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This is bit of an advanced level expose on the Art but well worth the time as it touches on both the inner and laboratory sides of the Alchemy in tandem which imo Alchemy is the last and ighest knowledge which can be committed to paper in the form of letters Beyond that another language is reuired one which cannot be committed to paper Most people confuse iatrochemistry with Alchemy When an Alchemist speaks of Mercury Sulphur and Salt Random House Webster's College Dictionary: 1996 Graduation Promotion he speaks ofis spiritual astral and physical bodies not of the elements Alchemy Unveiled describes the tribulations that a Making Mentoring Happen A simple and effective guide to implementing a successful mentoring program human beingas to pass through in order to purify these three bodies However to achieve the level of an Alchemist reuires daily study and strict daily mental astral and physical exercises for many lifetimes Many individuals Panda Bears have already achieved this goal The purpose is not to convert a lower metal into gold but to change an impure body into a pure body namely the spirit soul and physical bodies An Alchemist is one whoas passe.

Lone It took multiple readings for some of the content to sink in which I am grateful for likewise I look forward to reading it again in the future Highly recommende. Nd for the first time the mystery of the Philosopher's Stone is openly explained Much as been written about this subject most of which is and remains incomprehensible for most Many of the alchemical writings available were and are based on error and point the way to the wrong path This is mainly due to the fact that many individuals do this for personal material gain Alchemy Unveiled begins with an explicit explanation of the symbolic language of Alchemy which is a must for any further clear understanding of the entire text of this book It explains the errors of many who were not in possession of the true knowledge regarding this art It takes the reader on a journey through the ancient mysteries of Initiation the Osiris mysteries the Eleusian Mysteries the Mysteries of Israel the Christ Mysterium and the Mystery of Alchemy.

S what makes this book such a powerful and useful alchemicaly written title The section on an alchemical examination of the Gospels is worth the price of admission D the levels of a magician spheric magician and Kabbalist All these levels can be achieved without the elp of a teacher These Western writings are by those who Desarrollo de Habilidades Directivas have reached levelsigher than an Alchemist They Let Dai Vol 8 have given us these writings philosophically and practically These sciences cannot be learned intellectually butave to be approached with a clean An Excellent conceited Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet heart One's characteras to be completely free of all negative characteristics And for the one who embarks on this journey the first thing to be learned is what a positive characteristic is and what a negative characteristic is And the reader will be surprised what negative characteristics are because many of these characteristics are considered by most as positive Alchemy Unveiled will lead the reader on a journey of a complete purification of the body soul and spirit

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