his partner; but the words were directed to Audre.


Pdf Free BLACKMAILED INTO ROUGH SEX By Veronica Halstead

Blackmailed Into Rough Sex is a five story anthology of sex scen. Nobody does rough ike Veronica Halstead and in these stories beautiful girls are pushed to become nothing than holes for the men who abuse them It’s blackmail sex at its finest complete with Veronica Halstead’s signature surprises 1 AGENTS OF CHANGE A Very Rough Double Team Short Audrey is in big trouble She owes tens of thousands of dollars on her taxes and when two auditors threaten to send her jail unless she offers them her body she gives in reluctantly She had no idea they’d be so rough though and she’ll have to wonder as she forced to deep throat and experiences a very rough and painful first anal sex experience if jail wouldn’t have been an easier choice 2 SHUT UP AND SWALLOW A Very Rough Blackmail Sex Short Meg is having trouble with one of her students and it’s made worse because his parents are wealthy contributors to the school She can’t handle it any and she makes the brat skip unch Big mistake In order to keep her job and for the school to keep its programs open she’s going to have to submit to a humiliating double team complete with very rough sex spanking and of course she’ll have to swallow every drop 3 YOU TOOK.

Es with no plotStory List Agents of ChangeShut Up SwallowYou Took. IT NOW TAKE IT A Very Rough Gangbang Short Grace needs money for her company and to get it she has to go to David Barnes who’s still angry that she refused her advances early in their careers David makes a simple deal He’ll fund her company but he gets to own her for a weekend Desperate she agrees but she finds out that David’s plans for his property include using her to satisfy not just his own desires but some of his major shareholders as well It’s a brutal gang bang complete with her first anal sex hard deep throat and double penetration 4 I’LL TELL YOUR HUSBAND A Blackmail Double Team Short Gina misses her husband who hasn’t ived up to his promise to move his office to the house So she’s actually thinking she’ll enjoy it when a contractor blackmails her into sex in her house When her husband comes home unexpectedly though the tryst turns into a vicious and rough double team complete with deep throat double team sex and a very very very rough first anal sex experience 5 EVERY HOLE TO KEEP YOUR JOB A Very Rough Gangbang Short Jason and his two assistant managers find the cash Tiffany has stolen from the till and stuffed into her.

Veronica Halstead spent three years as a porn fluffer keeping male porn stars excited and ready for on screen action during rough gangbang shoots The images from her time in the industry are vivid and they translate to her signature rough and reluctant erotica With a keen ability to describe rough sex from a woman's perspective and the transition from fear refusal and even pain to desire and